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  1. tullux

    Worthy (re)view

    WV was again a good place to stay, sadly the viewing point disappeared. The new hill of death is not really better, but ok. The bad thing about WV is, that it is soooo fucking cold at night above the field, cant stop freezing.
  2. Only 20 Minutes waiting at the box office now
  3. Really interessting, but i have two 2-Tents at WV, bit still intressed..
  4. In 2015 we had a neighbour from Scotland who looked like a viking. He was totaly sunburned and i asked him if he didnt use sunlotion. He answered „ Nobody could expected sunshine, we are here in England!“ 😃
  5. PSB, i am too old for Bicep, makes me nervous.
  6. Yep, it arrived 20 minutes later. Puuhhhh…
  7. Here as well, mailed to Seetickets.
  8. Yes, perfect! Thanks!
  9. This is my weather app, works always fine for me. Looks perfect.
  10. Where is the box office? Is it where the WV coach is?
  11. „All international orders will be available for collection only“ does anybody has informations? The last time i got the tickets per DHL Where will i get them? Gate A? Or at least at Worthy View? Thank you!
  12. tullux

    West holts

    Seems they will play twice, listet on Shangri-Las Line up too.
  13. tullux


    I miss the Copperdollar…
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