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  1. 31stMarch, day before tickets need paying for
  2. petewilson09

    2020 headliners

    Emily said "she is announcing later"
  3. petewilson09

    Other Stage 2020

    I wouldn't have bought tickets if i didn't enjoy listening to them. I saw them at Sheffield Don Valley a couple of years back and it was outside on a tiny stage, naff weather and it was pretty poor imo, thought I'd give em another chance indoors but i wouldn't but tickets again i don't think. Maybe in venues the size of academy's it'd be better.
  4. petewilson09

    Other Stage 2020

    They certainly weren't 'the best live act at tye moment' when I saw them at first direct arena a couple of months back. They come on stage, play theirr stuff well enough but there was no atmosphere, it was just a bit nothing, kinda like they are just going through the motions. It also is like they play the same song over and over for an hour or so (but i guess thats a whole over thing)
  5. petewilson09

    The Strokes?

    New album coming. God I hope they headline the Other stage friday or sunday.
  6. petewilson09

    The Strokes?

    That is commitment 👏
  7. petewilson09

    The Strokes?

    That is commitment 👏
  8. I think the first direct arena is actually pretty good. Unless you're in like the back row in tye top tier then you feel about 4 miles from the stage. No matter where you're stood you get a pretty good view and all facilities are spot on, bars, toilets etc.
  9. Saw NGHFBs at This is Tomorrow last year and it was a good night. Not the most energetic of sets I must say but the crowd carries him through. It is not the biggest stage at TIT so if there isnt a strong crowd of actual fans some songs that he does may get a little lost on the pyramid. If he is playing before Macca then will almost certainly be there unless there is a massive draw elsewhere.
  10. MCR announcement at 16:35 today. Unlikely to be glasto related but you never know.
  11. petewilson09

    Other Stage 2020

    If its PSB's sunday against Taylor then it'll be a smaller satge headliner to finish the weekend off. Primal Scream in JP maybe?
  12. This would work well for 'adults' in our group aswell
  13. That looks insane. Can't imagune it kicking off quite so much at Glasto but 3rd down other would work i reckon.
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