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  1. That's ok! When you said you weren't very familiar with him I saw it as my golden opportunity to bang on about how great he is. If you don't like the heavier stuff, Flower boy and Igor are a lot more accessible. Igor is being played a lot on the radio at the moment
  2. Well It's a 5 hour flight from Bristol and 3 hours from Heathrow. Still doable but depends how much the acts want to play and make money
  3. He's not intolerant, he writes as characters a lot. Also almost every rapper says or has said the standard bitches for women eg Kanye, jay z, who both headlined. He got banned for language from the UK for Yonkers which was incredible but also jarring and shocking, but he was like 17. But Flower boy was almost an apology, it was a lot softer and he's a lot older now. And his latest album Igor is a full character album where in all the promo he IS Igor with the wig and clothes. And the idea that anyone can be Igor, Igor is a feeling. He also alludes a lot to being gay and is close friends with Frank Ocean and Syd who are known to be gay. If he was intolerant of women and homosexuality I doubt he would be such close friends with those people. Tyler would be an incredible booking for Glastonbury. Not only is his work intricate, beautiful and powerful, he pissed the Tories off so much Theresa may banned him from the UK. If that isn't a 'fuck you' to them, I don't know what is
  4. I do think/am hopeful Tyler is an option despite talk of him maybe wanting more cash money than is on offer. The whole Theresa may banning him shit is surely something Emily would want to rub in the Tories face
  5. Has anyone mentioned the possibility of Tyler yet? He's out and about in Europe in early June
  6. No but I did see shitfaced Shakespeare at the Bread and roses a few years ago and it was really funny. For those not familiar it's a company where one of the cast has to drink a lot of alcohol throughout the show while trying to perform.
  7. Don't even want to be discussing this, but women only spaces were mentioned by another user which you then jumped on and which I cannot just stand by and let you say without challenge.
  8. None of that make sense. It's written there on the article for you to read with your own eyes I don't need to explain it to you. Regardless of what sex you are born, which you have no control over, you grow up that sex with those experiences. A girl growing up has a completely different childhood and life to a man. Maybe you dont think that in the UK (you're wrong) but thinking of it globally might help: What men are honour killed? What men are aborted simply for being male? What men are forced into arranged marriages with much older women who will rape and impregnate them as children? What men die in menstruation huts? Etc etc etc. The way you are born, what sex, colour, nationality defines your whole life. You are a man who is so privileged you cannot understand how a woman only space would be helpful for women. It is to make women feel safe, something you seem to be not only opposed to but intent on trying to make them feel the opposite by trying to gain entry.
  9. B. Feel free to Google sexism and read the Wikipedia page on it and it will make more sense. Also reserve sexism. Because of the patriarchal society we have had for thousands of years the way sexism could be against men just has not even a fraction of the weight it does against women who have been systemically oppressed by men since forever.
  10. No. Men are the dominant sex in society and historically women have been the only sex who have been affected by sexism. To be affected by sexism as a man is in no way the same as it is for a woman. Hence women only spaces which some members of this forum are for some bizarre reason opposed to.
  11. Are you actually being serious with this again. You cannot be sexist against men. It is not possible
  12. aha! I suppose it is dark and there are thousands of cars, I haven't been peeping in them all haha. Just assumed if you'd got all the way there the excitement would be too great not to get out!
  13. I don't know anyone who stays in their cars and have never seen anyone who has. You arrive, you exit the vehicle and join the queue
  14. As early as possible. Drive down and arrive Tuesday evening and queue overnight. You'll be one of the first in the gates and you get an extra night of 'free' festival for your buck. It's only bad if it rains, which it of course will not. Otherwise is my favourite thing to do, take a load of extra alcohol to drink in the queue and camping chairs. You'll get a little sleep and then you'll be ready to have a nap the next day in the afternoon and be up before the fireworks. And you'll have the best spot possible.
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