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  1. 2011, Kesha, somehwere in silver Hayes. It was actually ok
  2. Sorry just seen you said wicket! Probably wouldnt be a problem there's lots of space
  3. Are we talking about the camping next to kidz field or wicket? Wicket is a lot bigger and quieter and doesn't fill up anywhere near like the other does. I imagine you could get away with one there, they are against the rules and I personally frown upon anyone using them as it takes up valuable space. And it has been known for them to be confiscated on entry in previous years if spotted. In the field next to kidz field space is at a premium and unless you're in there before midday on Wednesday you probably wont find anywhere to pitch even a two man tent and there would probably be a lot more frowning upon the gazebo there, if you could even fit it in
  4. Well it doesn't seem be 'the internet' being unnecessarily spiky, its not sentient, it's you. No need to be like that on this lovely forum, you have a personal choice to be kind or be rude. Cheers for choosing rude for no reason.
  5. Yes, I know he was there before, I saw him. Well isn't this thread speculation on people performing based on how free they are in terms of other dates they are playing/not playing? It's literally called acts touring around glastonbury. Dave is touring with a break in June/July. I don't see how my thinking 'he has a gap there, perhaps he's playing' is any different to that, certainly not enough to elicit a somewhat prickly response.
  6. Just his normal tour schedule. He's in Europe I think before June July or after but as you point out, not at any festivals so maybe he's just having some time off
  7. Forgive me if this has been asked and answered but haven't been able to make it through all 151 pages to check if it's been mentioned yet (sure it has been) but are we thinking Dave might be there? He's got a big gap June/July in his tour.
  8. We took our 9 month old last year - it was amazing! We camped in cockmill. My advice would be if you do want to camp there, and it is really a great location, leave as early as you can. We arrived at 5.30am and didn't get set up until around 11. This year we are planning to leave more like 12am (we used to go earlier than this in 2011-2017 BC (before children)) and queue overnight. As long as you have drink/snacks/chairs/entertainment/warm stuff you can all get some quiet rest or start the party and be in and set up between 8 and 9am with minimal slow trudging towards the gate and stopping and starting as you'll be mostly there. This is weather dependent though. If it's raining you can still do all this but bring a pop up tent and remain inside there. If you don't mind camping in wicket then feel free to arrive at your leisure as it won't fill up until the weekend.
  9. I feel like Pablo


    I'm confused haha
  10. I feel like Pablo


    I had to turn la la land off. It was atrocious.
  11. I feel like Pablo


    Seen it. Loved it. Cats is my fave musical of all time. People who think it's weird and awful would also think the stage show is weird and awful. The CGI isn't great quality in parts, but it's essentially still the musical. Some of the cats wear clothes, some don't. That is true to the musical. Same with the weird scale of cat to set and also the human figures of the cats. It's the bloody stage show imagined as a film. It'd weird and sexual and doesn't have much plot. And that's how I like it. Rant over
  12. That's ok! When you said you weren't very familiar with him I saw it as my golden opportunity to bang on about how great he is. If you don't like the heavier stuff, Flower boy and Igor are a lot more accessible. Igor is being played a lot on the radio at the moment
  13. Well It's a 5 hour flight from Bristol and 3 hours from Heathrow. Still doable but depends how much the acts want to play and make money
  14. He's not intolerant, he writes as characters a lot. Also almost every rapper says or has said the standard bitches for women eg Kanye, jay z, who both headlined. He got banned for language from the UK for Yonkers which was incredible but also jarring and shocking, but he was like 17. But Flower boy was almost an apology, it was a lot softer and he's a lot older now. And his latest album Igor is a full character album where in all the promo he IS Igor with the wig and clothes. And the idea that anyone can be Igor, Igor is a feeling. He also alludes a lot to being gay and is close friends with Frank Ocean and Syd who are known to be gay. If he was intolerant of women and homosexuality I doubt he would be such close friends with those people. Tyler would be an incredible booking for Glastonbury. Not only is his work intricate, beautiful and powerful, he pissed the Tories off so much Theresa may banned him from the UK. If that isn't a 'fuck you' to them, I don't know what is
  15. I do think/am hopeful Tyler is an option despite talk of him maybe wanting more cash money than is on offer. The whole Theresa may banning him shit is surely something Emily would want to rub in the Tories face
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