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  1. Yeah that's what I mean, it's just a very huge brand that's all it stands out among the others
  2. Yeah I think they've gone the way of Pie minister eg they've got too big and are now too corporate to have there. Sad because I bloody loved having a pie. Although I find co op a confusing move on that part but I suppose it's their work in sustainability and community as to why they're on site
  3. Usually part of the Tuesday night queue party (solidarity to anyone who also endured the hours of driving rain in 2016) but taking our baby so not able to leave Plymouth until about 4am Wednesday. (This is current plan anyway, it's somewhat weather dependent as to whether we are willing to queue). Aiming to arrive on site for 6am Wednesday purple car park for gate B but this is our first year not parking in orange and using gate D so slightly worried we are leaving it too late.
  4. Pretty sure Yeo's last year on site was 2016
  5. Think it must be hit and miss as to who is in charge of the queue as to whether this works. In 2015 we took carrots after hearing this to be true in years previous and when we presented them (rather ceremoniously) we were just laughed at and told to get to the back of the queue. Both embarassing and disappointing.
  6. Here here. You really laugh at that? This is you, right now, in this moment, not taking a woman seriously. Anyway I said I was going to stop so this is me stopping. Good night and thank you to men here who are allies and have been fighting our corner. My upvotes may be out but my respect for you will never be.
  7. Black people are attacked by white people. That isn't a hypothetical situation. If I were black I would definitely mistrust white people. The evidence is there to show I should mistrust them. This has gone off topic. I read that arguing with people on the internet does nothing to change their opinion it only further entrenches their feelings. So I too will rescind from this thread. I hope you can reflect and perhaps understand where I and others have been coming from.
  8. Sorry, is ten people on a glastonbury forum thread not a drop in the ocean of the billions of men in the world? White people have not been systemically oppressed by black people. White people sticking together and mistrusting back people is called racism. It has been done for a long old time it's fairly well documented. Are you really going there?
  9. Again I have no upvotes left. But yes, yes and more yes
  10. Also, men shouldnt have to intervene in cases of inappropriate conduct. There shouldn't be any inappropriate conduct to have to intervene in
  11. But it isnt inaccurate. It is a fact. Yes there are a small handful of men on here saying they would intervene. If only all men were like that. But they aren't. There are, of course, good men! Lots of them! But there aren't enough of you around taking us seriously. This is the problem. The stats around women being victims of assault, going to police, and conviction rates are terrible. He said, she said situations. women are told there isn't enough evidence. We are told that what we were wearing or that we had been drinking meant we were somehow to blame for what happend to us.
  12. There is no witch hunt. There are other men on this thread supporting our feelings on this. You cannot deny though that you told a victim her feelings were inaccurate. That is what I took umbridge with
  13. Nobody is attacking you. We are unhappy with those attacking women. If you aren't one of those people, then this doesn't and shouldn't affect you
  14. Then why can't you believe how women feel?
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