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  1. 2 entries submitted today. More on way!
  2. It’s in the bottom coop! Picked a couple up today! long time... things are ok now. How about you?
  3. I shall take a stroll with the dog later. 👌
  4. I shall be checking north somersets stock shortly. Have you found any @Big durbs?
  5. Very much so! Bring it on what have I missed? This Covid thing done yet? 🥳
  6. It’ll happen!! Surely!
  7. 2020 saw a monumental effort to get in with Oxfam. Priority status is a risk for 2022... I remember nightly chats with @crazyfool1 and the gang about just about anything!
  8. Hope so! Massive rush to get smaller festivals later i the year maybe
  9. I guess Glasto cancellation causes more issues for those on the Oxfam priority list! like me
  10. Merry Christmas everyone!!! 🥳🎄🎅
  11. My Oxfam priority email arrived. A huge relief as many got theirs the day before. leave will be booked else I’ll be ‘wfh’ hoping the 5G stands up to its promise 😎
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