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  1. This idea I like!! Who can help with this?
  2. I’d like to hear all this info though!!
  3. A lot of this is in the volunteering thread?
  4. Correct. Has its own icon on my phone!
  5. Very much so! surely everyone on efest reads this thread first and then delves deeper into the labyrinth of topics....?
  6. Not ruled anything out. Frustrating bit is that I can’t do anything at the moment.
  7. Good luck! Great idea
  8. Top photos!!don't suppose you found my 2020 ticket whilst you were there?
  9. Good morning. I found it especially hard when the campervan tickets went on sale ( I was in east last year and loved it ) I soldier on. And won’t fail.
  10. Sometimes I have to do this thing called work. Disgraceful how it distracts me!! I wouldn’t abandon you @crazyfool1 or @Big durbs !! enjoy the farm @crazyfool1 Raid the office for some tickets
  11. Good afternoon everyone.. I haven't been able to post on here for a couple of days. What's the latest? Anyone sorted a ticket for me yet? 😁
  12. If only this was a reality!
  13. Ideal news. That’ll be mine then, right? 😁
  14. greatly appreciated!!
  15. I feel the same. just makes me focus more. I’m sure the resale team will come through for us!
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