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  1. And hope you are safe in the village!
  2. SecretFish

    Volunteering 2020

    Maybe but they were receiving a contonuous torrent of questions on Facebook and on their website. They had to act quickly. This was my first year of volunteering with them so I'm gutted obviously. All they are doing is sticking to their own rules
  3. See you all there! Will be with oxfam
  4. "Sunday night closing headliner The Cure"
  5. SecretFish

    Volunteering 2020

    Happy to help. Just let me know. I got in with Oxfam so I know the process
  6. New tent arrived today! 😎😎
  7. I’ll ofcourse be helping. There will be no failures.
  8. Hope some of the resalers has success!
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