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  1. This is the dream gig for me.
  2. Paid. A little late but all done. Special mention to @Dillyblue @GlastoEls @blobm For their help
  3. I'd better dig out the glastoels second phone number for 2019!
  4. Perhaps you’ll have to deem a new magical place with @SecretFish I heard a brand new (small) tent is going which should amuse many...
  5. I’m hoping that the folk around me will help with that!!
  6. Good luck everyone going for tickets tomorrow!
  7. What do you think @Dillyblue ? you should do this!
  8. Meet you there @Dillyblue @GlastoEls ? #chaosarrives
  9. @Dillyblue you just read my post without seeing it was me!
  10. I really liked watching this video Anyone know if this is easy? Good little insight into the trip and what happens if you get there too early And ya damn well @GlastoEls @Dillyblue @blobm
  11. See you there! First time as well!!
  12. i think i'm more tense that tday. i'm so close to having it all!!
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