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  1. SecretFish


    This would be amazing. Pull this off and they'd out perform anyone live. Do it. Please.
  2. SecretFish


    They were superb!! Set of the festival...easily.
  3. SecretFish


    Easily the best gig of the festival.
  4. For those in east campervan fields I can’t recommend Rusty Pig (E18) highly enough. Lovely french toast but went well out of their way to makes the kids feel special.
  5. not sure if already posted but Amazon are doing a deal on Anker power banks today.. 20% off https://www.amazon.co.uk/apb/page/?handlerName=OctopusDealLandingStream&deals=30287690&smid=A2PGPJL0BBLHLX&pf_rd_p=8370f076-219e-4c4c-b8f8-2b3c397b13d9&pf_rd_r=E7551CEK1S5J3CJC5321
  6. 1-2 days is ok. Any later and I'll start to be concerned. IF I was to miss the mail on the first attempt it starts to get awfully close to the 25th... @Dillyblue
  7. As it looks like it’s raining for next week or so here in Somerset, is most of the mud created by the trucks/tractors doing setup up or purely footfall of the festival?
  8. gets it out of the way....
  9. Anyone on here win the oxfam comp?
  10. is Oxfam and Radio 1 the last chance for all competitions?
  11. Quick question. If buying new boots... what serves best with the Glasto mud: leather gtx or modern synthetic/fabric gtx boots?
  12. cheers!! will look up those places...
  13. So I was planning on meeting my tribe on the a37 south of the blue entrance. Was expecting to wait on the Tuesday morning in a lay by. Presume this means I need a rethink?
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