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  1. A steward called Kim told me she was handed a small tortoise while working. They called him/her Pennard, the rspca took it to be looked after
  2. Thanks, thee ticket is on its way here now. We have send it to portsmouth so we'll send special delivery and i'll take photos before we send it off. It'll be a white knuckle job until we know he has his ticket.
  3. Must be someone out there called Lynne who would like this :)
  4. I was thinking it might be risky, i'll check out the chat but it might be best to just send it on to him once it gets here. Thanks 😃
  5. Hi i got tickets for 4 friends, 3 in london and one in portsmouth. The three in london' tickets are being sent direct to their home but for some reason the friend in portsmouth's ticket is being sent to my address. I live in scotland, his ticket hasnt been dispatched yet, is it too late to change the delivery address?
  6. Theyre worth a listen, ive seen them do live shows and dj sets, both are excellent.
  7. I had this delivered with the wrong spelling. The seller sent a replacement so i'm happy to send it on to someone who knows a lovely Lynne going to the festival this year. Dm me if you'd like it.
  8. Get to know your neighbours, dance to the beat of your own drum, smile and be open to chatting. Ive been on my own a few times and always had a great time :)
  9. Aww thats grim! I had a 7 year spell when i didnt when i didnt get tickets 2008 - 2014, it was soul destroying. Let me know if i can try and help you out for next year :)
  10. Thanks, its been a long wait for this one, you have a good one too 😀
  11. The car is a peugot partnwr tepee, Its a microcamper conversion kit that folds into the boot. The trailer tent is only a small one (6'x4' when folded). 3 of us will be travelling in the car and the others (4) will join us on wednesday, theyre coming by coach. We're taking the tents and we're having a trial set up this weekend to make sure it fits in the alloted sspace.
  12. Ah brilliant thanks, thats really helpful 😀 👍 😊
  13. We only have one cv pass looks like we'll have to rethink our set up.
  14. Thanks, the only thing is the microcamper doesnt have any fixed cooking or water facilities so doesnt meet the criteria for a campervan. It has a set up that folds into the boot of the car so that you can still use the car seats.
  15. A friend got a ticket in the resale and is hoping to camp up with us at east cv leaving us tight for space as we're already putting a couple of smallish tents up behind us. My sister has a peugot partner microcamper which could tow our trailer tent. Does anyone know if someone be allowed to sleep in the microcamper?
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