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  1. Me and my other half have done it a good few times before and never tire of it. The others haven't it'll be a first for them. Its good to hear people on here looking forward but i have a heavy heart for the people on here who have spoken over the last months about family/friends who are ill and were hoping to go to glastonbury for the last time. Its a truly heartbreaking situation i do hope your friends wedding goes ahead. Moments of joy will be especially precious in the coming months xxx
  2. All going well our group are going to do the north coast 500 and visit the western isles.
  3. Im trying to be optimisic and hoping that by then things may be slighly more relaxed. We live in a beautiful country and communities will need our support over the summer. If possible go somewhere you havent been before.
  4. Theres a claim that last night boris joked with business leaders that the effort to build more ventillators could be called "operation last gasp". Hes a maniac.
  5. I read last year he was heavily backing boris and was noted to be in line to make a lot of money out of brexit, that may in fact not be true but the impact from yesterdays announcement is real regarding insurance claims. And where other countries are doing all they can to help everyone boris is not delivering , in my humble opinion.. Lockdown, as in spain, allows folk to claim for business interruption costs. Boris's decisions yesterday doesnt.
  6. Ive written to my local mp about the impact on hospitality etc and what they are going to do to them. Particularly given the help other countries are giving. We're also using restaurants to deliver food whilst on a few days break in aberdeen. We'll keep doing that and support as much as we can.
  7. Italy did much the same, suspended mortgages, bank loans and utilities etc, gave everyone as much help as they could.
  8. I think its influenced by the fact that july is winter time there so avoiding the seasonal aspect.
  9. My friends partner has a catering business and is losing months of bookings. She cant claim under interruption of busines and its likely her business will fold. So many people are going to be affected by this and if the govt was stronger they could get some help to get through it.
  10. The govt has left people to choose so they will.
  11. Im so sorry to hear this small business owners put their life and soul into their work, its devastating. Boris needs to step up to the mark here and ensure folk get all the help they need to get through this.
  12. Its not decisive enough where hospitality, events etc are concerned and that will impact on the ability to make claims.
  13. Boris is protecting aaron banks companies and all other insurance companies at the expense of everyone else. Get him out.
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