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  1. Happy New Year everyone, i wish all good things for you in 2020 🥂🥂
  2. It would make my festival if Lemon Jelly were to be there, so many great tracks ❤❤❤
  3. Brilliant, I've been watching out every day for the date of the cv ticket sales so it's good to know when it's happening. I'm hoping for the west cv field again this year, hope I'm lucky
  4. We managed a wee peek at a friends copy yesterday, what a lovely lovely book, a great piece of the social history of music over the last thirty years and how the festival has grown. A real trip down memory lane on some of the pages
  5. Im a big fan, he's such a talented guy. I saw him in manchester a couple of years ago and ive tickets to see him in glasgow in january. Beyond Skin is in my top ten albums so Im really hoping he's there in June.
  6. Oh thats great thanks. I think we'll be going for general and a campervan field ticket. I hope we're lucky
  7. Hi six of us are trying for tickets in october and we also may need one for a child under 12. Does a child ticket count as one of the six ticket limit per booking? Thanks
  8. My sister paid for 4 tickets, they werent all joined they came 2 lots of two tickets. S
  9. Good thinking batman ?
  10. Thanks @Blisterpack thats really great, i was in E17 last time i went down in a van, and the hill was a killer at the end of the night ??
  11. Babylon sister

    Cv west

    Hi i'm in the west cv field this year, whats the walk like to get in and out? Getting very excited now, not long to go ???
  12. Dont worry @lucyginger im sure youll get a ticket, we'll be poised and ready on the 28th to help??
  13. Shes beautiful guy, im sending lots of healing energy into the universe for her ??
  14. I went for the first time on sunday 2015, wish I'd gone sooner. It was my first time in a naturist environment, i felt very comfortable there and everyone was really friendly. There was no smell ? its a really great place to chill out for a couple of hours each day, you should give it a go kalifire ?
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