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  1. It's now available - £275, but I'm pretty sure the couple in question will appreciate it.
  2. Thanks, will keep an eye out in hope!
  3. Looks like the official shirts are already on sale via the website: Anyone know where the Stanley Donwood official artwork (see below) is sold in print form? Our friends who we came with this year are getting married next week and it would make a great wedding present.
  4. Nearly in now - 1.5 hours but queue behind is significantly shorter now. 45mins top I'd say.
  5. Pretty big zigzag queue for gate A from car parks despite being told by stewards there weren't any. Moving fairly quick though so hopefully no longer than an hour wait.
  6. Thanks peeps, informative and knowledgable as ever!
  7. Anyone know what the big red tent behind Leftfield is? Wasn't there as far as I can see on last years webcam pics. Also, Leftfield tent itself appears a slightly different and wider tent to previous (no yellow tops). Edit: top pic is 2017, bottom is 21 June 2016
  8. Yep, we unfortunately returned home from the festival around mid afternoon that Friday having not seen a single band. The girl I was seeing at the time also woke up that morning with mumps so I think the gods were against us that year!
  9. The silver tent in the above picture was mine. *shudders*
  10. The supports are up for the 'working together' rainbow.
  11. We usually arrive between 10-11am on the Wednesday. Have done this route since 2010 and last year was the first time we were stopped going towards Orange. I assumed it was because of the huge traffic jams on the A361 and so many of the Orange fields being waterlogged. To be honest, we can cope with Pink as long as the conditions are better underfoot (they will be this year, I have faith!).
  12. We have the same concern - usually come from Wells via Lower Westholme Rd, but last year we were directed into Pink parking. Hopefully we can still exit Lower Westholme onto the A361 and enter Bronze gate into Orange. Fingers crossed!
  13. Not a sniff
  14. Is it certain that the Other sub and Radiohead are going to clash? I know Muse started at 10.15pm and Bastille finished at 9.40pm last year so maybe there's hope, even if Radiohead start at a little earlier at 10pm. The wife's only must see is Lorde and mine is Radiohead so we'd be gutted to miss anything of either.
  15. Woohoo, it's back. Jeese, I think I might have actually done some work today!