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  1. Headliners 2016

    I was at Leeds in 2009 and they were awful. Truly awful.
  2. Camping / Festival Hacks!!

    Traveljohns for the 4am pee. Vicks Vaporub to dab under the nose before the Long Drop visit (remember to wipe your hands after use and before touching genitalia) A toiletries bag with a coat hangar on it, makes carrying wet wipes etc a piece of cake as it hangs neatly on the inside of the long drop door For morning freshness I always take some after shave (not in a glass bottle obv) and a little travel tube of face wash
  3. Your Dream Line up

    As I recall they didn't have anything to do with the line up though. It was all the infrastructure stuff. Dunno with Radiohead but the Roses seem to be cashing in on the money they didn't make first time out. One Direction? Er, no. What makes you ask that?
  4. Your Dream Line up

    When did Mean Fiddler do the line up? Also, what if the Roses and Radiohead won't do it because they don't want to/it doesn't pay enough?
  5. Post-Glasto Blues

    Going on holiday with the family. Chasing a 2-year-old I've missed terribly around the Lake District will clear the head.
  6. Tickets solding out faster and faster

    2009 took a few months. I bought mine on January 28.
  7. Getting through the crowd- Thoughts?

    Yeah I do something like this. The bag itself is just small enough to fold up and fit in my pocket come evening time when I've drank the bottle of spirits within and am putting on the extra layers of clothing.
  8. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    Bah. Not getting in until Thursday (on the coach)
  9. Getting through the crowd- Thoughts?

    This is a simple one for me. If you're polite about it I'll let you through. If I'm polite about trying to get past I hope you'll do the same and I will thank you for it.
  10. I GOT A RESALE TICKET!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to everyone who got them. I tried to help but didn't get through. Best of luck to those who missed out in the secret resales.
  11. Technical tips for resale

    I stayed at Blorenge House last year, very palatable
  12. I GOT A RESALE TICKET!!!!!!!

    Cut this bit from the 'ticketless' thread as it seemed inappropriate.... Buzzing doesn't cover it. Got some serious Glastobating to do now I can look at the line up. ZZ Top! PJ Harvey! LCD Soundsystem! New Order! Earth Wind and Fire! ELO! Kurt Vile! Yassss!!!!!!
  13. Yessir. Coach from Brizzle 0730 Thursday morn.
  14. I GOT A RESALE TICKET!!!!!!!

    My wife's IPhone on 4G
  15. I went from Taunton last year, worked a treat. It wasn't the main bus station they go from though, it was Tangiers Coach Park.