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  1. I don't mind the Academy, decent sound. Prefer it to ABC (and the overrated King Tuts) in fact, Though it's no Barrowlands.
  2. Best time to go to the SE Corner. Not as crowded.
  3. The image of somebody losing their shit to Mirrorball is (in my head, more) hilarious (than it probably should be)
  4. Yeah agreed, I was on the right hand side for both and would say NO had comfortably the bigger crowd.
  5. Not really. I'm saying even allowing for Glastonbury having more people there they got a proportionally much bigger crowd there. A bigger % of attendees went to LCD Soundstage at Glastonbury than they did at T. The difference in the crowds isn't just down to the difference in the number of people at each festival.
  6. LCD have been over-promoted a bit this year, no doubt. But Glastonbury sold, what, 5 times the tickets TITP did? While not a huge crowd for an Other headliner there were way more people watching them at Glastonbury than 5 times that TITP crowd.
  7. It wasn't a huge crowd at Glastonbury but far back enough that from the Stage it will have looked great (see the BBC coverage) especially with every man, woman and child being bang up for it. Living in Scotland I get to discuss the merits or (increasingly) otherwise of TITP but I didnt realise it was that bad these days. That crowd is shocking. It's just a Scottish V Fest these days, full of kids getting Buckfasted after their exams. Given they reduced capacity, offered Buy 1 get 1 free tickets and still didn't sell out, I don't think it's a sustainable business model.
  8. Whoops. I should have put a winky thing at the end of mine. I'm such a moaning git normally I really felt I was putting myself out there with that positive post malarkey (hang on) ;-)
  9. Strange post. Coldplay were superb (from TV footage and my mates who went). My mistake trying to make a positive post about a night when the vast majority of Glastonbury got to see a good headliner. There's always one I suppose.
  10. I get the impression from what's been said on here and what I've watched that it was difficult to go wrong on the Sunday night. Whatever you went to, you were going to miss other great sets but see something great yourself.
  11. I like the idea but that cartoon on the cover is such a facepalm I have a red mark on my forehead
  12. A few this year. 'No Ones Gonna Love You' by Band of Horses is very close to me, linked into the stillbirth we had in 2012, my wife being very ill after and then we had it played during our Wedding Ceremony later that year. It's a great song but even the opening chords did for me on a Sunday evening at Glastonbury. 'Someone Great' by LCD. I only realised while they were playing it what it was about. At the end of Hobo Jones set on Friday, singing along to the Levellers. Just that glorious feeling of being home. 'The Perfect Kiss' by New Order. Never seen them play it and recognised it from the opening three seconds. Glorious. I often feel like I'm on the verge of TOJ (Tears of Joy) while at Glastonbury
  13. That is brilliant. Crying here.
  14. That's just bizarre. I was on a See Tickets coach from Bristol that left at 7.45 and we were through Gate A by 9 and at our camp by 9.30
  15. Totally agree. It's normally rubbish on there but this year was spot on apart from James. New Order, PJ Harvey and LCD sounded great. I was camped near Gate D and could hear Band of Skulls from my tent.