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  1. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    My friend booked the weekend to get married as she wanted me to be there on the guest list! As for the rest of seeking new festivals to volunteer at!
  2. Your favourite Glasto images

    Twas the night before glastonbury 2017, when all through the house there wasnt a stirring not even a mouse............ Everybody has their own magical ending to the story! Best wishes for the new year!
  3. it was ticketday last year today ......

    AA year to go! Doesnt sound as far away now!!!
  4. 30k more tickets for Glastonbury in future?

    I think its the exits in and out of the pyramid field make things a bit scary! The top track is very small trying to get in for coldplay 2016 was a nightmare we gave up! Getting from the bottom left hand exit to the other stage from craig david to kaiser chiefs was scary people coming from both direction and from the roads leading to the pyramid it bottle necked!
  5. Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    I having a feeling of ive forgotten to do something really important this weekend!!!
  6. A little ramble

    A truly inspiring family! I hope one day you get to enjoy the festival together! Look after each other! Keep us updated on things as its good to talk! Best wishes!
  7. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Dont know if this is the right place to put this but i love the fact the glastonbury chat thread just keeps going all year round even when there is no glastonbury just makes me feel like the glastonbury spirit is with me where ever i go! Off to a little festival in devon"on the road" sept 1st to 3rd! Love it when new fedtivals are born!
  8. Pilton party

    People may think im being selfish but i really hope tickets went to locals and friendship groups! The thought of them going to people and being sold for profit just makes me feel sad! Being a local pilton party is very much a thank you to the villagers to raise funds for their commnity! Have a good evening guys!!! Ax
  9. One month on...

    Im exactly the same two years to wait! Im trying to distract myself by voluteering at as many festivals as i can next year! My best friend has booked her wedding glastonbury weekend she said it wud have to be 2018 as she couldnt wait till next fallow year!
  10. Pilton party

    Has anyone heard anything about this years party?
  11. Suicide Tuesday

    it really does restore my faith in human nature! As micheal eavis once quoted" "In the fields of Worthy Farm, everyone feels part of something - and no one cares about race, creed, or anything," "And it's the greatest time in the world isn't it?" As sad as i am to have left its a better feeling than to never have been there at all.
  12. NYC Downlow

    There was no evidence of anyone showing anything to gain entry as far as the stewards were aware! Just lots of people asking where it was to go and enjoy themselves from what i saw everyone left having a good time!
  13. Download full sets from iplayer

    Anyone know when all the iplayer sets go offline! It seems to be pot luck who you find on there each day! If you play a set then go to the side menu on the left hand side you seem to be able to access more sets!!!
  14. 2017 - The Changes

    Being really cheeky asking on this thread as one of the stewards in the SE corner we have been asked to feedback if people found as useful etc! Basically we were there to answer and questions and give directions etc! i had the time of my life chatting and laughing with people and laughing! If any of you came acoss us please post what you thought on here or pm me! Cheers!
  15. What made you cry at Glasto?

    Slightly off topic but read the glastonbury mental health thread seeing so many people beat their own personal battles! Those moments when you sit and watch other peoples enjoyment chokes me up everytime! Taking new people to festival and seeing their faces as they catch a glimpse and hear a sound for the very first time!