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Minibus parking

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I've parked smaller transit minibus's in the car parks under normal car park passes before, I'm sure ive seen the 16 seaters parked in there too.

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16 hours ago, Slimtoffee said:

Thanks for the reply ShuMart, I can't find anything on the Glasto website but I'm guessing they'll encourage going in one vehicle instead of four? 

see https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/228657-private-bustaxi-hire-to-glastonbury/

and note ## This is the official info on the website:

Glastonbury Festival 2019 will have a dedicated area for Private Hire coaches of 15 seats and above. This will be inside Bronze Gate off the A361. Passengers can be dropped off on Wednesday 26th June 2019 from 05:00 to 18:00 and picked up on Monday 1st July from 02:00 to 18:00 (see details of how to apply for access and restrictions below – we have limited spaces and need to make sure that when you arrive there is space for you ##

so you may be refused entry via the car park if they start counting seats.

if I was you I would contact them.

in actual fact the WBC used Bronze Gate this year { on the Tuesday } but when we were leaving on the Monday there was a fair number of minibuses waiting for people.

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This is the second time Ive posted this link in 10 mins, so let me state from the start I am in no affiliated with Ashcombe Park Festival Parking, and they don't even know I am posting there website link here.

I've used these guys for about 7 years now and so have a lot of my friends. Only thing is - you have to book early.

The good thing is on looking at the avarage distance you park versus the walk to the nearest gate, this is at least guaranteed a relatively short walk.

Check out there prices, for you @Slimtoffee £40 but confirm that during your telephone booking should you decide to use them


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