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  1. ShuMart

    Stie map

    For anyone who missed it they have tweeted this year's map
  2. ShuMart

    Running times?

    Running orders have just been released on their website
  3. ShuMart

    Running times?

    With less than 2 weeks to go it must be imminent, anyone know how close tot he date they released them last year?
  4. ShuMart

    beautiful days newbie

    I've turned up with a 5 man tunnel tent Friday morning before and still found flat pitches ok.
  5. ShuMart

    Sunny Weather this year

    I'm glad to hear it!
  6. ShuMart

    2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    As mentioned a couple times already Beautiful Days a a good alternative. It has a very Glastonbury vibe about it but much smaller, which makes it much easier! So easy in fact I take my 2 young kids.
  7. ShuMart

    Best car park for pennards hill ?

    Far too late to be thinking of camping up there, it will be full.
  8. ShuMart

    beautiful days newbie

    Having been several times my top tip is do NOT follow the official signs to get to the festival. This sounds odd i know but having made this mistake once I will never make it again. The official signs take you through villages close to the site presumably to stop people queuing down the A30 (which i understand) Unfortunately at the junction near site where the A30 traffic joins the traffic following the signs the A30 traffic has priority Set your satnav to go to EX14 3AZ Higher Gosford farm. I usually go down Thursday aiming to get there at 14:00 ( when the gates open) the year i followed the signs added 2hrs worth of queues to my journey compared to other years. Coming off the A30 that way you pretty much just drive straight in. The stalls / food places / Bars are all open Thursday. If you have a large tent and want one of the better / closer camping pitches in the Redwioods camping area I would get there Thursday afternoon. That said the site is not massive so its not much further to walk if you end up on the outskirts.
  9. ShuMart

    Stie map

    Has anyone got a copy of the site map? There was a JPG of a previous years site map kicking around previously but I cant find it.