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  1. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/glastonbury-festival-2021-cancelled-tickets-4392422 An unfortunately realistic look at whether next years festival will go ahead. I've got to agree tho
  2. Back on 2005 me and my friend were going home Monday morning, got to the car and the battery is as flat as a Dodo. We didn't have any jump leads in the car to over the next 2 hours asked everyone that passed if they could jump start my car, but nobody could. So we are both sitting on the wing with the bonnet open looking dejected when a young lad in a small car (Citroen AX possibly) stopped and asked if we needed a jump. He had 4 or 5 people in the car and the thing was packed to the rafters, he unloaded all the stuff from the boot to get the jump leads and jump started my car! Really d
  3. Unfortunate but at least they have had the sense to do it in good time. I cant see any festivals happening this year
  4. Work all you people working from home a true classic...
  5. Only ever got in without a ticket in 99 & 2000. One year I paid to use someones rope ladder (2000), the other I got a dodgy pass out stamp (99). The year we got a stamp 4 of us rocked up in the car park near gate D, two of us has tickets and two not. We had only just got out the car when someone asked if we needed to get in, pay him when we were inside. Ideal I thought so he stamped our hands with his home made stamp and dragged us straight to the front of the massive queue telling everyone we needed to be back stage, we were feeling like right tw@ts at the time. the person checking
  6. Anyone had any luck with phoning Seetickets and getting them to swap fields prior to the resale? I'm stuck with the same scenario and was thinking of calling See in April before the resales,
  7. We are planning on arriving together. The official response from Beautiful Days is that campervans and caravans will be in different fields. I asked if its possible to request a specific campervan field on arrival but they did not say. The campervan fields adjacent to the caravan fields would be spot on, were not planning on spending all day at the campsite! Anyone any experience in requesting specific campervan fields on arrival?
  8. Looks goo so far, especially The Orb!
  9. We are off to Beautiful days this year and are potentially going to have a group with both camper vans and caravans, would it be possible to camp together? I see from the latest map Blue 2 is camper van & caravans, are you able to request which field you camp in on arrival? Were planning on arriving Thursday lunchtime when the car parks open I've been to Beautiful Days many times but this is our first in a camper van.
  10. Try Bushy ground, just on the left as you go through gate D. Plenty of space and quiet and really close to the entrance! I've camped there a few years. First year was because it was such a pain to get in that was the nearest spot, then I camped there the next 3 or 4 years.
  11. I'm taking a caravan this year for the first time, purely because I'm taking my young kids with me. I simply can't face carrying the amount of stuff needed to camp in and out of the festival. Which reminds me, must buy a caravan....
  12. Like a few people here I have campervan East general but the friends were going with have got campervan East quiet. Anyone ever tried asking seetickets to amend their booking? As long as we're together I'm not really fussed which field were in
  13. https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/campervan-caravan-tickets/worthy-farm/1470000 should be the link
  14. I believe the camper van tickets are linked to your actual ticket so you need to provide both your camper van ticket with your name on it and the festival ticket to gain entry to the camper van fields. How rigorous they are at checking this I don't know. The other option would be Ashcombe farm car park
  15. Page has been updated today with some FAQ stuff on it
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