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  1. Try Bushy ground, just on the left as you go through gate D. Plenty of space and quiet and really close to the entrance! I've camped there a few years. First year was because it was such a pain to get in that was the nearest spot, then I camped there the next 3 or 4 years.
  2. I'm taking a caravan this year for the first time, purely because I'm taking my young kids with me. I simply can't face carrying the amount of stuff needed to camp in and out of the festival. Which reminds me, must buy a caravan....
  3. Like a few people here I have campervan East general but the friends were going with have got campervan East quiet. Anyone ever tried asking seetickets to amend their booking? As long as we're together I'm not really fussed which field were in
  4. https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/campervan-caravan-tickets/worthy-farm/1470000 should be the link
  5. I believe the camper van tickets are linked to your actual ticket so you need to provide both your camper van ticket with your name on it and the festival ticket to gain entry to the camper van fields. How rigorous they are at checking this I don't know. The other option would be Ashcombe farm car park
  6. Page has been updated today with some FAQ stuff on it
  7. Done. Why do I think green?
  8. 1 - Beautiful days 2 - Downs 3 - Farmfest
  9. Excellent been waiting for this date to be released
  10. ShuMart

    Car Park Passes

    No you don't need to know the reg number
  11. Thanks, good to know I could do it if I dont buy an awning before then
  12. The official line for tents in the camper van field is they are not allowed, anyone actually been stopped from putting one up, the field by the car park certainly had quite a few last year. This year i'm taking my van and the kids are sleeping in the van, I don't yet own an awning and was going just put a tent up instead for us.
  13. ShuMart

    Roger Waters

    He had extra speakers setup in the pyramid field so the whole thing was in surround sound! Listening the the planes fly over your head from The Wall is something i will never forget. To this day the best live set I have seen anyone do. I've also seen his Dark side of the moon tour twice and The Wall tour he did about 6 years ago but the Glasto one tops it!
  14. I tried using location sharing on google maps last year. Whilst this have proven to be excellent on many nights out with large groups of us the data networks were flaky at best at Glasto and peoples location rarely updating. Making calls and SMS seemed fine tho so i think the best option is What3words
  15. 1. Chic (yea technically Barry Gibb was the legend but he was crap) 2. Ray Davies 3. Lionel Richie 4. Shirley Bassey Worst one was definitely ELO
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