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  1. I don't remember seeing any. I would invest in a power bank.
  2. I'm going for the first time this year. As the weather is looking nice I'm thinking of booking thrusday camping, is there much going on Thurdsay night? are Bars and food stall open? Thats the crack with the Alcohol searches? I've read th bit on the limits and the fact you can only take it in on ytour first entrance, how does this work with campervans?
  3. 1 - Sub Focus (Sunday Pangea) 2 - Friendly fires 3 - Years and years
  4. Ive been taking my kids for the last 5 years, they are currently 6&8, plenty to entertain them in the day. Kids field has: circus skills tent theatre tent couple crafting tents that change actiivties regularly Teen tent Tent for little ones with a sandpit etc Lego tent Handful of lids rides, a big wheel and a helter skelter Away ftom the main kids field there is a story tent, library tent, other play tents, bouncy castle. You also have ther main theartre tent will has child friendly stuff as well.
  5. Was also missing at Beautiful day last year, shame it was my favorite place to eat
  6. With them going into administration this summer and the farce that has been the refunds (or lack of) I wont be buying a ticket this year.
  7. Rain wont stop the fun tho!
  8. Here's hoping for a dry one! This will be by 5th one and I've yet to happen.
  9. ShuMart


    Any hidden gems on the band stand? cought some great acts here by accident in the past but I dont recognise anyone playing.
  10. I usually aim to get there between 12:00 and 14:00 on Thurssday, car park opens at 12:00 & gates open at 14:00. Most years when the queue starts to get reasonable they open the gates early so the queue does not impeed the traffic in the car park. It usually takes me about an hour to get in. What will add 2 hours to your journey is following the official Beautiful signs on the A30. They will take you off the A30 early and through a couple villages presumably to aviod queueing down the A30 at the site. Unfortunatley when you get to site all the traffic from the A30 has priority and you will be stuck in that queue for 2hrs rather than driving stright in off the closest A30 junction with no queue. IIRC you only need to go 1 junction past the official exit or head for postcode EX14 3AZ (Lower Gosford farm) This is comming from the Exeter direction and again at 12:00 -14:00 on Thursday Car park is 5-7 minutes walk from family camping or about 15-20 mins from the far edge of the site.
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