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Who and what do you want at Alchemy?

Guest Alchemy Festival

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Who do you want to see at Alchemy 2012 and what woluld you like there?

There will already be more and better toilets on site.

Dogs will have to have a ticket this year and that will pay for someone to make sure they are kept on a lead at all times and clear up any mess that may be left by anyone that may be irisponsible enough to leave any.

There will be big blackboards at all the stages and again in the areana :)

+ Loads of other little things but what do you want??

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Oh put me on the spot why don't you.

Ok I want the pizza guy who missed it this year.

I want the thai guys who were awesome.

I want the hungry elephant.

I want some breakfast at the moment which is why I'm naming all the food.

I want Jon Gomm to play

I want Fergie to DJ

I want Jakwob

I could actually name a whole lot of bands and DJ's I like.

I want the porta party people

i want that cider that makes my head go woooooooo

I want the bails of hay back

This list will be added to A LOT, mostly though I want to keep so much of the things I like.

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would like a larger selection of real ales, although both brews were excellent, at 5.3% and 5.5% they weren't exactly 'session ales', although i gave it a damn good try!

liked the Greek food van

re bands, would love to see

Arthur Brown, still absolutely amazing


Eat Static

System 7


Mad Dod Mcrea

Hobo Jones

Wobbly Squadron

and be good to bring some of last years back again, especially

Spiral Scouts

Zub Zub

Deferred Success

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ok big list coming

heavy dials, dot allison, zero 7, ballboy, endor, withered hand, dirty beggers, zoey van goey, butcher boy, mioux mioux, colonel mustard and the dijon 5, errors, the rumour cubes, totally enormous extict dinosours, woodenbox and a fistful of fivers, treetop flyers, laki mera, r.m. hubbert.

More to be added.

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River 68's

Zoey Van Goey

Vintage Trouble

Lady Winwood's Maggot

Kobi Onyame

Peatbog Faeries

Thai food place

Pizza dude

Adicted Adeles new festival venture for delicious cakes and yummy things!

It will of course be glorious weather as it our joint stag/hen weekend :party:

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I'd like to be able to remember more of last year's festival, and more motivation to leave the camping area and spend time exploring and listening to music. (Don't get me wrong, I really wanted to do that, I just kept on being distracted by wanting to talk to all my friends in our campsite)

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Sean Taylor mainly please Mr act-booker. Your music's grand overall though.

Tarantism round the fire again would be sweet too. Plus on stages.

More folk. Greenman Rising for instance. Any Tilstons you can lay your hands on.

Globular in the Mushroom Tent, so we can pretent that Shpongle turned up.

Workshops and talk things in the trees again but without accompanying bass this time.

A local farmer selling their wares for breakfast would be nice too.

& of course, more urinals, so us blokes can make our mess without bothering others, thankyou.

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Good news you're going :) I thought you were away when it was on.

Not heard much about it, though it looks good for the money and is on a lovely site. Think this is it's 3rd year.

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