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  1. I'll stick to the ones that do then. Going to one in just a few weeks in fact. I'm sure. But to specifically mention it on their site as a condition of entry rather than just saying don't bring illegal stuff seems a bit OTT. In fact, the general feel of their website puts me off really. A bit upmarket for riff raff like me.
  2. Good lineup, interesting location. There the attracation ends for me. Any festival that mentions police searches, doesn't allow drinks to be taken into the arena and haven't even decided if they're going to put a limit on how much you can take is a no no for me.
  3. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and I can just about detect a hint of festivals in the air.
  4. The fact that we're getting proper clouds today. Not monotonous grey or featureless blue, but proper clouds. The sort that people sing and write poetry about, the sort that children in their innocence always draw, the sort that you can see dragons and elephants in. PROPER clouds.
  5. It's windy! (I've had a feeling for a while that something was missing )
  6. I know a nice spot for camping in Lincolnshire in April.
  7. Christmas day has always been great at my parents house and now at my sisters in Scotland. Lots of family getting together and having a big feast and drinking too much.
  8. Fair comment but stuff like that is acceptable and Christmas day itself is great, it's the rest of the crap that pisses me off.
  9. Just spotted the wee orange google street view guy is wearing a santa hat, I know it's not much but it made me smile.
  10. One has been discussed but it's a matter of timing. Thing is, they don't actually feel the cold.
  11. Get yourself out in Newcastle this weekend then!
  12. Only 10 more days and it'll all be over for another year.
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