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  1. Then the return of t in the park. Somewhere else obviously.
  2. Yip. Read one review that raved about them, can't remember where but i suspect the reviewer is related to/goingoutwith/is Blanck Mass cos it even went so far as to say the crowd lapped it up (or words to that effect). Was considering steve mason but its priced me right out unfortunately.
  3. Sigur Ros tomorrow (well today, I'm on nights) and then fatboyslim on Sunday. Got Monday off work and even booked a travelodge so I don't have to struggle to get home on a Sunday night. (costs the same as a taxi and public transport is a nightmare) I would really like to go see woodenbox on monday, but doubt thats going to happen.
  4. Going to see a band called fake major on monday, the guys used to be in a band called endor who I really liked. Was toying with going to see uncle bob tonight, but knackered at work and its not even 11. getting old.
  5. I've started watching Arrow. Its a bit angsty drama starry serious smell the fart acting at times but its fun and ends on a cliffhanger. Like 24 meets 90210. after work its about all the tele I can handle.
  6. Sold out glasgow, london and manchester on that tour (with 2 nights in london and manchester). I doubt they would be able to do it, but then i didn't think they would headline bestival. I doubt they would go for it. Rumour has it they have their own uk date and as for the flaming lips they are exclusive to Bestival. I keep thinking because of set up that size could be altered, so a 10,000 gig would be possible or even a 5,000 something like indian summer used to be? So with that in mind.....Portishead & Bjork
  7. Take your word for it. I remember something about bongos. And yeah I did and I love it!
  8. If there were they defo weren't on for the support bands. Sound was so bad I had no idea who anyone was and couldn't see. I couldn't even hear B-Reals nasal whine.
  9. cheers mate, i knew that didnt sound right. think obie trice was there as well but as i said the sound was abysmal.
  10. I would, when he played hampden it was 50, cypress hill, D12 and xzibit according to this site. I was there but can't remember who was supporting due the fact that it was terrible. There were no screens and i couldn't make out a word any of the support acts said.
  11. I read 25k today, but i don't remember where, sorry. That seams low to me but could have been how many went on sale today.
  12. If you have a choice of dates x band with a certain demographic, you could put that show on to coincide with another promoters event. It doesn't stop them booking them, but restricts how profitable it would be. They could also just use a clause in their contracts that stop them playing any other gigs in Scotland for 3 months either side of their festival. They could do this with every band on the bill if they wanted, even the little ones. Or they could just pay more, when they get wind that someone wants to book them. I'm not saying they do so, but these are the ways I would imagine. Oh I doubt very much that its because we don't have any good stadiums, the only time I have genuinly believed that was when U2 toured with elevation. Their tour manager had worked out that they needed indoor venues around 20,000 because of the size of the heart stage. But then the band eventually added two glasgow dates, it fitted fine. Proving the no decent size venue wasn't really true, they just made a lot less money. Which is why they needed a big hall. In saying that I was always a fan of meadowbank as a venue. I have never liked hampden or murrayfield.
  13. Completed my global underground collection (cities series). Took me years because of a self enforced rule of paying no more than a fiver for each of them.
  14. Same as what Kaosmark2 said. I had it for ages and really enjoyed it. Great for 'oooohhhh I'd like to see that' just add it straight after the trailer, forget about it and eventually you get it. Particularly good for those dramas that don't really get advertised to hell or pushed on u or for foriegn films as well. I just don't have time to watch films at the moment, so cancelled. I got netflix trial, truly awful.
  15. Going to the national atp this weekend and actually really looking forward to the cinema. Harold and Maude, joy division, win win, superbad, untitled, casblanca, the lives of others, darjeeling limited, french connection. Could spend ages in there.
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