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  1. Great service! I am subscribed to the playlist and looking forward to seeing it grow!! I was a bit lost last year musically, Glastonbury rumours and lines ups give my music listened some structure.
  2. It's a tad late waiting for them to clear their blockade for some... There is also reports like this: They have openly admitted its "civil disobedience " and "direct action". How long do they really think everyone in London is going to put up with it for? I am surprised its taken the police this long tbh.
  3. Think its just they are doing other dates before hand. They are in Japan in March. They have always been a bit odd when touring albums. Don't understand their insistence on doing odd venues in London with shite transport links and terrible sound/view either.
  4. I wouldn't mind the main pathways on both sides from Pyramid to Other being made one way to help crowd flow a little more (but you would then need to force everyone further up the hill to enter from the back of the Pyramid field so they didnt end up all on one side).
  5. LondonTom

    2020 headliners

    3 years ago when they was touring their last proper album... This happens almost every time some bands have have a few years off to write some new material and people then use it to say X is now bigger. I reckon Foals, T Swizzle and Fleetwood Mac/Macca. Covers pretty much all of the glasto headliner boxes. It will be exactly the same as 2010 when everyone got excited but the actual line up is about the same as it always is.
  6. Intresting thread actually as I've been thinking about this alot the last couple of years. I took my current partner for her first festival in 2017, in the fallow year I attended the wedding of two very close friends (who met at glastonbury and I met them there before they knew each other) and this year for the first time since 2010 (out of choice for other things and thinking I was fed up with it) and weirdly I am glad I did. So I've reflected it on a lot recently and I think having spent the best part of a decade attending and having it be the light in some of lifes struggles, to me its about friendship and feeling like you belong to something bigger and different. No matter what has changed in the last 10 years, glastonbury has remained a constant, even this year when I didnt attend. I kept up to date with friends who are were there and watched loads of sets on TV , listened to Daddy Teacha on worthyFM. I remember at my first one in 2010, my current girlfriend at the time had hurt her ankles and we went to the medical tent after Muse and one of the staff there said something that has stuck with me every festival. "Its hard now and it is a struggle at times, you might even hate the festival tomorrow but when you get home you realise it's all been worth it and want to come back next year". So yeah part of going to Glastonbury isn't the instant gratification but working/struggling to find fun sometimes and it makes it all worth it!
  7. Did Mel B ask you to suggest that ?
  8. Sensation Seekers is open pretty late with scheduled entertainment and is bit more adult than earlier on in the day I guess and some of the acts seem to just be walking around randomly still. The outside high wire thing goes on pretty late. Depends on your vibe really, I've had a lot of fun just wondering around there but I am only drinking and not really wanting to enjoy being crushed for a rave. (As much I love the art and look to everything in the SE corner)
  9. Green Fields and Theatre & Circus fields are my go to places now. No where near as crowded and some really random/unexpected acts going on
  10. LondonTom

    2020 headliners

    So you just want older pop hits that appeal to you personally ?
  11. For better or worse, its become mainstream and part of the must do events of the summer. Partly down to people sharing what is going on there on social media, the fact the media (as lot of them now go themselves) no longer present it as a bunch of hippies rolling around in the mud and more mainstream music acts that are global superstars. With social media, its seeing household names like Gary Lineker turning up there making it seem "aceptable" to the masses.
  12. LondonTom

    Drop the deposit.

    Loads, but you can't really do anything about that. If you deliberately start a thread, where you know lots of people are going to start disagree with your opinion, is still a pile on? Rude I don't think I said you didn't have a heart? I just don't think you've thought about it from other people in worse situations than yourself. I don't see what the devout has to do with it, part of the charm of Glastonbury is the mix of people you get. It would be shit if it was just the devout every year (Who would eventually die out anyway as new blood struggled to get in.)
  13. LondonTom

    Drop the deposit.

    I'm in two minds on that, while it does encourage more richer people, it still has no effect on the base access to the site and makes more room for us anyone "slumming" it.
  14. Someone got my group through, for the 2nd year in row (Though I didn't end up going last year!)
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