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  1. LondonTom

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    People want their advantage anyway they can get Hi btw 😛
  2. LondonTom

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    May the force be with all ;)
  3. LondonTom

    Arcade Fire

    Well thats rather brilliant! This band...god..
  4. LondonTom


    Given my hayfever the last few days, think I'll pass on giving the grass a whiff!
  5. I was doing reasonably well on not spending money on gigs until recently ....GOD DAMNIT!
  6. LondonTom

    Arcade Fire

    Oh wow!!! That sounds amazing!! Explains the choice for York Hall in London (which I have a golden ticket for xD) now, as thats a boxing hall for those that don't know, so should be easy to accommodate this stage setup in the "round" than other small venues.
  7. LondonTom


    Agreed this sucks a little... I've waited ages to see Justice at Glastonbury But I've seen them before/wlll buy gig tickets for them so it would be KP for me. Hopefully time/date is wrong
  8. So what you are saying, there is no real pattern to the subs and how they are chosen?
  9. Agreed, very rarely have I seen a London Saturday night crowd so fucking up for it and into an act. Outstanding. They would smash an afternoon Pyramid slot much like Skepta last year and I'd be very tempted if they headlined JPT against anyone. But yeah after seeing them tonight, I am down for Pyramid and some sort of special SE corner slot =p
  10. Kind of only half excited for them at Glasto as I am seeing them Saturday but a top booking and I hope they don't clash as I normally try to choose the act I haven't seen longest or won't likely see in these cases. Was gutted to miss them when they last played!
  11. Learning that your hunch about someone being more than "just friends" was right all along, but because several other people and that person told you was being paranoid/jealous you let it slide until the relationship broke down anyway. cause deep down you knew you was right.
  12. Its so Star Trek!! I wish my parents would let me lose on the lights and stuff, was trying convince them of the need to use Smart Bulbs the other week but it didn't go down well!
  13. LondonTom

    Arcade Fire

    No not at all, its a brilliant track!!! I love it! (But I do love almost everything they have done) Agreed , the Earl's Court gig has got to be one of the best gigs I've ever been too, everything was just perfect (which is why I'd be sad if they they do away with all the extras!), it was so good I was left a little disappointed initially by the Glastonbury show but looking back on it, that too was brilliant, just not Earl's Court levels of good! I see no reason why couldn't come back with a new album or two, Muse and Coldplay do it, why not one of the best live bands around? (Equally like others there isn't a reason for them to do it anymore than they want to and the festival wants them back, but they did seem to enjoy it last time!)
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