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  1. LondonTom

    Arcade Fire

    Well thats rather brilliant! This band...god..
  2. LondonTom

    Hay fever crew 2017

    My hayfever has been the worst it has been in a number of years the last week or so! Managed to get my nose clear enough to get nasal spray up there after sleeping with Olbas oil on tissue all night. So will have to make sure I bring some to glasto! I'm normally too bad at glasto, apart weirdly when I went to the medical tent about something else last year and up there my eyes just gave way to a flood.
  3. LondonTom


    No they can't be true! I love the Fluffy Rock Cafe! By morning, a fried egg bap, by night good entertainment and cocktails!
  4. LondonTom

    Charity Bins 2017

    I went for a Bee one, its pretty cool! Hope I can find it on site!
  5. LondonTom

    How much liquid are you taking?

    Aye Tesco, its more the novelty factor /ease of use in the car parks I liked than price! (plus i got a free speaker with them shapped like a Koppaberg can!). They sold out super quick last year, so not surprised this year, was no different. I went to tesco for them on the day they got announced! Apparently Morrison's are now doing Mixed Fruit Kegs..
  6. LondonTom


    Given my hayfever the last few days, think I'll pass on giving the grass a whiff!
  7. LondonTom

    LCD Soundsystem....

    I was doing reasonably well on not spending money on gigs until recently ....GOD DAMNIT!
  8. LondonTom

    How much liquid are you taking?

    So far: 2 5L Kegs of Kopperberg 1L of Vodka infused with Strawberries and my seasonal Rhubarb. 1L of Vodka infused with Blue Raspberry Bons Bons 75cl of Apple Pie infused Bourbon I normally aim for around 30 cans for myself, (6ish a day)
  9. LondonTom

    Pictures of your Glasto gang!

  10. LondonTom

    Charity Bins 2017

    I believe its the plan that the charity bins should all be around Williams Green! As usual they look awesome, and the bin painters have done an absolutely fantastic job!
  11. LondonTom


    The beer gods have had mercy on us, thank the maker!!!
  12. LondonTom

    Bargain Booze 2017

    Oh brilliant! Hope I can find those locally!! Kept being tempted on the Brewdog website to order a box...but by the time I got to the end it was like 90 quid worth of beer
  13. LondonTom

    Arcade Fire

    Oh wow!!! That sounds amazing!! Explains the choice for York Hall in London (which I have a golden ticket for xD) now, as thats a boxing hall for those that don't know, so should be easy to accommodate this stage setup in the "round" than other small venues.