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  1. Didn't word that Avalon Cafe and Glade were no more emerge at same time. Cafe info was 100% spot on and with this latest map update suggests to me Glade intel may well turn out true as well.
  2. Splatt

    Field of Avalon

    If the Flying Machine cafe is asking for people to play it does seem that the ‘cafe stage’ is no longer officially programmed and that the Avalon Cafe has been axed rather than ‘’changing things up’. Pure speculation but I assume this saves a little slice of the Festivals budget. I’m a little sad to be honest.
  3. Looking at announcement on Avalon’s Facebook page looks indeed as though the Avalon Cafe as we know it is no more for 2022 🙁 Sounds like the cafe stage will be in the Flying Machine cafe that is replacing it. From memory that is much much smaller but let’s see….
  4. Do think it's a bit cheeky to put it free to view on BBC only month later. I had been wondering why they scheduled the livestream for a weekend in May and not the festival weekend, thinking perhaps they had other plans with the beeb but just to reshow it (or an edit of it) after all the hype to drum up ticket sales seems a bit misguided. I'll still watch it again though.
  5. Great, thanks. Was trying from laptop and just wouldn't work. Looking good now.
  6. Getting set for 7pm steam but don't seem to be able to stream to Apple TV. Any ideas?
  7. Classic Glastonbury. I’m watching tomorrow but really what a cluster f. Feel for all you trying tonight & for GF, they’ve been badly let down.
  8. The Times reporting that it is a one day event despite license allowing two. Thought to be called ‘Equinox’. Possible I guess they market as one day and if sales sufficiently good they add second night.
  9. Interesting. I don't understand the relevance of the May date, surely festival weekend would make more sense (unless something else planned); also can't see any immediate reference to any of their charity partners or campaigns. Just a bit strange. All good though. Also, is it live 'live' i.e all those artists on the farm at the same time. Somehow I doubt it but wording on the website seems to imply it is.
  10. Don’t know why but this reply makes me now certain it’s cancelled. Great news for us who have tickets tho.
  11. 0%. Just can’t see it happening, no way we’ll be back to Glastonbury as normal in just 6 months.
  12. It’s not going to happen next year. Would you risk your own money right now given current circs. Unfortunately it’s the only option.
  13. I’ve already contacted. If possible they are going to send my order out again. Not holding much hope though as both of the items are no longer in stock. If they can’t source replacements they will provide a refund.
  14. Waiting on a 26th dispatch too...
  15. Something playing on my mind for G2021 is could they get insurance to run the festival? I’d of thought Coronavirus disruption would be excluded, could you afford to run an event without this given it’s still likely to be circulating.
  16. It is good news but now you need a ticket and to pass a serological test to enter the festival 😀
  17. I Too have doubts over 2021. Can’t see this being resolved anytime soon and would the festival really commit to another round of ticket sales, booking acts and everything else which must come at a cost until they could be pretty confident the event could run next year. I certainly don’t think we’ll have that level of assurance by October for the normal ticket selling window. Also surely insurance that any of the companies involved in putting the festival together take out will now likely exclude pandemic/Coronavirus events - until suitable insurance was available could they even contemplate the event going ahead. I dunno.
  18. Think we can now be certain that last week of June this year will be stunning weather.
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