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  1. Something playing on my mind for G2021 is could they get insurance to run the festival? I’d of thought Coronavirus disruption would be excluded, could you afford to run an event without this given it’s still likely to be circulating.
  2. It is good news but now you need a ticket and to pass a serological test to enter the festival 😀
  3. I Too have doubts over 2021. Can’t see this being resolved anytime soon and would the festival really commit to another round of ticket sales, booking acts and everything else which must come at a cost until they could be pretty confident the event could run next year. I certainly don’t think we’ll have that level of assurance by October for the normal ticket selling window. Also surely insurance that any of the companies involved in putting the festival together take out will now likely exclude pandemic/Coronavirus events - until suitable insurance was available could they even contemplate the event going ahead. I dunno.
  4. Think we can now be certain that last week of June this year will be stunning weather.
  5. Not surprising and the right call (not that they had a choice). There are much more important issues that we all face, but crikey I’m gonna miss my trip to the farm this year. It’s going to be a bleak summer. Stay safe all.
  6. Really love your optimism but that’s just not going to happen.
  7. The most sobering from the Imperial paper is that we may need to keep these measures in place indefinitely possibly 18 months plus. I think my fears of 2021 at risk might have more foundation.
  8. I know I'll be shot down in flames for this (and probably deserve to) & yes it's pessimism on steroids but..... I think there is a genuine risk that 2021 could not happen either. This is a long, long, haul that can only be 'fixed' by either letting nature run it's course (& associated deaths and health care melt down that I think we as a society will choose not to accept) or by miracle some antiviral or vaccine being available in quantities sufficient for the global population. You really can't put the genie back in the bottle now this virus is out there, this will require a war like mentality and as history tells us wars go on for years. Certainly life won't be back to how it has been for many, many months. Right enough of my pessimism, here's to Glastonbury 2021!!
  9. This is going to go on for months. Well into the summer. People didn’t think these measures would come in even though the government has been warming us up for it for 2-3 weeks. They are now warming us up for this to go through Summer perhaps even September/October.
  10. Thing is, this quarantine enforced or otherwise is going to happen. I’d also expect that Peston article to have been fed directly from government so would be v confident that what’s covered is what is in the plans and looking at other countries experiences it seem highly likely we’ll be having to carry them out. When this first cropped up we joked that if the festival was cancelled that would mean it would be the least of our worries. Tragically we’ve reached that point.
  11. We are just about to live through a national, indeed global, tragedy with a scale of outcome not yet known. Whichever way you cut this in my mind is no time for a festival. Cancel now and regroup for the festival to end all festivals in 2021. The show indeed must go on but now is not the right time.
  12. Feels like we’re clutching at straws here now.
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