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  1. Splatt

    2019 Headliners

    So Stormzy I get but still find difficult to go with Cure for Sat, even more so if it is Stormzy on the Friday. I’m sure I’ll be proved wrong but reckon there will be a round of somewhat negative press/social media when the headliners released if true - not that it matters of course.
  2. Splatt

    so, Stormzy then...?

    Seem’s pretty believable to me. A somewhat typical atypical glasto choice.
  3. Splatt

    2019 Headliners

    Spice Girls pyramid, Cure on Other (sorry despite the wisdom of these boards just don’t see them headlining pyramid - I’m probably wrong though). Equally don’t really see Spice Girls at Glastonbury - I dunno !!!! 🤯
  4. Splatt

    Local Ticket Sales 2018

    Sell out quickly - think it was about 15-20 mins last time. When it used to be via phone could take couple days.
  5. Splatt

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Not a sausage. 😥
  6. Splatt

    The size of the crowds

    This has always been a pinch point & been caught in some scary crushes there in past, agree something should be done to reduce risk of it happening but nothing seems to have been done to date. Now avoid that entrance around headliners. Quite often seems to be because people entering pyramid field choose to stop pretty much as soon as they get in as opposed to walk down into the field thus creating a blockage.
  7. Splatt

    Weather 2017

    Hope you haven't doomed us
  8. Splatt

    Weather 2017

    Yes I'm a glass half empty kinda guy but there's still too much rain around the SW for my liking in latest run. Yes it could be very light but worst case isn't it showing potential for rain from around 0900-1500 Wednesday and then again all evening; Saturday rain potentially all day until 9PM and then Sunday from lunchtime onwards with potential for serious downpour in evening. Don't get me wrong this looks vastly superior to forecasts prior to previous fests but the consistent themes the last couple of days is for more and more rain to be in the SW over next weekend.
  9. Splatt

    Weather 2017

    Still a bit too much rain swirling around for me. Chances are we'll be okay but only need one of those to be heavier and for longer than anticipated....
  10. Splatt

    Weather 2017

    Me too. If it's still looking good this time Monday I may start to believe.
  11. Splatt

    Weather 2017

    Great idea, I'll leave the aqua lung & flippers in the car. Seriously it is looking promising but I'm still a bit worried about all the rain around SW it only needs to move a bit for it to be quite wet.
  12. Splatt

    Weather 2017

    Agree - packing light is so much harder when you have to pack for all eventualities
  13. Splatt

    Weather 2017

    Looking lot more positive but quite a bit of rain to north, want that to keep heading that way & not track down. Those temps are perfect tho, lazy hot sunshine wed/thurs and cooling down to low 20's when fest kicks in proper.
  14. Splatt

    Weather 2017

    GFS seems better this morning to me. Still too much rain on Thursday for my liking though and some horrible big blobs and bands of rain to south & north, if they were to hit us would be nasty! Still slightly more positive so far today, I have everything crossed.
  15. Splatt

    Weather 2017

    Yep, can't help but feel disappointed with way forecasts are heading. I think it now seems likely that there'll be areas of low pressure/rain swirling around the south west. Just gotta hope they swirl away from us.