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  1. Great thread. I've said elsewhere it wasn't the best Glasto. These pics confirm there is still nowhere else like it on Earth. A wonderful place.
  2. Splatt

    Worthy (re)view

    Must be me then😂 I’d have bet my mortgage this was the first ‘door’ year.
  3. Attended. Far from best ever for me but absolutely still great enough to not want to give it a miss just yet. Talking of ‘best evers’ has Michael said this about this years, not heard it myself?
  4. Splatt

    Worthy (re)view

    Interesting stayed at WV since it started and swear this was first time ever had a door on shower.
  5. Splatt

    Worthy (re)view

    So that’s my rationale out the window! No idea why the mens was so much longer then. How many female showers are there? Mens had two ‘trucks’ of cubicles.
  6. Splatt

    Worthy (re)view

    Did the female showers have individual cubicles? The mens did for first time this year and only reason I can think why queue was so long with people taking longer. Bring back open showers so people only stay for minimal time.
  7. Ironically as I did find rest of site to be heaving, but felt SE corner more manageable than normal.
  8. Splatt

    Worthy (re)view

    Enjoyed our stay again but could have done with more toilets at top of site. They replaced a good 20-30 portaloos with two banks of composters so not really enough at peak times.
  9. Been to every fest since ‘94 and this was by far the busiest (2000 aside). What got me was that even the quieter venues or areas were packed, so the usual joy of stumbling upon something fun and lingering didn’t really hold this year. As mentioned above if it had been a wet one can’t imagine how crowded it would be with everyone trudging along same trackway. Hope they have a rethink.
  10. THIS. Seriously what were they thinking. Anyone less than fit and able would struggle. Saw a couple trying to get pushchairs down there. I understand the thinking, having a separate entrance for WV avoiding need for further ticket checks but they need to do some thinking on that for next year. If it had been a wet and muddy one would have been carnage.
  11. Didn't experience anything dangerous but was just so busy everywhere it did take some of the magic away this year. Can't believe 7k extra tickets would have made that much of a difference. Would not be fun in a muddy year.
  12. BEST: Duck Truck (close runner up the Worthy Farm Toasties) WORST: Burger from stall at rear of other (right hand side looking towards stage)
  13. Bring back portaloos (at worthy view at least).
  14. Sore throat this morning, identical to when had Covid before. Will test later.
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