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  1. Yes, exciting news, it appeared yesterday on the webcam, see the webcam thread. I think we were all expecting it to start above Strummerville out of view, then start to appear above the Tipi field, but they started a bit further west this year. Its amazing how quickly it goes up once they start ...What we really need/want Mr and Mrs F, is a new panorama to appreciate all the recent changes on site!!!....???
  2. dingbat2

    Other Stage Opener

    Doesn't the Other opener usually get relatively small crowds, a bit too early for the young'uns still in their pits. That's why a thought Doves would be a good bet, it won't be a huge crowd, but there will be a lot of Doves lovers there, of which there are quite a lot here, especially me.. It would be a cracking start to the festival for me. Coral would be a good shout too, lots of familiar singalong songs to bop to, although most people wouldn't know their songs until they start playing them
  3. The likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are becoming far too powerful. They dictate everything in terms of advertising and it will only get worse. Traditional media is dying on its arse. As traditional media companies which uaed to sell newspapers with high editorial values try and move digital they just find themselves squeezed out by the likes of Google who dictate the rules without considering traditional editorial values and standards.
  4. dingbat2

    Other Stage Opener

    Doves I don't care if anyone mentions they said they werent playing, I don't believe them. They will be there...
  5. dingbat2


    The fence, the fence...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ooooh, I didn't know about the theme thing, i quite like that IPS Support version!
  7. The Bimble Inn in the Park is ace after hours. Saw the mighty Subgiant there last time around at about 2am. Great stuff
  8. dingbat2


    Thats the clearest indication that Orbital are playing
  9. Surely Michael and co can see where the issues are. I appreciate there is a lot of loyalty there but Silver Hayes just doesnt work, it's a bit of a problem child and has been for many, many years. It's a huge area and has so much potential, it's about time Michael saw that that area just isn't working and needs a while new rebuild/redesign. I respect his loyalty to the organisers of that area but it's about time he bit the bullet and gave someone else a go at sorting out an area which could be brilliant given the right focus/vision..
  10. As above Best = Glade or maybe Crows Nest Worst - Silver Hayes - for me its soulless, and just a vast walk through to somewhere better - really needs a total redesign as far as I am concerned, especially looking at how good all the other areas are, its such a let down and has been for many years. A mish-mash of stages with no real character/identity at all. Just my opinion though
  11. dingbat2


    Looks like theres stuff going on where the Wormhole is going to be
  12. dingbat2


    Never take chocolate hob nobs. I took Jaffa Cakes one year and it was carnage in a warm tent
  13. dingbat2


    Breakfast is a meal I am reluctant to spend much money on at Glasto. I want something to tie me over until late afternoon when I buy my main meal for the day. So for me, I cant recommend hob nobs enough, whatever time of day they fit the bill. And pot noodle if you can fit it in, and have a stove. And a couple of cans of lager first thing will fill you up
  14. Later with Jools always reminds of Glasto. Huge diversity in the range of acts he has, always has great new acts most people haven't heard of. I hadn't heard of Sam Fender before but his performance really blew me away, especially Leave Fast. He will be massive. A must see at Glasto There arent many places on free TV theae days you will get the opportunity to watch these new acts which is a real shame. Long live Later with Jools
  15. I love Later with Jools, having tried for tickets for years I managed to bag tickets for three shows last year and loved everyone of them. Worth the long drive from Norfolk to Maidstone. It's an incredibly well produced and slick show, it just all seems to work. Manage to catch some real quality acts, St Vincent, Manics, Echo and the Bunnymen, Sam Fender, Toots, Christibne and the Queens, Kamasi, James, Neneh Cherry to name a few I was wondering if there were struggling to get big acts last year. I think he had Mark Almond on the show three times, but they were flogging their own collaboration I suppose
  16. Pangaea? Mechanical dinosaurs with a volcano as a centre piece i wonder. How intriguing/exciting
  17. dingbat2

    The Glade

    Only when he plays the cue stick stage ... same joke every year...
  18. dingbat2

    Secret sets 2019

    Doves ... even though they have said they aren't playing, I am clinging on to the faint hope they are having us on ready for a secret set somewhere
  19. dingbat2


    Looks like they have started building the Other Stage. The fence will be soon I reckon, that's when I really start to think things are moving on. Usually starts above Strummerville out of view doesn't it, then works it's way across above the Crows Nest/ Park Stage. I reckon we will start seeing it on the webcam from this Thursday... place your bets folks when we first get sight of it on the webcam.....
  20. dingbat2

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Walk a bit further afield if you need a dump in the morning! The bogs nearest to the campsite will be busiest and often have really long queues first thing. If you walk a bit further, away from the campsites, then there are usually no queues. I always do this when camping in Pylon/Rvermead/Bushy - just walk to the bogs in Silver Hayes and there are no queues that early in the morning , and they are often cleaner. If I need a dump, I need to go, and can't queue
  21. Rufus, wasn't it you who you started the cheese thread from all those years ago. It was very funny
  22. Cheese at Glastonbury, that was one of my favourite threads from many years ago on these forums. I need to find it again....
  23. That's ace, I assume he will headline somewhere? In which case I am now guaranteed headliners I am excited about seeing each night. Chems/Cure/Hopkins. And that's without knowing when and where some of the Other likely headliners are playing like Orbital and Hawkwind. Happy days
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