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  1. I don't follow football and never really watch it but got caught up in the final and that was tense! Heart sank when Italy scored that last penalty, I'm prob one of the few Scots that were hoping England would win.
  2. I was on the Kang hype train but now after some other people have mentioned it, I feel it is going to be a Loki variant that's the big bad. I hope it isn't, but I can see that's where they're potentially going.
  3. I'm packing up to move house and was actually considering selling my Switch. It's pretty much only been used as a device to play Mario Kart.
  4. I've got my tickets booked for Friday. I've got a Cineworld Unlimited card so may as well use that rather than paying the additional fee on Disney+. I'm looking forward to finally seeing a new MCU movie in the cinema but don't have the same buzz that I normally would. I think just cause it's been over a year since the movie was originally due.
  5. Bare in mind I have not been since 2015 but they were strict with the drink you were taking then.
  6. Yesterday I got to see two of my best mates who I hadn't seen since Christmas 2019 as they live in London. In that time they have got married (I attended via Zoom) and had a baby! I didn't realise how much I missed them until I saw them and now feel a little emotional typing this! However, seeing them gave my mental health a nice little boost. The combination of seeing people I missed, having a good old chat and laugh like old times and the feeling that things are actually getting back to some sense of normality.
  7. My apple watch challenge this month is to burn 11,000 kcal. It's not a lot and I don't normally pay attention to the challenges but determined to actually make an effort to not sit on my ass all day every day.
  8. I used to slag off one of my mates for being such a big Swiftie back in the day. I can actually remember messaging him when Shake it Off came out and said something along the lines of "It's actually ok", in reality I thought the song was an absolute banger and was obsessed. Shortly after that I gave in and became the Swiftie I always should have been.
  9. In the space of this morning I've gone from "I really like it" to "This is an absolute bop and I will listen on repeat 1 until I know every word"
  10. This is a fave cover of mine, just adds a wee something to the song
  11. I really like it, sounds like a track that could have been lifted straight off folklore/evermore which is no bad thing.
  12. The article I posted suggests many of the cases have been linked to a combination of people gathering in large unofficial groups, official Fanzones and going into peoples houses.
  13. A large part of it! https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-57667163
  14. Yep, thank that's what it's been.
  15. As far as cases go, we are definitely in the midst of a new wave in Scotland. highest number of new cases since the start of the pandemic and rising. Deaths remain low for now thankfully.
  16. It's just showing a class divide more and more with regards to what events are deemed appropriate for capacity restrictions being eased.
  17. I feel like we're starting to see how No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness are going to go. It looks like these variants are all sent to some holding ground, so perhaps they all break free from it.
  18. That could have had a really opposite outcome if your shifts didn't align! I really enjoyed The Killers, can still remember clearly the opening chords of Jenny Was a Friend of Mine as it took me right back to playing Hot Fuss for the first time all those years ago.
  19. Tartan_Glasto


    I did not realise this.
  20. Tartan_Glasto


    To be fair, the ratings did have their use of who you may be more inclined to trust with money when it comes to ticket day!
  21. This was taken around this time on the Monday. Us heading back up the road with sun kissed faces but no doubt stinking 😂
  22. I never tend to drink much on the Sunday purely case the thought of having to pack up and head home while hungover fills me with dread.
  23. Prides 2015 - I really liked them but they've kinda fizzled out now so would love to see them again. Muse 2016 - I have memories of having a great time during this, but can't really remember the actual set itsel so would like ti watch it.
  24. Well done for recognising me and thank you for stopping to chat 🙂 You were lovely to speak to and you defo changed my mind with regards to volunteering. I will for sure be putting my name into the hat if I remain unlucky with getting tickets. I had a brief sleep on the train home but foolishly booked midnight tickets to see Spider-Man at the cinema. Seemed like a fun idea at the time, in reality we slept through most of it!
  25. I can't recall back to 2016 but I defo had a chat with someone at New Street in 2019. I'm pretty sure the person I spoke to was maybe volunteering with Wateraid or another organisation if that was you? Edit: Having just looked at a couple of your past posts I ca see you were indeed working with Wateraid! What a small world! I can honestly say that our conversation did change my mind about volunteering and it's defo something I will be considering seeing as I don't have tickets for next year 🙂
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