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  1. I hate my username (came about cause I needed to pick one and looking about my room there was a tartan blanket) but alas, it is who I am now on here...it is my cross to bear.
  2. Last time we took a variety pack of cereals for breakfast. Got some milk from the milk truck, poured direct into the little bag of cereal and ate straight from it. Not having to waste any paper bowls or clean any plastic ones.
  3. Chvrches gig last night in Glasgow. I’ve seen them a few times live now but last night was their best yet. The evolution of their live show from when they first started to now is just incredible.
  4. We have decided we will not be trying for tickets... 😞 In the midst of buying a house, we have two dogs now, we have a wedding on the Wednesday after that we have to travel to on the Tuesday which is a but much right after Glastonbury. I feel ok about the decision just now, but I know the wave of sadness will come to me as it approaches that week and I see everyone enjoying the blaring sunshine on the farm!
  5. I've always taken cash before, as I give myself £300 to spend while there and having it as cash helps me keep on top of it. Plus the card machines do rely on there being a decent signal for them to work which isn't always the case.
  6. Love the Tiny Desk series. I'm always putting on the Hayley Williams one for some background music.
  7. At first glance I was like, dunno if that's a great one for my own tastes... But when I started actually counting the acts I'd like to see, there's a fair few!
  8. Anytime I hear George Ezra's new song Anyone For You, I can't help but imagine being at Glastonbury on a warm sunny day with a cold cider in hand.
  9. Tartan_Glasto

    Beer Prices

    I find Strongbow Dark Fruits (or the Lidl equivalent) holds up pretty well to being drank unchilled.
  10. Just finished the new season of Euphoria. Just as good as the first! Recommend to anyone that’s not checked it out. Zendaya is phenomenal in it.
  11. Sorry to hear that, bud. I hope you have an amazing time in your partner’s honour.
  12. The older one is Nacho and the younger one is Chilli 🙂
  13. For some reason I just cannot get into Horizon and I don't really know why which annoys me. Dino-robots and using bow and arrow should be totally up my street. I've re-started the game literally about 5 times now trying to give it another chance but something with it just isn't clicking with me. Told myself to give up on it, no point in forcing it, but now I see everyone playing the sequel I am tempted to try it yet again!
  14. Actually can't decide if this year is the best time for us to be going so will try for tickets in the resale and if we get them then awesome, if not then will take that as sign that this year is not meant to be. In the time since the last Glastonbury we have acquired a house, partner has taken on the family business and now have two dogs.
  15. I'd take dust over a lacking of places to sit any time.
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