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  1. In February I had symptoms that were pretty much textbook Covid. At the time though, the doctor just asked me if I had been to any of the affected countries, which I had not been. I was given some antibiotics and sent on my way. I went back to the doctor when the antibiotics finished as the symptoms were still the same as when I first went. I was told there was nothing wrong with me (this was a different doc than the first, actually it was a nurse if I recall) and I was sent packing. I have not felt the same since then. Now, I have no idea if this was indeed Covid I have. The symptoms mat
  2. To be honest I don't know, I missed the start of the briefing so she may have clarified that then.
  3. 50 new deaths overnight for Scotland, that’s our highest so far. 1,433 new cases. May not be too long before we join England with a national lockdown.
  4. My friend fell out with me cause I made the mistake of trying to get her to see positives where she could. I was apparently invalidating her feelings. She was feeling down about restrictions and I made the mistake of suggesting all the things she could still do rather than focus on what she couldn’t.
  5. I have a Zoom wedding on Saturday but it's just a case of going on Zoom to watch the ceremony then that's it. No ushering or breakout rooms thankfully.
  6. I just could not get into Horizon. I started it on three separate occasions convincing myself if I just give it a chance I would like it cause everyone raves about it. I just could not get into it at all though.
  7. Monorail... someone had to.
  8. 28 new deaths in Scotland alone, highest since May. We’ve been hovering around 15 the past week or so. Hope this isn’t a sign of a large spike in the UK deaths. 1,739 new cases
  9. Can you imagine the queue?! It would all have to be socially distant. Plus, what happens to those who travel far by bus etc but then get a positive test. Where do they go? I just can’t see that kind of thing working for a festival, especially one as large as Glastonbury.
  10. 1,196 new cases in Scotland. Nine new deaths.
  11. If new cases/deaths start to go down before Christmas, then I think we can expect them to increase again in Jan/Feb post Christmas after everyone decides they're not going to bother with social distancing. The way the new cases is fluctuating makes it very hard to predict whether it will be a yay or nay for the festival.
  12. Too early to tell at this stage. However, and even though I don’t have a ticket I wouldn’t want this to be the case, I don’t see them rolling over tickets for a second year.
  13. 1,297 new cases in Scotland alone today. Apparently our biggest daily surge yet.
  14. If deaths are increasing from the levels of new cases we had 3-4 weeks ago then you can imagine how they'll increase in 3-4 weeks time from the cases we have now. So they are still quite indicative of the situation.
  15. Lower new cases but look at the deaths increasing
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