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  1. Our calendar for next year won't open til about October time, so will wait til after T Day. I'd be too scared to tempt fate anyways!
  2. Just got a frame for my long drop print for the bathroom. Still to be hung up properly. Can’t wait to frame the rest of the prints now!
  3. Two stand out ones for me, both involving people unknown to me. First was at George Ezra, he was singing a song I think called Be My Girl. Ahead of me there was a young girl maybe about 6 or 7 being held by her dad. the were jut staring at each other while singing along and was such a beautiful moment. Next was the young girl at the front of Sigrid who was living her absolute best life. I was getting emotional at how utterly in the moment she was. Glad through the power of social media they are now meeting up!
  4. Weds evening was so cold! We were sitting in the T&C field to watch the fireworks from a distance and had to abandon that to go back to the tent to get layers. Managed to see the fireworks fro the tent at least.
  5. I thought I was a genius deciding to just have spirits mixed with water and diluting juice. When I tested it at home it was nice. On site in that heat, the water did not stay cool enough so wasn't that enjoyable and I ended up not drinking a lot of the 2 ltrs of vodka I took. What I did right was investing in an actual camp bed. It was heavier to carry but I had some of my best festival sleeps!
  6. Tartan_Glasto

    The Killers

    I’m a fan of The Killers, but always just presumed they were gonna phone it in. Had no idea how much doing a great Glastonbury headlining a lot meant to the band and loved them putting their all into it. Mess a tremendous set.
  7. 1. Kylie 2. The Killers 3. Bastille
  8. Sorry, I'm just in a post Glasto slump at work Taking everything to heart!
  9. No need to fix, I meant what I typed. Cheers.
  10. Tartan_Glasto

    Flops 2019

    Don’t get me wrong. Miley herself was good. I think she’s brilliant and people underestimate how talented she actually is. I just felt her set was not as good as it could have been.
  11. So someone has gone through and counted all the patches of grass where tents were and then counted how many left from there? Seems very arduous.
  12. Tartan_Glasto

    Flops 2019

    Miley Cyrus for me. Was looking forward to hearing the some classics but it was all a promo for her new album. The hits she did sing she changed up so much it was hard to sing along to.
  13. On Wednesday afternoon for the short while I was sat up at the Glastonbury sign I saw six proposals and a wedding! Huge cheers every few minutes signaling another proposals.
  14. Listen, if 5G carries on making it warm and sunny then I’m all for it.
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