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  1. Yeah I was a bit frustrated when I woke up this morning and saw places had already sold out of pre-orders. Luckily I'm about a 15min walk from my closest Game so I walked up for them opening at 8am to pre-order. There was a small queue already ahead of me.
  2. I feel this single comment amounts to trolling.
  3. Do we have a test where you bet an instant result yet? Surely testing everyone who goes still risks infection spreading until results are back in.
  4. Quark, thank you for taking so much time to respond like this It looks like you've given some valuable advice not just to me but to a lot of us! I need to get out my head the thought of "it's too late" and as you've suggested just start working away at it slowly rather than get overwhelmed thinking if I don't find a new job after a week of trying then I never will! You are, my friend, a gent.
  5. If it helps, I went grey at 21... Grey, pale, skinny...was not a look.
  6. Thanks for your replies guys. It actually helps hearing some people are feeling the same. I guess part of the problem is that I really have no idea what I want to do. I'd love to do something with baking as it's the one thing I am pretty good at. However, it's a fairly saturated market and would take a while to get to a position where I could live off it. Feck it, while writing this post I've just ordered a haul of new baking supplies. I guess a small step towards doing something positive is better than no step at all. See, this is why this place is so good. The Glastonbury ho
  7. I've come to the realisation that I actually really hate my job. I have a lot of friends at work and I think going in and seeing them everyday distracted me from how much I didn't like my work. Now working from home it's brought it all to light. I think the isolation is starting to get to me. I do live with my partner but he works for the family business so is out from 5am to 5pm every day so I just float around the flat myself all day long. I had two weeks off recently and didn't even really enjoy it. I seemed to get a fair bit of anxiety which seemed to be focused around thoughts
  8. My one claim to fame is that I served Simon when I worked in Virgin in the Ayr branch. I had no idea who Biffy were at the time and one of my colleagues had to inform me. I didn’t become a fan til quite a while after when they released Only Revolutions.
  9. I’ve noticed my barbers have started posting a lot more on social media trying to drum up business. I wonder if a lot of barbers have noticed a decline in customers coming back after lockdown as they discovered home haircuts.
  10. I don’t frequent Wetherspoons often as I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by nice wee bars and pubs where I live. However, I do have a friend who is a single parent, has the same job as me so I know it’s not amazing pay. Whenever we have a night out together we always go to spoons because it’s a cheap night out for both the drinks and food. I get what people say and if you want to boycott it then that’s obviously a choice you can make. It does however have its place. I do wonder however if everyone that’s boycotting Wetherspoons for the reasons listed in this thread also never shop at Ama
  11. This is what I don't understand. Everyone should already have masks for doing their shopping etc. so why wait? Surely they can say this starts tomorrow but there will be a 24 hour grace period or something in case anyone didn't get the memo in time.
  12. Haha yeah, my friend sent me a pic of the email she received and was like, this guy is not having a good week 😂
  13. I believe there will be some confirmation tomorrow afternoon .
  14. Yeah I'd say for me Hoax would come after Mirrorball for the weaker of the tracks.
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