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  1. The first long drops I ever used...fond memories.
  2. I dread all the social media memories as we get closer! Why does one festival have this affect on us?!
  3. I may have said this before, but is anyone else stuck in a loop of "This time last year..."? "This time last year I would have been so excited" "This time last year I was nervous about getting the NX coach down" "This time last year I was planning all the equipment I was gonna pack" I just can't seem to shift it. I didn't even yet get tickets for this year so I may not even have been going this year but I just keep thinking what if I don't get that feeling again.
  4. Should check out her documentary on Netflix if you’ve not already. Showed the arguments that went on with her family/management when she decided she could no longer keep quiet about her political views.
  5. Glad to see we're in all this together folks. I've put in for a week off the week after next. Hoping that will help. Feel like I just need a reset to help get back on track.
  6. Anyone else who's working from home who normally wouldn't feeling like it's getting a bit much? I can't focus on work for more than about 20 mins at a time and I just feel like I don't fully switch off from it at the end of the day. I've always had the option to work from home some days but never chose to as it doesn't really work for me, but now I have no option. Don't get me wrong, I'm very aware that I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home during all this.
  7. Thank you Keeping fingers crossed cause I love that place, nothing makes me happier than having tickets, the lead up to the festival and obviously then being there.
  8. It wouldn’t feel right me splashing out money to go when he’s watching what he’s spending. He works in retail. The company was already in a fairly bad position before all this and post lockdown it’s not looking great.
  9. It’s looking more and more likely that my partner won’t have a job to go back to once the furlough scheme is reduced. If that is the case, I can’t see us trying for tickets unless he finds another job.
  10. Yeah, with all the acts that are now having to delay this years touring to next year, along with all the acts that were planning on touring in 2021. Next year could be a pretty amazing time for festival line ups.
  11. I didn't even have a ticket for this year and I've still not got my head around the fact it's not happening. I keep looking at old photos, watching old youtube videos, imaging how excited I was this time last year with it all ahead of me. I don't think it helps that any of the gigs/smaller festivals planned for this year are likely to go ahead. Reminds me of the saying, is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all... If I had never been to Glastonbury I wouldn't feel this way. Edit: Sorry, that was just a bit of word vomit there. I just wanted to say something.
  12. Tartan_Glasto

    BBC iPlayer

    I’d love the Bastille set in full to go on. I know I may be in the minority on these boards, but I like them and had a blast watching them last year.
  13. 2015 for me. The weather was pretty good. Some heavy rain on the Friday afternoon but it quickly dried out. Line-up for me was spot on. Not that I can remember a lot of it. To this day I still lie and say Florence and the Machine was amazing, but in truth I'm gutted that I can't remember a thing about it despite being at the full set. I barely saw any of the site. We camped in Hitchen Hill and mostly went between Pyramid, Other and JP. Only a few years prior I had never been to a festival because I've had a bit of anxiety when it comes to large crowd and what they showed on tv made the crowds look so crammed. It was only in 2012 my mate who worked for a label had staff tickets for TITP so I went on the proviso that we had our own quiet camping spot (which we did) and we could leave at any point over the weekend (which she was happy to do). Th weather was shit. The site was a swamp. However, I loved every moment of it. I realised the crowds aren't as crammed as the tv makes it look. So from that point onwards I loved any festival I have been to but Glastonbury is something different. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I realise that I'm not going this year (or maybe even next year as wasn't lucky with the tickets). I have no idea why Glastonbury seems to have this affect on me, and so many others on here. There's literally no place like it.
  14. I didn’t like the idea of so much being released before the album but in hindsight I love this approach. Instead of getting a bunch of new songs in one day we’ve had new songs spread over the course of a few months. I’ve really enjoyed being able to absorb each song and lyric.
  15. I keep toying with the thought of watching the clone wars series. Like you, in an effort to see if they make the films any better 😄
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