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  1. The Killers x2 George Ezra x 4 Christine and the Queens Bastille x 3 Hozier Sigrid Snow Patrol x3 Anne Marie Years and Years x 2 Shura
  2. Lady Gaga Green Day P!nk Deaf Havana Sigrid
  3. Tartan_Glasto


    Straight guys are friendly too.
  4. Ah well there goes that thought!!
  5. I’m hoping for The National and Chvrches both being present and on the same day for a nice wee rendition of My Enemy.
  6. It’s the Bristol shuttle bus. Get it at the same point as the NE buses.
  7. Defo doable. Past three times I’ve been at Glastonbury I’ve been back in Bristol by about 10:30am. To be fair, I do wake up first thing in the morning and get to the bus point by just after 7am so usually almost first there. It can vary when the bus leaves but usually by about 8-8:30am. Just depends how early you want to be up and ready, as I’ve no idea how much busier it gets later on.
  8. I really hope Gerry Cinnamon is not playing, 90% of his fans seem like total bams and he just encourages them.
  9. It went into the dark room, not realising it was a literal dark room. Thought it was just a separate area. Cut to me fumbling about, slightly panicked that I couldn’t get back out and opening the curtain on two guys. I apologised, closed the curtain and went back to fumbling about til I found the exit.
  10. If this is a genuine post, and your friend managed to get you into the Oxfam volunteering based on a recommendation, then not only should you not do it for all the reasons above, but you'll give your friend a bad rep too. However, I expect this is just someone trying to get some cheap kicks. Helped me pass some time at work anyways.
  11. I think likely they over spent and didn’t re-coup as much of the cost as they would have liked. I imagine Queen & Adam Lambert cost a fair bit and that was the day that they had to reduce all the tickets to half price on a discount site in the weeks leading up to it! So could be a combination of them being a bit cautious as to what they spend on headliners and also just picking from those actually doing the festival circuit this year.
  12. Was at Chvrches last night and got me thinking that I’d really like for them to be in the JP tent. Just feel their sound is more suited to an indoor space.
  13. Just don’t understand that people are happy wasting their Glastonbury experience on an act they clearly don’t like. I had no interest in seeing Kanye so I followed my friends to Dead Mouse (who I had never listened to) and had a great time!
  14. Quite pleased that The Killers are now in the running once more. Bit of a casual fan, loved Hot Fuss but never really got into anything after that. However, seen them live a couple of times over the past year and loved them. Not enough to go back and listen to them in my own time, but they do put on a decent gig.
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