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  1. I’d try taxi to Bristol bus and coach station (or airport bus if time permits). Then National Express which I believe goes directly to the festival bus station at pedestrian gate A. Service every hour or so. Hope this helps.
  2. Guess we'll know soon enough. My 2017 "E" Coach ticket was issued on 17th May and due no later than 30 days pre-festival. See- tickets customer service advise exact pick up point won't be published until then (and to be fair probably more detail than the service rep would know). Must try and chill into Glasto mode - sure it'll work out in the end...
  3. Thanks for the helpful answers everyone!. Much appreciated!
  4. Hi, Would you know roughly which portion of Anchor Road? (Top near the Hippodrome or Bottom near the College?). I'm booking a Bristol hotel the night before catching the See-coach and wanted to avoid trailing luggage etc. too far if I can help it in the morning. Cheers.
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