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  1. I am really bad for holding a lot in instead of just letting it all out when I should. I did feel better after the cry. Still not talking to the dogs though.
  2. Came through this morning and my dogs had ripped apart a bin bag I had left sitting and it was all over the kitchen floor. I started crying. I feel on an emotional knife edge these days.
  3. Tartan_Glasto


    Didn't really pay attention to this song when the album came out...as I didn't really dig the album in general but really enjoying this. Plus, Adele looks amazing.
  4. Can me and my partner go on the spreadsheet? It's been that long since the original that I can't actually remember if I requested this 😕
  5. New Twin Atlantic album is sightly better than the singles released would have you think.
  6. As someone who wore wellies in 2016, they were a deathtrap in that kind of deep sticky mud. How I managed to stay upright I'll never know. Decent walking boots all the way. Plus walking boots do you all festival s take up less space, rather than packing wellies just in case.
  7. All sorts of factors come into play. Dependent on the queues you may not get on your exact allotted coach. There could be adverse weather conditions which causes delays in coaches getting in and out. Your coach could break down (unlikely, but possible) Basically, my advice would be to get an early a coach as possible to allow for anything to go wrong. You can maybe change your tickets or, you might be able to just show up earlier but there's no guarantee they'd let you on if you're just chancing it.
  8. Didn't get through as many games as I would have liked this year, but did better at actually finishing what ones I started... 1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Control* 3. Kena 4. It Takes Two 5. Resident Evil Village *I know Control originally came out in 2019 but the PS5 upgrade only came out in 2021 and I feel that's what actually makes this game playable as I did try it on the base PS4 and it was not as enjoyable experience.
  9. The end credit scene of the last episode of Hawkeye is one of the best there's been in the whole MCU.
  10. NWH was great. Not without it's flaws. A few convenient plot points that were just glossed over for the sake of moving the story forward. The third act was incredible. Almost reaching the heights of the final battle in Endgame. I wish I could have gone in spoiler free and be one of the people that audibly gasped but alas, I follow too much movie stuff on the youtubes. Really like how it ended and where they are potentially taking Spider-Man going forward.
  11. Very much enjoying Killer from the Director's Cut of Chvrches Screen Violence. The two other new tracks aren't as good but worth it for this one...
  12. If any Playstation players want to add me, Scooshmeister on PSN. I always like having a nosey on what other folks are playing.
  13. I just ordered it yesterday from Amazon. Prime delivery but not getting delivered til 1st Nov 😞 To be fair, I've just started Little Hope, so least it means I'll finish that without getting distracted.
  14. Guardians of the Galaxy is getting some pretty solid reviews. Think I'll be picking it up now!
  15. I never go too hard on the Sunday. Usually sitting by my tent after the headliner with a tea and just thinking my thoughts. Sunday morning I wake up about 6am, pack everything up and head for the Bristol shuttle stop for about 7-7:30am. Arrive at Temple Meads, chill out and have a breakfast at the Wetherspoons and then get the train back up to Glasgow around 12ish.
  16. I was worried that the humour would be a bit outdated and cringe with it being Steve Martin and Martin Short but it has been so funny. The last couple of episodes in particular. Enjoy! 😃
  17. Anyone else been watching Only Murders in the Building on Disney? Final episode just aired yesterday. One of the stand out shows of the year for me.
  18. Exile is one of my faves of hers. It is splendid. If you haven't yet listened to it, check out the song Evermore on the Evermore album.
  19. I couldn't get far with Avengers and I did try my best as paid full price when it was released but it was just awful.
  20. Completed Kena, don't be fooled by the cute graphics, it's no easy ride! The difficulty spikes in the bosses can be a bit crazy and some of the platforming elements make Crash Bandicoot seem like a walk in the park. All in though, I enjoyed it and would like to see what they do next.
  21. I thought she was great in Halloween (2018) and like what they did with the character. You can forget all the other sequels she was in as it wipes them all out and is a direct sequel to the original movie.
  22. Went to see Halloween Kills last night. I wasn't great. Too many forced callbacks to the original for the sake of nostalgia. Shame, as I really enjoyed Halloween (2018). Hopefully Halloween End can redeem it.
  23. Tartan_Glasto


    That's me shot down then.
  24. Having had a PS5 since launch day ( I was one of those that queued up outside Game the morning pre-orders went live), I can say I have had very few Next-Gen experiences. All the games I have played so far have also been available on PS4. There are the likes of Returnal, Rift Apart that are only on PS5 but I haven't been tempted by those. Perhaps the best use I have got from the PS5 is the PS5 patch for Control, as it was really clunky on my Day 1 PS4 but ran so nicely on the PS5 (it may have also run niely on PS4 Pro but not played it on that) . So, in short, I'd say that until a must have game comes out on PS5 then maybe just hold off.
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    On the topic of buying music, me and my partner were travelling up North for a the weekend last week. I put on a playlist of 90s tunes and we were singing away. I suddenly thought, I wonder if the kids of today will still be able ton remember song after song from when they younger as music is disposable now. We remember all the words cause we'd by a cd single/album and listen to it on Repeat 1 pretty much until the next one came out.
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