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  1. Can you imagine if it reached this over Glastonbury weekend with the limited shade options?! I struggled as it was in 2019 when it was about 32 degrees at one point (if I remember correctly)
  2. 28 in Lanarkshire, pretty cool compared to some of you guys!
  3. Totally, Now I'm In It opening and The Steps closing was just brilliant. Also, had no idea Este could sing like that when she was belting out 3AM 😃
  4. Haim last night in Glasgow. Amazing as usual. Just don't understand how three sisters can all be so talented! Didn't watch their Glastonbury set as didn't want to spoil it, so can get onto that now.
  5. Has anyone pre-ordered the throw blanket from the Glastonbury shop? I am tempted but one of those ones where cause of the price would like to hear from someone else that has it, but by the time they are shipped out they might be sold out! Decisions, decisions!
  6. Nah I enjoyed it. I know plenty of people didn't but I did.
  7. Haim on Thursday! Finally, after it being rescheduled a few times.
  8. Saw Thor: Love and Thunder yesterday. Taika took what made Ragnarok great, cranked it up by 100 and ruined what could have been a really great story.
  9. I'm a fan of the Jurassic series, with the original being my favourite film of all time. I am bit biased towards them and find myself defending the lesser good ones. However, Dominion was the first time I sat in the cinema watching a Jurassic movie and found myself thinking "This is not very good..."
  10. I went on Friday. It wasn't full of as many bams as I was expecting, was a pretty chilled atmosphere. Though maybe I was just at the quiet side haha Never queued too long to get in or for a drink/food. Food prices were obscene though. £12 for a little cardboard tray of katsu curry. I just went along with a friend who wanted to go so wasn't particularly a fan of anyone on the line-up. I enjoyed Sam Fender, would probably give him a listen now after seeing him live. In my opinion, Paolo Nutini is not a headliner. He's great at what he does but there's just no showmanship or commanding of the crowd. It all just felt a bit flat.
  11. Tartan_Glasto


    Wasn't a fan of the album when it came out but gone back to it since seeing her Glastonbury set and find myself enjoying it a lot more.
  12. New: Taylor Swift Returning: The Killers (their 2019 set gave me everything I wanted and I'd happily take it all again) Never: Queen (from what I hear, they are very unlikely)
  13. Eternal and All Saints both have bangin Greatest HIts.
  14. Do we know if there was more tickets up for grabs this year which is why it felt busier?
  15. Exact same for me, 2015 was my first and this was my first to not be there since. It was a decision to not try in the resit but I will defo be trying for next year!
  16. Is not having to say goodbye to the farm this morning. Hope everyone had the time of the their lives and remember you have all those sets on iPlayer to re-live to ease the post Glasto blues. Safest travels home! There’s just no place like it.
  17. The girl is commanding a crowd of god knows how many thousands on arguably the most famous and prestigious stage in the world at the age of 20. She’s won me over.
  18. Billie looking like she is loving every second of this
  19. Just don't do it at the Glastonbury sign on the Wednesday afternoon. In 2019 we witnessed 6 proposals in a 1 hour period. Every so often you'd just hear cheers, turn around and another guy was down on one knee with a ring in hand. I feel like after the first one I'd be like "Nah, I'll do it another time".
  20. I know this is not what you've asked for, but I feel like trying to arrange a taxi could be a nightmare for you and could end up not going to plan. An alternative option could be getting the Bristol shuttle bus from site (they run pretty regular) which will take you to Bristol Temple Meads station. From there you can either try and arrange a taxi to London or get a direct train to London.
  21. I remember on the Wednesday evening, waiting for the fireworks. It dropped to 19 degrees and that felt freezing cause it had been so warm in the day. We had to go back to our tents to get jumpers 😂
  22. It reached 30 or 31 degrees I’m sure on the Saturday.
  23. From my experience it was always just down to the bar/staff member. Some were fine to fill up the steel pint straight from the tap. Some said that they were unable to for hygiene reasons and would have to pour into a paper cup before pouring into the steel cup.
  24. I hate my username (came about cause I needed to pick one and looking about my room there was a tartan blanket) but alas, it is who I am now on here...it is my cross to bear.
  25. Last time we took a variety pack of cereals for breakfast. Got some milk from the milk truck, poured direct into the little bag of cereal and ate straight from it. Not having to waste any paper bowls or clean any plastic ones.
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