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  1. Hi, I went to Glastonbury once, in 2013. I forgot if the buses were punctual when they leave Glastonbury at the end of the festival. I'm from Holland, and all trains on reasonable hours seem to be sold out already. I have a coach ticket to Victoria Station in London on the 27th of June that is supposed to arrive at Victoria at 09:55 AM. There's a train from St Pancrass that leaves at 11:06. And that's like the ONLY train left. 1:11 hours changing time should be enough, but only if the bus actually arrives at Victoria at 09:55. How big are the odds that it will...? We have three young children tagging along, so we can't really screw this up.
  2. (as in: we're Dutch, we'd have to take a train to London and I don't know any other way to get to Glastonbury other than by coach?)
  3. I am an idiot. I had NE refund our tickets. But we still have our Glasto tickets for 2022 and we need coach tickets after all of course. But indeed: no news whatsoever from NE about 2022... annoying... 😞 What's a likely date or month they'd announce anything?
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