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  1. Hot Chip at Ally Pally & Bombay Bicycle Club at Brixton Academy booked in for me, will probably nab tickets for HAELOS (who were incredible at Glasto) & Stealing Sheep too.
  2. My hoodie arrived today! Ordered on 2nd July if that's any help. Also I didn't get a dispatch email so keep your eyes out for the postie.
  3. I may get absolutely slaughtered for this on these boards, but I just cannot get into IDLES.
  4. I don't know if I was just unlucky, but the talkers nearly ruined The National for me. Like I'm not expecting radio silence/total immersion from the crowd during what was technically a support slot, but have some fucking consideration for others and piss off with your full blown, non stop conversation out of the pit.
  5. Yes the bloke helping out was great, I actually found out about it on the Wednesday because the bloke leading it was a steward at my campsite and spotted my Frightened Rabbit tee, he was telling me he bricking it so was great to see the other dude and the hype man get involved!
  6. Listened to a few tracks, the Julien Baker cover of The Modern Leper is just beautiful. Did anyone go to the tribute on the Thursday night?
  7. Mate at work went to Stevie last week and said it was £6.20 a pint... Anyone had any bother bringing a portable charger in by the way?
  8. Thursday: Frank Turner (Strummerville): 8 Friday The Vaccines: 7 Mø: 6 Lucy Rose: 7 The Lumineers: 7 Haelos: 8 Let's Eat Grandma: 9 Interpol: 6 Saturday Vampire Weekend (Park): 8 Low: 6 Sharon Van Etten: 10 The Killers: 10 Sunday Kylie: 7 Billie Eilish: 6 Vampire Weekend (Py): 8 The Cure: 9
  9. So not great, not terrible?
  10. Anyone else get a ticket for BBC at Brixton? Seemed to sell out insanely quick! Buzzing for it though, IHTBBSTL was such a special album to me in my teenage years; have my album tee signed by them all when they played Belfast donkeys ago. Can't imagine she will be, but anyone know if Lucy Rose is involved with the comeback at all?
  11. Surprised cheaper tickets haven't popped up on Ticketswap yet...
  12. One of the sets of the weekend for me; even spotted myself losing it to Seventeen watching it back now!
  13. Heh, I was East 15 so I feel ya! By far the worst part of the festival was going through Gate D with all my stuff to my convoy's campers. Out of interest, what's the cheapest way to do Worthy View if just booking on your ones? Really considering it next year if I get a ticket but not sure if I'll have anyone to join me.
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