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  1. Johnkhutch

    2020 headliners

    The 1975 Florence Elton John
  2. Smile Like You Mean It, which was consistently my most played song when I first got an iPod way back in 2007 according to iTunes.
  3. Oooft tough one this, Hannah Hunt gets it by a nose ahead of Oxford Comma, Diane Young and Obvious Bicycle though.
  4. Not a huge fan of them, but absolutely love Under Neon Lights feat. Annie Clark of St.Vincent.
  5. Johnkhutch

    day and stage

    Hot Chip v Jon Hopkins would be a hell of a clash
  6. The excellent Billie Martin back touring in June, I'd expect/hope to see her on the farm.
  7. It's a mixed bag for me, looking forward to the likes of The Cure, Jon Hopkins, Hot Chip, Interpol, Vampire Weekend amongst others; but there's no one who makes me go wow at this stage. In a strange way, I'm actually kind of hoping there's less acts that take my interest this year. 2016 is my one and only Glasto so far and, for me personally, it was a fantastic line up but that meant I was at one of the main 5 stages pretty much flat out. Would like to explore more this time round and less acts to see will make that easier!
  8. That surprised me as well, swear I've seen them touted as JP headliners in the prediction thread?
  9. So what happens now? Is there another big drop of names post resale or do we get a trickle of bands self confirming between now and the festival?
  10. Not bad, some decent names on there but not as action packed as I'd had hoped. Really hoping for Foals to be announced.
  11. Had a dream the poster dropped in a Subway branch. Lady Gaga was the 4th name on the poster...
  12. Yep, I'd say that all but confirms it's definitely not tonight.
  13. I'm picking up a nice hybrid of Flo and Hannah from London Grammar here.
  14. Johnkhutch


    One listen in and I love it. Caught me first time round unlike WWD, which I did grow to like. Standouts for me are In Degrees, White Onion and Sunday.
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