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  1. The change of refund date has made me a tiny bit more optimistic. It'll be interesting if it goes ahead what the resale pot will look like; will people still be cautious of attending a mass event? Or are we going to see even less than usual being returned?
  2. I'm now up from 0% to 8% given the change of refund date. Still extremely slim but not quite impossible.
  3. Got to say I was a bit nervous about a full band Julien record but she's smashed it out of the park with these first two singles.
  4. Johnkhutch

    Nick Cave

    New Nick Cave album has been recorded called Carnage, as per his latest Red Hand email.
  5. Am I going mental or did the Republicans call Pence "Mr.President"?
  6. Plan is to resume Electoral College vote at 8pm ET according
  7. Welp, that's me not heading home for Christmas. Best stock up on booze...
  8. Oh God, I've a flight home to Belfast from London on the 23rd...
  9. It's so beautiful. Not really in the mood for the usual sugar coated Christmas songs this year so this EP was a Godsend to get me in some form of Christmassy mood.
  10. Need to give the whole album a listen, but loving the Phoebe Bridgers track on Cudi's new album. On Taylor, I'm not really feeling Evermore. Quite liked Folklore and stick it on every now and again, but Evermore just isn't really doing it for me. Nothing seems to be standing out in the same way Cardigan, Exile etc did on Folklore. Even the track with The National didn't really grab me and they're one of my favourite bands. It was a pleasant enough listen and I may give it another crack, but can't see myself going back to it much.
  11. Johnkhutch

    Nick Cave

    Ah bugger, shame it's been outright cancelled 😔
  12. The Strokes/Hinds at the Roundhouse, closely followed by Angel Olsen at Hammersmith Apollo, closely followed by bugger all.
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