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  1. Just nabbed a ticket for The Staves at Clapham Grand next month, up in the heavens but looking forward to it!
  2. The new Keaton Henson album is absolutely gorgeous, definitely worth a listen.
  3. Loving this, bit gutted the album isn't out until February!
  4. That was absolutely terrible. Please accept my upvote.
  5. Number 3 of all time for me, also behind Thom and the lads as well as Flo, with Nobody Else Will Be There being my #8 of all time.
  6. Thanks! Obscurify is where I got it from; shows top artists/tracks from all time and the last six weeks! Can import it to a playlist, too.
  7. In no particular order; Terrible Love (Alt Version) Rylan Carin at the Liquor Store Nobody Else Will Be There This is the Last Time (bonus fact: it's apparently my most played Spotify song of all time) Apartment Story Lucky You City Middle Bloodbuzz Ohio Sorrow
  8. I was at the night where they played the Neighbourhood's in order and with Florence & Boy George guesting; safe to say my head fell off.
  9. Huge Arcade Fire fan (I even quite like Everything Now sans a few tracks 😛), but I can't see them headlining again anytime soon, as much as I'd love to see it.
  10. Agreed, album #3 should hopefully see her get the top slot!
  11. God I'm excited to be in the middle of a crowd for "I Know the End"...
  12. Johnkhutch

    Hot Chip

    That transition from Hungry Child was spectacular
  13. Johnkhutch

    Hot Chip

    Very much enjoying this! Probably helped by a bottle of red, but I did get up from the sofa for Flutes...
  14. But, unless there's a price reduction, wouldn't that piss off your average punter if they're essentially getting a reduced service? I know most of us here are "Glasto at any cost", but I can imagine some people feeling short changed if they're still paying full whack. I know Glasto is incredible value as it is, but still.
  15. Yep agree completely. I don't think it was ever likely we'd see even a half decent amount of returns for an October resale; as you say unless someone's really in a dire situation that they need the £50 back, why would they? Worst case scenario, they've bagged themselves a 2022 ticket (assuming it rolls over).
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