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  1. Obviously these are different times when you’re looking for a replacement at fairly short notice but I’m sure Gabi did an interview a few years ago and said Florence was one of the previous bookings who he didn’t enjoy/wouldn’t have back. I think Queens of the Stone Age were the other band he mentioned. I’m a fan of Florence but I think her being at Mad Cool and Gabi’s previous comments make her unlikely.
  2. They had one of her songs in one of the Silver Hayes 2020 playlists, so I suppose she might just be holding her slot there. I had a look and as well as Jessie Ware, Four Tet, Roisin Murphy and Joy Crookes were all playing Silver Hayes in 2020 too so I suppose some of them might just end up there again rather than a main stage slot, as there’s been other Silver Hayes acts on the first poster before.
  3. This makes most sense to me too. I thought she’d be on the first poster if she was playing but I suppose there’s only so many acts that can be. Is she too big to play somewhere in Silver Hayes rather than a main stage?
  4. Great news. I'm hoping to catch her at Primavera as I'll be travelling down to Glastonbury when she's playing her Glasgow gig but I certainly wouldn't complain if she made her way onto the lineup. 6th May looks ridiculous for new albums. Sharon Van Etten, Arcade Fire, Sigrid, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Sunflower Bean and Warpaint.
  5. New album out 22nd April. I know a few people enjoyed the previous single of hers I posted on this thread, I saw her supporting The Twilight Sad on Saturday and the new songs (this one included) sounded great, so looking forward to the album.
  6. It’s a shame it’s come to that but you’ve got to do what’s right for you. I know you sometimes think other posters are having a go at you specifically but I hope today has shown that people do think you bring something to the forum and will back you up on that. If nothing else, your excitement often gives us something to talk about. I feel you’ll be back before them but have a great festival when it comes.
  7. I feel for whoever logs on tonight, sees a load of new pages and thinks we’ve worked out some big slots, only to see this.
  8. Always hope he’ll be a ZZ Top type situation where they tour around Glastonbury every summer and we mention it enough that they’re eventually booked. He’d be great 3rd/4th down on the Pyramid.
  9. I see there's a few people in their twitter replies who have no idea about QOTSA cancelling. I think it's partially on the band too as they've never said anything but it does show that while we're very keen to keep on top of stuff like this, it's not a great for Mad Cool to promote them on the lineup for months after we've known about them cancelling their tour.
  10. kingcrawler

    Wet Leg

    I should have known it was you that I'd seen it from before
  11. kingcrawler

    Wet Leg

    I can't believe you never went for on the Shane Long.
  12. Celeste is Saturday West Holts but other than that looks spot on to me
  13. 1. Nilufer Yanya - Painless 2. The Weather Station - How Is It That I Should Look at the Stars 3. Charli XCX - Crash Pretty quiet month for me overall after a packed February. Only other new one I listened to was Alex Cameron which I couldn't get into at all unfortunately. Not hugely fussed by my 2 and 3 here but Nilufer Yanya the clear winner for me, even if she won't be troubling my end of year list.
  14. Bit too similar to 2019 if they have them and George Ezra but Vampire Weekend will probably be back and seem to be booked on every album. Maybe more likely to move over to Other headliner for a change this time round though.
  15. kingcrawler


    You could surely fill a podcast talking about your main man, Baby Keem.
  16. 2012 was the first year I went, unfortunately missed the great lineups and managed to have the worst festival weather I’ve seen. I agree that TITP would still be going if it was in Balado but I think it would have continued on a slow decline, rather than the fairly rapid ending when it moved.
  17. T in the Park is an interesting one, sold out on the day for several years until 2012 when the lineup was a clear downgrade on the previous years. Once they lost the hype of tickets selling out quickly they never really recovered and between that and the progressive downsizing of everything over the next few years, it was a much poorer festival by 2016. You could possibly make an argument that the drop on ticket sales coincided with more pop and less rock acts being booked, similar to Glastonbury over the last few years, but I don’t really see that affecting Glastonbury in the same way. I do think this years resale was a bit easier but I think that was mostly because we haven’t had a Glastonbury for almost three years now. It doesn’t affect people like us, we’ll try and go every year no matter what, but it’s obviously going to cause a drop in people seeing it on the TV and deciding to try for tickets in October. Most people also haven’t been able to get away on holiday for a couple of years now, that might take priority over a few days camping for some people too. I think the 2023 sale will be as hard as ever and I don’t really see demand reducing much anytime soon.
  18. Diana Ross > Aerosmith > Elbow > Kendrick Lamar. All the legends right there.
  19. They’d be a good option for Sunday early evening. Big crowds at the Pyramid for Diana and then potentially the Other stage shortly after for Sam Fender. They’d obviously draw a ridiculously big crowd for the Park but putting them on up there when a load of people have been at the Pyramid for a bit and then a big crowd at the Other stage might make it easy enough to stop the Park getting overcrowded.
  20. I had been predicting a Florence secret set on the Park as it seemed like a perfect fit, so it’s a shame if it’s not happening. I do think she’ll be back to headline at some point, possibly on her next album as she seems to be hoping, but this seems like a strange way to go about it. This seems like a good time to ask how secret sets actually happen. In this case it seems like Florence was offered one by the stage bookers, is that what normally happens? That makes sense for acts like her and Foals but the idea of the JP tent reaching out to The Killers in 2017 feels very ambitious. I always assumes it was more from the bands side, approaching the festival wanting to play either directly as a secret set or indirectly if all the big slots were filled and this was the only way to get on the lineup and get some good publicity.
  21. I saw this described elsewhere as Beady Eye’s career condensed into 4 minutes.
  22. He’s obviously bigger up here but he’s sold out his TRNSMT day very quickly and every year seems to be the most requested headliner. It’s harder to judge when he’s disappeared for almost a decade but once he releases new music I don’t see any reason why he’ll drop down much from where he was in 2014. I think he’d draw a decent crowd as an Other sub again this year, albeit that might run into Macca’s set if he plays longer than a usual Pyramid headliner, but as others have said he doesn’t make much sense as a Saturday night alternative to Macca. Other than Lorde, and even then I think she’d pull an even smaller crowd, I’m not sure who does make sense as the Saturday Other headliner though.
  23. I’m not really expecting it to happen but some sort of special guest slot on the Pyramid wouldn’t be the strangest thing to happen. I don’t see why the idea of him playing as a special guest before Wolf Alice is so strange though. He’s clearly big enough to headline, so what does it matter if he plays 2nd down or 4th? If anything he’d be better off playing in the afternoon when he’d probably draw an even bigger crowd.
  24. I still can’t believe more of us weren’t successful with that Guardian competition. I was ashamed to show my face in the local Co-op for months after that as getting it scanned seemed oddly difficult at times. I did win two of the Mallet’s backup prizes, which were essentially a big box of Mallets branded nonsense I didn’t really need. The t-shirts are comfy though to be fair.
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