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  1. I've been to the Glade and Avalon for my non-main stage headliners before and had an absolute blast. One thing to do if nothing really grabs you is to go up the hill and take a look over the site whilst all the main stages are in action, it is a fantastic sight! maybe an opportunity to hit NYC downlow instead of a stage. Getting into SE Corner prior to 11 will be an absolute breeze, so just wander on in at your leisure and take a look around without the huge crowds. Sometimes not having a headliner can be a blessing
  2. Hotchilidog


    Is that the new crew camping area, would it be facilities for the crew? It really looks like a lot of Pylon has been lost this year
  3. Top of the Theatre and Circus field I believe
  4. Indeed, I am nervously awaiting mine. Still clearly a bit of a backlog this year, but they'll get there eventually.
  5. We'll probably be getting ready to set off around 10, if we are not on the road already. The real benefit of Sticklinch/WV is not having to worry about that early start. Hope to be set up mid afternoon and then ready to roll!
  6. JP to Pyramid is fine, so doing both will be no problem. I may well do that myself if I resign myself to missing the Sugababes on Avalon. As for the churn, there is always plenty. You'll just need some patience at the end of the Fender set. Head down the side and then snake across
  7. I stand corrected. I'll delete the post
  8. edited because of inaccuracy
  9. The one-way system does indeed mean that you cannot return to the Common once in Shangri-La. It's annoying but it does mean the flow of people is more manageable.
  10. Rabbit Hole and the NYC Downlow are the obvious misses for me. Finally spent time at Strummerville last time out, I can highly recommend. Come to think of it, I've not done a set at the Crows nest either, quite fancy breaking that duck this year.
  11. There used to a be a really good one in Silver Hayes that really sorted me out in 2015. Not seen it since, but Groovy Smoothie have a few outlets, dotted around the site, definitely one in The Other Stage food area. Very reliable smoothies in my opinion, and a cracking start to the day!
  12. At The Great Escape I was paying £9 for the dosa's that I normally get at Glastonbury. I was expecting around £8 a pop but I think it will probably be a round a tenner for a meal sized bit of food. I normally get a smoothie for breakfast, one meal and one late night munch, so probably just over £20 a day for food this year
  13. Do NOT drag Taylor into this, I am having enough palpitations over this week as it is! Surely not... I think Harry is a possibility though
  14. Primal Scream for sure Paul Mcartney probably Coin flip between Courtney Barnett or PSB *subject to the usual Glastonbury caveat of trashing plans as soon as you arrive
  15. Couldn't agree more. The Friday line up could pretty much be multi-day festival elsewhere on it's own, it's staggeringly good. If decide to drop Sugababes for Jesus and Mary Chain or Sam Fender, then the logistics become simpler but crikey Friday is good everywhere ALL day. Even Chris Packham in the speakers forum is on the Friday so I'll miss him as well. Bizarrely I am looking forward to a less stressful saturday where I can take my time to enjoy the quieter areas before probably rocking up to Macca in the evening.
  16. Am contemplating Phoebe to Sugababes and then back to Primal Scream, I am not sure that is realistic though
  17. Friday is just a nightmare, most of the acts I want to see all one day. An absolute Clashfest. At first glance a nightmare although clearly I will see great music. Shame Ultimate power has been moved from WG opener to Sunday closer, always like to kick off the Thursday with power ballads
  18. Pretty sure Co-op are stocking all manner of soft drinks according to their most recent info. You should be fine
  19. Don't get cocky kid........
  20. No visitors no guests I'm afraid.
  21. Just had a your tickets are in stock from See regarding my Sticklinch accommodation, so presumably the car park tickets for WV & SL will be out the door soon.
  22. This is my concern. PFB above all for me but Friday is looking overly stacked if the current thinking is to be believed
  23. £5.80 for an Aspalls at the Electric Ballroom for Julien Baker
  24. Ticket received woo hoo! No Sticklinch car park passes though, worryingly I cannot seem to track those with See Tickets. May contact them later.
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