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  1. This thread is surely why the internet was invented. Absolutely riveting from beginning to end with more twists and turns than a Jed Mercurio TV drama. Thanks to @briddj and @Alvoram for keeping us so well informed
  2. Thank you. we'll be setting off between 10/Noon so planning arriving mid afternoon 3-4ish
  3. Looking for some advice on accessing the Sticklinch car park from the east, we'll be driving in from Brighton. Would I be correct in thinking that coming off the A303 at Leigh Common and heading up the B3801 to Bruton > Ditcheat > Wraxall > Withail Hill > Stickleball Lane would be the correct way to go given that short route through the Pilton will be shut.
  4. Scum, exploiting a charity show for profit.
  5. Monday! Just had a flurry of little jobs today, really annoying!
  6. I was there for Frank Carter and left after. I did know it was The Killers but I didn't want to see them, I thought it was fairly solid info by then.
  7. Not going to lie, I'll be overjoyed if Green Day rock up on Sunday.
  8. Absolutely. It will be a fine tribute.
  9. Indeed! Will be worth it though, promises to be an emotional day
  10. We managed to get 2 Club Wembley this morning after a lot of refreshing. Still worth checking for any odd ones that pop up
  11. Two more work days left and I'll be as much as use as a chocolate teapot. My excitement levels are through the roof, got a weekend of final shopping, route planning and packing to do. I've given up trying to sort my clash finder out I'm going to see Phoebe Bridgers and Sugababes on Friday and I'll just wing the rest of it. I'm really glad this forum has returned to its best in the past couple of weeks, it's been an absolute joy on here with so many excited people that share the same enthusiasm as me.
  12. In a nutshell, what I have been trying to write on this thread all week. Totally agree.
  13. car park passes received this morning!
  14. Got 4! Flipping heck!
  15. There was definitely a cheer in 2009 at my first festival, I heard it from up on the hill and was totally bemused at first. Then it spread to where we were and we joined in, it was ace. I have heard it subsequently, although the cheer for the cloud in 2017 will be a difficult one to beat :). It will be great to hear that cheer again this year, and yes I think it will be emotional.
  16. Not time to panic, but by all means feel slightly annoyed
  17. Still waiting for mine, got the email Friday too.
  18. Exactly! Am all set for pre-sale madness tomorrow morning
  19. This is progress. See should cancel the tickets and send replacements to the Gate A box office for collection now. What a nightmare. I hope See Tickets will now sort you out.
  20. I’ll be awake wondering when my friends are going to get up so we can leave. The answer will be around 10 so I may pop down to the beach for a morning coffee and then into town for a slap up breakfast before heading off.
  21. I think you are reaching, and to be honest I hope you are. Not sure I could bare missing out on that. There was some talk of Taylor on her own thread as doing an acoustic set at the Park. I just can't see it happening unless it really is kept as a complete and utter secret..
  22. Apparently it is not a Screamadelica set, although I am sure it will feature heavily
  23. Reading the article Lenny just seems to be make an observation rather than insinuating that the festival itself is a racist endeavour, which it clearly is not. Glastonbury is both hugely popular and pretty expensive these are the two main exclusionary factors to entry. The festival itself is very diverse and in my experience an entirely welcoming environment for all, that's the magic of it for me.
  24. I'll officially be off the clock and sorting my final preparations and just being generally distracted and fidgety. I'll also be all over the weather thread and looking forward to the reports from the camper van arrivals on here!
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