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  1. Listened to Bob from outside and he sounded on decent enough form, Girl From the North Country was fantastic. So was Love Sick, as ever. If anyone is selling a spare for Florence today and wants to meet outside the venue then let me know.
  2. So excited for BST on Saturday - they have 100 mins so it's close to a full set. They only played 90 mins at RFH in April. All capped off by two hours of Flo, who was senstational in November
  3. Castle Cary just took two hours plus from train to coach. Any news on A shuttle/coach?
  4. Yes GlastoInfo Twitter just confirmed to me coach arrivals can do no issue. If on a coach you are not bound by A
  5. Sweet beautiful music to my ears, not arriving til about 1pm and feared a bottleneck
  6. Porcelina

    Vegan Traders

    Club Mexicana are confirmed too, one of the best vegan places in London after I discovered them back in 2017: https://www.instagram.com/clubmexicana/?hl=en
  7. Porcelina

    Maggie Rogers

    Can't believe I've not seen a single mention about her over the last few days, she's going to absolutely own the Other Stage on Saturday. Blew me away in February: Anybody else hyped?
  8. I assume someone's "leaked" that as a fake story to try and reduce speculation on the ASIB thing.
  9. Decided to arrive a bit later this year, train due around 1:30pm Weds. From general experience have the shuttle queues subsided a bit by then? Have only ever arrived at 9ish.
  10. Porcelina


    Tame Impala were absolutely abysmal that year though. I was there for them and stayed for Pulp with my group. We were right on the barrier and have never been so bored watching a band I enjoy.
  11. Porcelina


    Have got a beautiful Cane Corso pup conincidentally called Luna (she was rescued/named before the single was released) so I'm v excited to hear them play this
  12. Porcelina


    Absolutely gutted for the people who saw Ed Sheeran over Justice, they were absolutely incredible. I'm not a huge fan either, just loved their second record.
  13. Absolutely loved it, was just in front of the second barrier and had a bunch of guys behind me who were as into it as I was. Probably helped by how much gin I'd gone through during KP and RTJ but the sound was superb. Sure four new songs in a row was a bit much (and 5/12) for a big festival slot, but they all sounded great and a good chunk of the crowd wouldn't have known the difference. Took a few casual/non-fans along and they were all really impressed too. Roll on September!
  14. Porcelina

    Flaming lips

    Absolutely gutted to miss them due to RH clash, but I met Wayne in the Unfairground on Thursday night! Anybody else run into him?
  15. I'll go for: System Only Dreams Don't Swallow the Cap Bloodbuzz Ohio New Song #1 Mistaken for Strangers Afraid of Everyone New Song #2 I Need My Girl Sea of Love Slow Show England Fake Empire Mr November Terrible Love Although obviously would love more Alligator
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