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Coach travel advice desperately needed

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I've got a Glasto coach ticket (from Manchester) but my original childcare arrangements have fallen through so I need to travel on the Friday rather than the Thursday.  I think I am going to have to cancel my coach ticket and hope I can get a normal ticket in the resale so I can drive there on the Friday but before I do that I'd be really grateful for any advice on the options below:

1. If I can sort some childcare for the Thursday evening, when will I find out what time my coach is? Can I ask for a specific time so I can travel after I've dropped my daughter off at school?

2. Can my friends get my ticket when they get the coach and meet me outside with it on the Friday?

3. Is there any way I can get a coach that goes on the Friday?


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1. Not sure - hopefully someone else will know this. But I'd generally be of the opinion that it can't hurt to E-Mail them and ask.

2. Sometimes. Apparently it's varied in previous years and seems to depend a bit on how each specific driver distributes the tickets. But even if your friends can't get hold of the ticket, it shouldn't be a problem. The practice in previous years has been for coach drivers to hand any unclaimed tickets over to the Enquiries cabin at Pedestrian Gate A, and people have been able to pick them up afterwards. There's no reason to suspect that it'll be any different this year.

3. Seetickets coaches don't run on the Friday, but assuming you'd still want to go from Manchester, you can get a 7:30am National Express coach. There's nothing direct after that though - as most people arrive Weds/Thurs there's not a huge amount of public transport arriving at the site on Friday. If you needed to depart any later you'd probably be looking at driving or getting a train/coach and changing at least once (with a longer overall journey time).

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If you use the SeeTickets customer service contact form you can ask about coach times. However, there is no guarantee they can pick one for you this early but they'll try their best.

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I'd email as said but also I would have thought that one of your friends might be able to collect your ticket then come out and meet you when you get to the festival... Of course this might be down to the coach driver.. 

I don't think you have to worry about getting a new ticket tho.. You have a ticket you will have paid for said ticket so they can't really just bin it.. 

Good luck with emails keep us informed yea because I'm sure other people will be in the same situation either this year or next... OK not next but next next lol..... 

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