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  1. tinygirl80

    Coach travel advice desperately needed

    Thank you so much for your help
  2. Hi, I've got a Glasto coach ticket (from Manchester) but my original childcare arrangements have fallen through so I need to travel on the Friday rather than the Thursday. I think I am going to have to cancel my coach ticket and hope I can get a normal ticket in the resale so I can drive there on the Friday but before I do that I'd be really grateful for any advice on the options below: 1. If I can sort some childcare for the Thursday evening, when will I find out what time my coach is? Can I ask for a specific time so I can travel after I've dropped my daughter off at school? 2. Can my friends get my ticket when they get the coach and meet me outside with it on the Friday? 3. Is there any way I can get a coach that goes on the Friday? Thanks!

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