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  1. 2017 New Music Thread

    To be fair, it’s taken three attempts for NG to come up with something that’s not Oasis-lite, including chucking a full album away. Having given the LG album a few plays, I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s far better than anything that was on those Beady Eye albums. More importantly, I’m buzzing for the new Beck one this week. Loved all the singles from it so far, the bloke hasn’t put a foot wrong recently.
  2. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Loved The Streets on record, still got a lot of time for Mike - I’ve been listening to his new stuff recently and whilst not to the level of his previous stuff it’s still worth a listen. Always thought they were a bit of a shambles live mind.
  3. 2017 New Music Thread

    Very glam. It’s a cliche to say Noel nicks a lot of hooks from the past, but I managed to hear Let’s Stick Together and Diamond Dogs within the first 90 seconds.
  4. The National

    Am I the only person on here that likes Turtleneck? It’s a right old racket, in a good way.
  5. The National

    I hope these fellas are back across next year or play Coachella. Really enjoyed Saturday night and it's breathed life into the new album for me. The first track I thought was a bit maudlin - even for them, but it's proper grown on me. Turtleneck makes a hell of a lot more sense live as well, was one of the highlights of the evening for me.
  6. Gorillaz

    Am I missing anything? I'm a fossil in a digital world, I've hated deluxe albums all my puff!! Just give me your best tracks.
  7. The National

    Sea of Love is also one of my favourites and I've just found this while surfing, thought I'd share http://songexploder.net/the-national
  8. Gorillaz

    Not sure what your listening via but the Apple Music version includes a load of bonus tracks that drag the album out, I hadn't realised until after a few run throughs. Chopping it after We Got The Power has meant I've found it far easier to digest.
  9. Gorillaz

    What did you think he was singing Stu? Is it hard to decipher? That new album really grew on me by the way, I’ll be back onto it in a few weeks once I’ve finished with the National’s.
  10. The National

    Played pretty much nothing but the album in preparation for Saturday. I’d have preferred to have saw them a little later after it’s release, feels like I’m cramming for an exam. Also, I’m hopeless at names of songs (byproduct of the streaming era) so I’ve no idea of some of the names of the songs I like. Also, I’d wrote an impassioned defence of Pink Rabbits the other day at work, was interrupted and returned to find Will had posted the same opinion so I let it go. He’s right though, it’s cracking. On the Beats radio episode that has Matt talking about how cover versions can sometimes make you reevaluate songs - that’s exactly what the Caitlyn Rose version did for me with the song. When I returned to the original it was like I’d totally overlooked everything that’s great about it. I think the cover has been posted on here earlier, but any excuse....
  11. The National

    Ten tracks from SWB last night, still a bit top heavy for me. I'm sure I'll enjoy the gig either way but was hoping for a broader mix of tracks.
  12. The National

    As expected - it's a slow burner for me, though I fully expect it to be my album of the year for 2021.Carin sticks out a fair bit at the moment though.
  13. Kanye west confirmed

    Became kinda obsessed with my top 25 most played when using an ipod to the extent that I ended up resetting my account, something I immediately regretted. 5 years laters, I then failed to export my plays from itunes to last.fm (apparently you only had one chance to nail it) so I reset it again in frustration. Got right into in using last.fm/tweekly, but that fell by the wayside when moving to Apple Music so it rarely picks up anything I play. Also - Graduation is by far the worst album he's done imo. I really went off him for a couple of years when that came out, helped no doubt by that stinker of a show he played at Manchester Apollo around that period.
  14. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    Not sure what the prices are for 2018, but I found the prices for 2017 were really reasonable for a three day festival. We paid monthly and added the Emperors Fields to our package and overall found it excellent value for money. Didn't pay for a Thursday ticket. Decent plonk onsite (Amstel and Pale Ales at main bars, Camra ale bars scattered round, Kraken rum). Didn't pay more than £4.50 for a pint. Food wasn't any more expensive. That lineup on the other hand.... Considering Deerfest next year as our family event. Hadn't even heard of it till recently but seems to have a good lineup and stuff to do for the nippers. Also not too far a drive which is our main driver.
  15. 2017 New Music Thread

    Other than the new Arcade Fire, I've given the remastered version of Radiator a few shots (cannot hear much difference tbh). Also been on the lead singer from Death Cab for Cuties version of Bandwagonesque which popped up on my Apple Music today. Not particularly new I suppose, but there you go.