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  1. Glastocam!

  2. Next Announcement thread

    I begrudgingly believe the chap who has said next week so am going to go with that for the moment. That way if it comes sooner it's a bonus!
  3. 4 weeks today ..

    It'll be t-minus 1 hour and 15 minutes until we make the 15 minute journey to the site from home in our convoy of vans. Stopping off for breakfast on route then join the queue.
  4. Next Announcement thread

    Whilst I don't see waiting until next week to be a problem (it was the equivalent last year) I'm very eager to know due to pure selfishness!
  5. Next Announcement thread

    Yeah makes 4pm today look pretty unlikely.
  6. Next Announcement thread

    At least we currently have a reason to be excited about 4pm on a Monday! I'll get myself prepared for an intense period of anticipation along with a pack of tissues for the inevitable disappointment post 4pm....
  7. Next Announcement thread

    I thought general feeling was Arcadia early this week then the full thing late this week? Has anything happened to change that train of thought? *having read back a page I can see things have actually changed*
  8. Next Announcement thread

    When it comes, it'll all come. Beat Hotel isn't a separate announcement usually is it?
  9. Next Announcement thread

    No idea if he's playing but if you like reggae then listen to alborosie. New album released Friday is very decent. Having just looked in to him he's from Italy bizarrely!
  10. Next Announcement thread

    There something quite heart warming about the various areas interacting on social media... Click above to see the whole conversation!
  11. Next Announcement thread

    might have to turn off tweet notifications from the glade now they've announced. sweet lord they're busy.
  12. Next Announcement thread

    So before 12 then...?
  13. Next Announcement thread

    whas occurin?
  14. Personal Worst / most embarrassing event

    I'm so glad I waited until this reached 5 pages before having a read. Some of these have been tremendous if not a little disturbing. Funny thing is we are all just as likely do do the same again this year! Bloody brilliant.
  15. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Very true. The missus is in New York for a week from the Monday following. Volume up to 11!