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  1. Just had a look and got first 6 tickets at 9.08am last time, 2nd lot of 6 at 9.17am then the final 6 at 9.27am.
  2. Sorry I should have pointed out that they too will be trying for tickets so I'm in quite a favourable position to get some for me and the missus! Considering I got 18 last year hopefully we'll be pretty high up on their lists this time around...
  3. 26 people currently on my list for this year...
  4. The final Sunday before a fallow year. I'm feeling emotional thinking about it
  5. I don't think I'll match last Octobers haul of 18 tickets but bring it on
  6. If you're trying to get at "should I buy property in pilton so I can guarantee myself a ticket for future years?" then yes of course you are silly. Surely people aren't that desperate to get a ticket?! As far as investment goes that's absurd!
  7. Seeing this has reminded me about those who don't get tickets moaning the system isn't fair Can't wait for those to pipe up...
  8. Yeah I cut them off and keep them somewhere safe. I've always been telling myself that one day I want to frame them and put them up on the wall. Has anyone else done something similar?
  9. I think it's in the same field as where the John Peel tent was this year. Although it may be different depending on how the ground has recovered I guess?
  10. It's a difficult task to follow the post above (tons of respect for sharing your story) My moment was the fact I'd basically resigned myself to not being able to see Fisherman's Friends in the acoustic tent on the Sunday and in a twist of events I managed to arrive 2 songs in to their set. Just me and my mate singing sea shanty's having split off from the rest of our group along with an incredible vibe amongst the crowd it made me feel like I was floating. Then straight after the bootleg beatles were on. WOW. I'd convinced myself that watching what is ultimately a cover's band at the festival was a waste of valuable time but the atmosphere was amazing. Every single person knew every word to every song.
  11. Ladies and Gents I'm off to Edinburgh Fringe in a couple of weeks time for the weekend. First time and I'm massively excited. Has anyone been before / got any recommendations of things to do & see? Much like glasto it seems wandering around itself is quite an eye opener!
  12. Can't believe this is my first post since the festival (it's taken me a while to get over the fact I'm no longer there!) The mud this year did make it difficult at points but it didn't detract from my enjoyment in the slightest. Yes of course I'd prefer to be in trainers for the whole week but what will be will be. We are attending a festival in fields in Britain it would be naïve to think we're going to be blessed with weather akin to the costa brava every year. We were all aware of the weather leading up to the festival and through the various social media outlets we could see the state of the ground long before most of us began our journeys. The only thing which would have led to anyone's lack of enjoyment would be lack of preparation and if that's the case you've only got yourself to blame I'm afraid!
  13. Hi joey are your tickets still available? thank you me and my mate travelled all the way from the Philippines

  14. I'm here. Where is everyone?
  15. If you know anyone who wants to come in but doesn't have a tickets let me know? £150 pm me