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  1. Hopefully that'll jog your memory enough to get back in touch with he/she
  2. I'm with you brother. Ketchup should be kept in the cupboard! I'm also more of a chocolate at room temperature sort of guy than keeping it in the fridge.
  3. Having done some research it was a year ago tomorrow (the Friday before we got the poster which came on the following Tuesday) that Neil had info of when it would be coming. So @eFestivals have you reached out to your sauce?
  4. Would it be remiss of me to say Wednesday daytime is my favourite part of the festival at this point?
  5. Around 2-3am for me most nights then sleep until between 8-9am the following day I need a decent nights kip so I can go at it again the day after. I do salute those who stay up for the sunrise and only need a couple of hours sleep a night though! Just not for me unfortunately. Should also say by doing this I don't need naps during the afternoon which suits me.
  6. Some people love the Wednesday whilst others could live without it and enjoy the Sunday more. What we can all agree on however is that everyone is entitled to their opinions and this isn't a right / wrong decision. Or can we not agree on that
  7. Sorry, blame my sausage fingers!
  8. Ah wrong thread
  9. So you've never experienced the Wednesday yet you're dead against it?
  10. She did. Not sure if she made similar comments last year? If so then you'd assume if she told the truth last year then she'd not be playing foul this time around. I'm still thinking it'll be some time next week. 8am on either Tuesday or Wednesday.
  11. Give me a Wednesday over a Sunday for sure. It's 100% my favourite day of the festival.
  12. No idea who this chap is but...
  13. Ha brilliant.
  14. Guy & Pete are on 6music from 2.30pm. If anyone can listen out to see if they mention glasto it'd be most appreciated as I'll have to iplayer it on my walk home at 5...
  15. Just waiting on the @Blue Chicken to come back to us as well after his brother in arms called him out on the other thread.