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  1. Looking back the west holts social media (twitter at least) fired up a few days before the big announcement last year. Might suggest nothing from them today. Not sure which of the other areas social media have been fired up so far? Could give an indictaton of who will be next.
  2. Pattern sympathizing are you? It's the equivalent to witchcraft around these parts...!
  3. Agree. I really want some more psytrance particularly post main headliners finish.
  4. I'm to remember but do they usually make a thing of a new map being released or is it a case of one day it just appears? I know it's on TheThingybut is that due to the likes of us spotting it's been updated on the site or because it's announced?
  5. Could they headline the park stage on Friday? Other than that I can't see them in another slot up there.
  6. Use the hooks on the doors of the longdrops to put your loo paper on before you hook the door to "lock" it. Can't believe I only realised they were perfect for this on my 10th festival...
  7. Someone from West Holts area told Neil at the ETC final on Saturday that an announcement would be soon but wouldn't be more specific. The area co-ordinator said "next month" when asked when the west holts lineup would come out on 30th March (depending on how you take that term depends if you think he was referring to April or not...) I think that's the only stuff we're basing this on at the moment although someone else may say there's more? Edit: Beaten to it by Neil himself!
  8. Not a glasto comp but I did win a pair of weekend tickets to sound city in Liverpool at the end of may. If there is anyone who would like them let me know as I won't be able to go as things stand.
  9. I think another announcement tomorrow / fri (possibly west holts) then 2 a week for the next 4 weeks and full stage / time list during the week commencing 29th May.
  10. In my mind if he's said next month in march surely that means April rather than May?
  11. so I just checked the west holts facebook page and Derek Dodd replied to someone's comment of "so the lineup came out today when will we find out who we have on our lovely stage?" on 30th March with "Next month! For now you've got to play guess with the above..." So with that in mind and only 4 days left of April left two of which are weekend days I'd say a west holts announcement tomorrow or Friday is a goer... Edit: Derek Dodd for those who aren't sure is West Holts area co-ordinator.
  12. one mythical character staged a break in with nothing but twix as sustenance. so perhaps always have one of those handy.
  13. I've found le grande bouffe to be getting progressively worse in the recent years and it pains me to say that as I've always been a massive fan. Also the added addition of a bit of baguette is nice at face value but trying to naw on it after you've just smoked your weight in green is just awkward.
  14. Ah your right, I stand corrected. 2010 & 2011 they did but they haven't since then by the looks of things.
  15. I don't think West Holts have had their own announcement before so it's good to see them getting their own limelight this time around.