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  1. Going by last year it'll be Fri 4th Nov by phone then Thurs 10th online. I expect days / times will be released in local press late this week or early next.
  2. Friday it is
  3. I can't find it but it may well be on there. Can you pay for these by either debit card or credit card? Or does it have to be by debit?
  4. good to see all the love for OCS. If it's not doable for the whole band I'll take a Simon & Oscar acoustic session in the acoustic tent!
  5. Ridge and Furrow is a great place to go as mentioned above by Tommy. Decent music and a good number of benches outside for a chill, smoke & chat with friends. Wednesday is the best day of the festival by far for me. This year I lost my self around 9pm so don't remember much but have a vague recollection of being in the latino place until the early hours.
  6. On this theme did anyone who rented a camper or similar have any trouble when returning it post festival? Were the companies flexible on the state it was returned in considering the mud?
  7. Ah dude sorry to hear that. I've just booked mine having held off on the off chance I wasn't successful. I trust you'll be trying in the re-sales?
  8. I managed to get tickets but 6 of our usual group didn't. Luckily we have the local re-sales to fall back on (live just outside but know people who live within the boundaries) so they'll hopefully get sorted that way.
  9. whats see tickets phone number?
  10. where are the 222 people in here during the rest of the year then ay?!
  11. So buzzing for today! Nothing matches this for butterflies throughout the year! May adrenaline be your friend folks
  12. personally I don't think broadband speed has much to do with it but just tested my parents (in readiness for tomorrow) and it's 62.77mb. is that good or not?
  13. I've never had to cope with the feeling of not getting tickets on t-day. what's the number for the Samaritans? just in case...
  14. So I've missed it all... but from what I can gather • sold out in 13 mins • most people on here who wanted tickets got them? • that ridiculous app was well errrr pointless one question I have is if any backdoor links etc worked?
  15. squeaky bum time as they say for the coachers. would love to have helped those of you trying tonight but won't be in a position to do so unfortunately. look forward to seeing lots of success stories though