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  1. Got engaged last Saturday so will get married. *yes I planned the engagement to coincide with the fallow year **no, she doesn't know
  2. Not sure these days mate. Used to be done via a ballot system in the guardian but think this is only the 2nd year it's been an online bun fight like the normal ticket sale!
  3. Also your "mate" may want to act sharpish as they're closing registrations in 10 minutes...
  4. Depends how local. Those who live in Pilton get the option to give their allocated "free" ticket to whoever they want so your friend wouldn't have an issue. Those who live outside of that perimeter have a separate sale (I assume that's what your on about) I know there was an issue* for some who lived outside of this and had registered to addresses within it last year. I'd say if you / your mate is going to do this then create an entirely new registration and delete the not needed one. Someone else on here will hopefully be able to clarify the issues I heard about & know a bit more though. *this may be due to the amount of people said person had registered at their address.
  5. Meet up in our camper convoy at 9.45am leave at 10 and have a breakfast at the café opposite the east camper turn off (table booked for 10.30) Get on site around midday queue dependent. Put up all awnings / friends tents around campers. Chill. (this was our plan this year as well but instead of being on site at midday we not only had breakfast at the café but lunch & a tonne of booze!) Got on site around 7pm in the end.
  6. It's an unwritten rule in my place that no one else is to book holiday over the Glastonbury period apart from me. Thankfully as the boss of the team coupled with the fact none of my staff are interested in the festival I've never suffered with an issue. We have an online system but I never book in the days until I've secured tickets. Always book those bad boys in first thing on the Monday though!
  7. Going by last year it'll be Fri 4th Nov by phone then Thurs 10th online. I expect days / times will be released in local press late this week or early next.
  8. Friday it is
  9. I can't find it but it may well be on there. Can you pay for these by either debit card or credit card? Or does it have to be by debit?
  10. good to see all the love for OCS. If it's not doable for the whole band I'll take a Simon & Oscar acoustic session in the acoustic tent!
  11. Ridge and Furrow is a great place to go as mentioned above by Tommy. Decent music and a good number of benches outside for a chill, smoke & chat with friends. Wednesday is the best day of the festival by far for me. This year I lost my self around 9pm so don't remember much but have a vague recollection of being in the latino place until the early hours.
  12. On this theme did anyone who rented a camper or similar have any trouble when returning it post festival? Were the companies flexible on the state it was returned in considering the mud?
  13. Ah dude sorry to hear that. I've just booked mine having held off on the off chance I wasn't successful. I trust you'll be trying in the re-sales?
  14. I managed to get tickets but 6 of our usual group didn't. Luckily we have the local re-sales to fall back on (live just outside but know people who live within the boundaries) so they'll hopefully get sorted that way.
  15. whats see tickets phone number?