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  1. When the announcent thread goes wildly of tangent you know a bit of news is needed. if it's not simpsons quotes it's sandal chat. roll on march
  2. Sooo first poster between 27th - 31st March then?
  3. Tell that to our pitchforks
  4. Never heard of this band but I'd take this as a self confirmation (via Greg James)
  5. genuinely clicked in to this thread expecting it to be about all those who sleep in the crowd. something which has always baffled me.
  6. Also that weather
  7. How so?
  8. It's like you're trying to point out a pattern... when we all know there isn't one
  9. Walking boot recommendations... Can anyone point me in the right direction? I don't want to spend the earth so seeking feedback on some reasonably priced ones you good people have got.
  10. Think the Foos announced themselves during a recorded message when winning an award and considering they aren't nominated for one this time round nor playing at the event it's unlikely. But considering Emily and Michael will probably be there as the festival is nominated we might get one or two names when they are interviewed by the press either before or after. Fingers crossed.
  11. and what an impressive thingy it is!
  12. stop flirting with us
  13. On that theme I think they get offered their pitches by end of this month at the latest so we might get some soon. do any of the usual suspects have a twitter account?
  14. Well someone's got to do it... Today?