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  1. Next Announcement thread

    Theatre & Circus possibly?
  2. Spliffs at Glastonbury

    We got stopped and had our bags searched on the way in from east camper fields last year on Friday morning. Chap was friendly enough, nothing caught his attention and he let us get on our way. Whilst chatting though it did puzzle me when I asked if he had much time to enjoy the festival to which he replied "doesn't remotely interest me, I'm just here to earn some money" Each to their own n all that but it left me thinking what a boring bastard he was as I walked away with my green in my pants
  3. Next Announcement thread

    True. Can't be arsed to check to see if there's ever been an announcement on a bank holiday though!
  4. Next Announcement thread

    With Monday being the Bank holiday I'd say Tuesday. Although suppose they may wait until Weds as they did with Silver Hayes...
  5. 15-20 minutes for me. Intend on having breakfast at Jon Thorner's opposite the entrance to the east camper fields enterence this year on the Tuesday before heading in. Should split up the journey! Sorry Need to add that I salute you long distance travellers!
  6. Spliffs at Glastonbury

    The bag search is entirely random and will be for both drugs and glass. Not sure on what's done if anything illegal is found.
  7. Next Announcement thread

    I think it'll be two a week for the next few weeks so can't see there being one today.
  8. Who has packed!?

    I'll do it the Sunday before. What's the matter with you people?!
  9. Self Confirmed 2016

    still can't believe they headlined
  10. Next Announcement thread

    yeah agree with this. I actually don't think we'll get anything today. I think it'll be tomorrow. Then two a week until the full stage splits / times late May early June.
  11. Weather 2016

    never change. your negativity towards the weather every year is reassuring
  12. Next Announcement thread

    so one area an hour?
  13. Next Announcement thread

    Deep down I know 11am will pass and i'll be drowning in a pool of disappointment however finding it really hard not to get carried away
  14. Next Announcement thread

    No worries my friend! Anyway... Anyone think the festival might slide it out this afternoon? Seems most are expecting tomorrow so would be apt if they did the unexpected.
  15. Camping / Festival Hacks!!

    Mine has been and always will be put on my right hand. Yes I also use that hand to wipe. I've never ever had such a lack of control of said situation where by I've covered my wristband in excrement. What on earth do you people who apparently can't trust themselves to wipe in an orderly manor do?!