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  1. Michael's been talking... New name revealed
  2. I think their definitely should be. I quite enjoyed the fall out from it last year!
  3. I'll have a wager with you that they are there...
  4. Elbow as the sunsets followed by Radiohead. I've had worse Friday evenings
  5. the fisherman's friends in to the bootleg beatles last year in the acoustic was exceptional. on a similar vein I'm hoping the symths will be there again this year, couldn't even get near the tent last year! great singalong outside though
  6. Wouldn't say I've been a massive fan of the xx but listening to the new album now. First track is great as an opener...
  7. Finally back on track!
  8. Elbow will sub the Sunday. I'm sure of it.
  9. Kaiser Chiefs aren't subbing. No frickin way. That's almost as up there with the Chris Martin / Gwen Stefani "supergroup" headline rumour a couple of years ago!
  10. Well i can definitely say excitement has ramped up today. Got the day off and with the sun shining thought i'd put some of the footage i recorded from last year on. Can't stop smiling now! Sent a little message in the glasto whatsapp group me and my glasto going friends have & have checked the messages which were sent over the festival last year. I've been close to tears laughing at the complete drunken shite put on there!!
  11. Yep sounds like he'll be there. That's the reaction I give my missus when she asks if I've raided the biscuit barrel again. "Errrr... I don't know what you're talking about"
  12. Wednesday is by far the best day. Let the handbrake off and the rest will take care of itself. Don't listen to anyone who says "take it easy". Go welly deep (hopefully not in the muddy sense of that phrase) and leave all of your worries outside of the fence.
  13. Surely Elbow will pop up somewhere? New album out soon n all that. I'd put a large chunk of money on the Sunday Evening sunset slot on the Pyramid Stage... Edit: just noticed you've put them in on the same slot but on the other stage, surely there is a better chance of them being on the pyramid?
  14. Got engaged last Saturday so will get married. *yes I planned the engagement to coincide with the fallow year **no, she doesn't know