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  1. Headliners 2016

    My positive to take out of Adele headlining is the fact that the missus will want to watch her so I'll watch someone better and not feel guilty for dragging the missus along with me.  
  2. Elton John for 2016.

    life just isn't fair.
  3. Headliners 2016

    Just think in 4 months time the chances are we'll be no closer to knowing the headliners than we are today. 4 more months of guessing.
  4. Headliners 2016

    An online fashion retailer declaring the Glastonbury headliner would certainly be a first!
  5. Football 2015/16

    Alli like many of the young English players to show potential will probably by extremely hyped up then fail to live with the public & media expectation placed on him. Barkley is a prime example of this. 2 seasons ago he was being touted as the next gazza (not his drinking ability) then last season failed to live up to the hype and now having had a relatively average season last year whilst not being in the headlines he's beginning to show signs of flourishing again. As mentioned above Townsend fell in to the same trap and I'm sure we could all name others.
  6. Headliners 2016

    Having video tape recorded a glasto highlights show in 2004 at the ripe age of 15 it was seeing the killers playing mr Brightside (my first encounter with the song at that point) that started my infactuation with the festival. Therefore even though I wasn't there I'm going to claim they were ace! Anther noteable performance on that tape was supergrass with pumpin on the stereo although much to my annoyance the tape ran out halfway through.
  7. Glastonbury local Sunday tickets onsale when?

    I know of a few people who this happened to any they've been told to email the festival so i'll report if I hear what they get back.
  8. Oooh it's all new

    Yes although it's a bit of a lottery as to how big it makes the reply box. Sometimes it's just a regular size other times it's like this...                                                                                    
  9. Glastonbury local Sunday tickets onsale when?

    Agree in part however registration is now closed and you can only get a local ticket if you're registered to an address in the correct catchment so putting the number online now isn't going to make it harder.    
  10. Glastonbury local Sunday tickets onsale when?

    Anyone else trying on the old dog n bone today? We've got a few from my group who just missed out in the general sale so will be trying to get that sorted.        
  11. Headliners 2016

    Twitter is now awash with people saying Coldplay pretty much confirmed they are playing?  
  12. Calling BS on this. If Neil Diamond got the call you can bet your bottom dollar Elton would have!
  13. C'Mon GFL - where's the accommodation sale date announcement!

    Ha! I'm getting flashbacks
  14. C'Mon GFL - where's the accommodation sale date announcement!

    Anyone else getting involved today with campervan tickets? Wonder how long they'll take to sell out? Was it on the same day they were released last festival?                  
  15. Who is your #1 choice for the Legends Spot?

    Or hanging around the longdrops