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  1. That's cos it was all mud!
  2. Thanks - I'll keep an eye out - not appearing on clashfinder at the mo.
  3. I was only yesterday reading your list from last year and seeing what I'd missed who was playing again this year. Thanks for the advice, will study this properly tomorrow. I had noticed the lack of comedy in Left Wing - I enjoyed Jeremy Hardy last year and was hoping for something similar this year. But, hey ho, I will find something!
  4. Erm - isn't that what all parents who can afford to do? Not just Tories you know.
  5. I love those - practical and comfy too! Where did you get them?
  6. Examples or link? I could do with a laugh!
  7. Yeah - wish I'd had one last year now! But usually managed to find a perch in a bar - and at the outside circus when it wasn't raining! It would mean having a bigger day bag though so will have a think about it.
  8. I considered buying one last year but the video showing how to put it up put me off as it looked a bit of a faff (especially after a few bevvies). And I'm not the most dexterous person in the world to say the least. How did you find it at first?
  9. I assumed so but I don't know for sure.
  10. I've said before that our driver last year was a stickler and everyone had to show ID. All the tickets were in individual envelopes and he gave them out to each person in turn. A debit card was enough ID though. One guy didn't have anything and he wouldn't give him his ticket. The guy said that the photo and his face should be sufficient ID but the driver said he wasn't allowed to open the envelope!
  11. Yeah I think I'm just going to rock the crazy, completely unco-ordinated look! I have a wig, silly sunglasses, leg-warmers, tutu etc. Obviously all in different colours. But can be worn in all weathers. Must buy some face glitter too. Sophisticated is completely over-rated!
  12. I WILL try to be a little more inspired this year! But then.....,last year...... or even worse, pissing down. So I tend to go for practicality which covers all eventualities But as I said, I will try!. Am still trying to think what I can wear for fancy dress Thursday. Oh the decisions!
  13. God I wish I had your style! The best I can usually manage is cargo trousers and a t-shirt! Do you fancy becoming my personal stylist?
  14. Oh I know - me too - I know that 8000 is nowhere near what I'll be doing at Glasto but it's a start! And 8000 is the minimum I want to do from now - yesterday for instance I did 14000 - but I was wandering around before and after the Chelsea match (and jumping around during it). But when I'm in the office all day, I just don't think I can realistically aim for that every day.
  15. This was by the Yeo stall. You had to walk through so much of it just to get anywhere - you couldn't really avoid the bad places. They were just everywhere and that's what made it so bad.