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  1. Farmer Phil's

    Agree with Gnomicide - it's not old fashioned folk but more what I would call folk rock/pop. And not even all of it is that- it's all interspersed with loads of other stuff as well - for instance I got to see Rodney Branigan and Attila the Stockbroker - both of whom have been on my "Glastonbury to see" list but haven't managed to yet - a real bonus to see them there. And loved Echo Town - an absolutely fantastic duo who I wouldn't know how to categorise but were energetic and certainly not folk! And there was a bit of funk, ska, reggae, and loads of singer/guitarists (not folky) on the second stage. It was my second time there and i love it. Everything is so easy - no queues, not much walking, not too many decisions to make regarding where to be at any given time, friendly people, cheap beer (it's actually only £3,33 per pint if you buy tokens), no dickheads, beautiful setting, even a friendly tractor to pull us out of the mud after only a 10 minute wait! Anyone thinking about it for next year, do it! You won't regret it - and I'll see you there!
  2. Cabaret, Theatre and Circus recommendations 2017

    Thanks @DeanoL - went to see Ivan Brackenbury and thoroughly enjoyed it - laugh out loud funny and have quoted him to quite a few people since I've come back.
  3. What made you cry at Glasto?

    Another one for She Drew the Gun being swiftly followed by Streets of London in Left Field. It all just seemed so emotional, especially knowing that JC was going to appear soon. Streets of London is one of those songs that I don't exactly like but the words are so poignant that they get to me.
  4. See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    If they've paid the same price as other users, yes!
  5. Peeing on the land - festival not doing enough

    I think the only queues I saw were at the main stages after an act had finished. It wasn't difficult to walk a little further to find toilets without a queue at all. For instance after Chic I was busting to go but managed to walk to Williams Green where I walked straight in to a cubicle. I didn't queue all weekend. It's really not difficult and no excuse to piss anywhere else.
  6. Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    I heard that John Peel was open on Wednesday - don't know if it's rue as I didn't go there though.
  7. New Experiences

    There were so many people, I couldn't tell you! I got to know quite a few people's names but don't recall a Vicky.
  8. New Experiences

    Found the stone dragon. Went up the ribbon tower Saw Mik Artistik Didn't see any Pyramid or Other or John Peel headliners Went on my own - thanks to the Camp Solo crew for making everything so enjoyable Went to Power Ballad Yoga - what an experience! Found the Masons Arms But failed to go to the Woods which I completely forgot about - can I go back to last week to put that right? I can't believe how quickly the time went - I seemed to be going through the days at double speed. Where did the time go?
  9. Arriving Thurs mid afternoon

    That's cos it was all mud!
  10. Cabaret, Theatre and Circus recommendations 2017

    Thanks - I'll keep an eye out - not appearing on clashfinder at the mo.
  11. Cabaret, Theatre and Circus recommendations 2017

    I was only yesterday reading your list from last year and seeing what I'd missed who was playing again this year. Thanks for the advice, will study this properly tomorrow. I had noticed the lack of comedy in Left Wing - I enjoyed Jeremy Hardy last year and was hoping for something similar this year. But, hey ho, I will find something!
  12. Corbin Really !!

    Erm - isn't that what all parents who can afford to do? Not just Tories you know.
  13. Successful drunk clothing purchase?? Please tell...

    I love those - practical and comfy too! Where did you get them?
  14. Glasto chat

    Examples or link? I could do with a laugh!
  15. Yeah - wish I'd had one last year now! But usually managed to find a perch in a bar - and at the outside circus when it wasn't raining! It would mean having a bigger day bag though so will have a think about it.