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  1. That's a good idea. Thanks I'll look into that.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if he popped up in the Something Else tent at some point. Worth checking the board each day.
  3. Yep drove straight on to site and parked within sight of the cabaret tent. So different to last year. And Beans on Toast and Bar Stool Preachers were a good start to the weekend.
  4. To be honest, I have no absolutely must sees. But lots of would like to sees. Frank Turner, Albert Hammond, Bananarama, Keb Mo, Smoove and Turrell are the top 5 I think. Though regulars Rodney Brannigan, Lekkido, and Mik of course. And the Doonicans cos I love em.
  5. My friend hasn't been well but thankfully has recovered so we'll be there tomorrow! Whoop whoop! Here's to the first beer in the field!
  6. Hopefully we won't have any problems at all, but I do like to be sure - glad to see you do too! I find it stressful when people I am with are very laissez faire about such things!
  7. Beerqueen

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    I just make sure the ends are tucked in before going in the bogs. I can't have my band on my non-wiping i.e. watch wrist.
  8. Ooh nice. I probably would have preferred blue but they weren't available in my size. I actually got these in a youth's size - added bonus of side zip for easy putting on and taking off. These are the ones I've ordered. https://www.schuh.co.uk/kids/youth-dr-martens-1460-glitter-pink-and-lilac-boots/8402319960/ Hope I can break them in.
  9. Beerqueen

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    He's a local lad to me - he's actually more bluesy than pop (though that might be more apparent live) - used to be known as Blues Boy Dan. He's a nice lad too. Often turns up at Farmer Phil's and jams with whoever will let him! He's quite big in these parts (not many famous people come from here 😃) You probably didn't want to or need to know that, but it's not often I can contribute to extending anyone's knowledge of music acts.
  10. Oops. Have just ordered some pink and lilac DMs. Stupidly, I haven't bid for some blue ones that I like on Ebay because I can't be arsed to wait for the auction to end (there are two pairs at the moment but they're ending while I'm at Bearded Theory at the weekend). So I just spent twice as much on some brand new ones. And they're being delivered tomorrow in time for BT! Not that I need any more boots. But hey ho! If anyone wants 15% off an order at Schuh here you go https://schuh.mention-me.com/me/referee/registerko/32335326/137407108/er/1b4d62d6bbacaa08d7c88075652c81122deac075/fe/cw?epr=1
  11. Will do - to be honest I probably would have gone in there anyway! My friend is an especially big fan of Oxfam at festivals.
  12. Oh missed them - I can confirm I have indeed heard of them!
  13. I don't know why I'm so excited as unsurprisingly I have heard of no-one on that poster!!
  14. I was disappointed to discover at a wet festival (I can't remember which one) that my funky giraffe print poncho wasn't even useful if I got it out of my bag. "You had one bloody job poncho...." (well maybe two because it was meant to look fun and in my eyes it did, but still....)
  15. I'll be very happy to have the Park announced. The Wormhole is definite isn't it? Well, as definite as we get - they've said it's tomorrow haven't they? Unless they change their mind/something changes etc.
  16. @alibear will you be going? I owe you a few drinks!
  17. We were tempted but you have to book. No way can I guarantee to be somewhere at a given time at a festival.
  18. Beerqueen

    Vegan Traders

    I'm going to Bearded Theory on Thursday and while I'm looking forward to the music, it's the food stalls that pop into my head every 5 minutes or so.
  19. Beerqueen

    Vegan Traders

    3 or 4 tonnes! Wow that's a lot of food - you must really like it!
  20. Yeah I've got a couple of busy days at work. Almost everything is now put together though not packed yet. Last few things to find (some of them like purse and phone have to be last minute). Can't wait! And can't stop thinking of the food!
  21. Thanks. Hmm the cheap train ticket is just after 2 so that won't work. So difficult to know what to do.
  22. You can take your own beer in too - I tend to buy most of my beers from the beer tent because as you say it's a lot nicer. But sometimes it's nice to be able to crack open a can without trudging to the beer tent - in the middle of a set or something similar. It's a small site so no problem nipping back to the tent/van/car for more either.
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