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  1. To be honest, when I was a teenager back in the dark ages (late 70s, early 80s), I don't remember anyone asking me my age before I had sex with them. I think people (men) have much more awareness of their responsibilities now. In those days, if a girl was keen enough, she was deemed to be old enough. Which isn't right of course.
  2. Not seeing PSB. I'm not even really sure why I didn't. I didn't have any other plans but I think I was just a bit "done" with big stages and especially the Other and having to try to establish the optimum place to stand. Didn't go to the cabaret, circus etc. Didn't find things to do late - being on my own, I couldn't be bothered to walk miles only to risk finding whatever I found was no fun on my own and I was miles away from my tent. I must remember "so what?" in future. Again, only made Strummerville on Thursday.
  3. Slade? (Only if Noddy comes out of retirement which is unlikely) Status Quo? Both would be great singalongs imo.
  4. Funnily enough this came up on my Facebook memories today from 2016 - some have been fulfilled, some have dropped off the radar but nothing really new to add to others' suggestions: Elton Diana Ross Cliff George Michael Barry Gibb Billy Joel Phil Collins Tina Turner Cher Kylie Chic
  5. You don't say! And there was me thinking he just wrote that jingle for the postcode lottery.
  6. Bruce Arctics Fleetwood Mac Isley Brothers (they were meant to be there in 2020) Goldie Lookin' Chain Human League ABC Imagine Dragons Zutons Smoove and Turrell Man and the Echo Billy Bragg (of course!) Barstewards Henge OK, some of those are a bit eclectic but it's my wish list! They're just people I have enjoyed over the years.
  7. Aren't they an environmental disaster?
  8. Was it just me or was anyone else surprised to find that Got to Get You Into My Life was a Lennon/McCartney song? Maybe I knew at one time but I definitely associate it with Earth Wind and Fire now!
  9. Many have their own reusable ones which last forever. And the disposable ones are no less green than all the paper cups they get through.
  10. Ha ha - if he didn't, he bloody should have done!
  11. I really regret the fact that I didn't do much non-music, the weekend just seemed to fly by! I saw the Black Eagles in Astrolabe and they were really entertaining. And a bit of mini tennis tournament but there didn't seem to be so much wandering stuff as usual. That said, I probably only spent an hour or so there. And I didn't realise the Circus finished early on Sunday.
  12. In all my Macca thoughts since last Saturday, it seems very strange to me that I had more or less forgotten that I have actually shared a radio studio with him! Back in the 80s, I worked for the BBC's Russian Service and Macca was (I think) the first guest to participate in a live phone in post-Iron Curtain with the Soviet Union. Thatcher was the second (I think, it may have been the other way round). It was very stressful, as it was extremely high profile and the technology was new to us and telephone links to the Soviet Union were shaky to say the least. Macca didn't stop to socialise afterwards, unlike Maggie who stopped afterwards to knock back whisky with the crew. And Macca's agent was a complete patronising arse.
  13. I think every bar I went in had real ale - the only one I can think of that didn't was Spike which only sold cocktails and the John Peel bar which ran out on Friday night! Maybe I just naturally went to ones that were likely to have beer though (I don't have my username for nothing!)
  14. So Decathlon won't send me a new set of poles in the post as "we don't sell them as a set". But they will arrange collection of my whole tent and give me a full refund. While this is fine by me, as I can then order a new one to be delivered to my home, it doesn't seem to be a particularly good business plan on their part! And if I decide not to reorder, I've had the use of the tent for 9 nights for free!
  15. Well I'm not getting far with Decathlon's CS over my broken pole. So far, their solution is for me to drive to my nearest store with the broken pole and they will replace it and restring the set. Er, I don't think so. Why should I use my time and petrol to rectify this on a tent that's only a month old? I don't mind putting it in the post at their expense but I'm blowed if I'm making an hour's round trip to replace a faulty part which they accept is covered by their warranty.
  16. They were OK - nothing more. I didn't find them claggy, they were very crisp. I only wanted a snack and the portion was huge! I find it difficult to leave food so I ate the lot and was in a food coma afterwards, which wasn't helped by the fact it was so hot (Wednesday).
  17. Exactly what I had - bloody lovely!
  18. Mine is the poled version and for some reason they thought it was a good idea to put the handle at the end so you carry it vertically - which doesn't work at all if you're short and it drags on the ground! And even someone who was considerably taller than me said it was really uncomfortable to carry like that.
  19. My tent was a bit damp when I put it away so I put it up in the garden to dry out when I got home and I found that one of the poles has split. I've only used it twice! Have contacted Decathlon via Twitter and they suggested I need a replacement pole (it wasn't clear whether they just expected me to order one). I have said I want the whole length replaced which I don't think is unreasonable given it's only just over a month old! I don't think I should be expected to have to dismantle the length and rethread the elastic. Waiting to hear what their "expert" has to say. Other than that and the stupid carrying handle, I was pretty pleased with it.
  20. I agree somewhat about the late night stuff. I tend to be on my own, looking for live music to see after the headliners but never know where to head. I could try a number of places including Bimble Inn and William's Green, but as I'm never really sure what to expect, I often just choose not to bother as the thought of trecking somewhere to find it's full or not really enjoyable on your own isn't worth the walk there and back. If there was a dedicated live music area, at least I could explore the different options all in one place. It really does feel that after headliners is really mainly dance etc.
  21. Just everyone who put up with me randomly talking to them in crowds. I was mostly on my own and am a bit of a talker so will take the ear off anyone who will listen! And the group of 5 young, tall men who let me go in front of them to be on the second barrier for Macca (and Noel G). Not only for letting me lean and see but also chatting so that the time passed in a flash without it seeming an age! Even though I was probably the age of your mums!
  22. Oh and Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen - thought I was dreaming!
  23. I may be getting a little obsessed. I have watched IPlayer and will almost certainly watch it again in the next few days. Downloaded the playlist. Was singing New in my head all day at work. In the pub tonight a little folk gathering started playing a Beatles song (sorry, can't remember which one) and I yelped "Paul McCartney" and the barman said, "yeah not Glastonbury I'm afraid" so I told him I was there (of course, not that I've mentioned it at all today ) and he kept saying how jealous he was. I will try the get-iplayer app but admit I have googled it and am flummoxed at the moment. p.s. loved the drummer!
  24. As I camped close to Gate A in Darble, it was quicker to go out of the gate and use the loos there rather than queue in the field. On Sunday, as I came back to the gate, I heard one of the day visitors say "Oh my god, there's a massive queue". Puzzled, I looked towards the entrance. There must have been about 10 people max at the security desk!
  25. I think I saw more music but less "other things" than in previous years. I only went to Theatre fields for about an hour, didn't go to cabaret or circus (just watched a bit of the outside circus once) or much of the Greenfields. I feel a bit sad about that - I didn't really see the quirky side of the festival as much. I also didn't really do much after the headliners this year either. I was camped in Darble and so because I was in JP for Primal Scream on Friday, I took the easy option of just going back to the tent (though I would have gone to Fromage if I'd remembered it was on). Similarly on Saturday after Macca - wasn't sure I could be bothered to see if I could find something I would enjoy on my own (I had planned to go to Doreen Doreen when I thought Macca would finish at 11.45) but did go to that on Sunday instead which was great fun. I think at the back of my mind I was very much aware that I was three years older than in 2019 - I know everyone obviously is but hitting the big 60 last year, I was worried I may not be able to stand the pace so I think I was pacing myself and maybe overdid the not tiring myself out. That said on Wednesday and Thursday I did find the heat a little much but took myself to Strummerville and enjoying a place on the sofa for a few hours chatting to strangers and drinking beer. So, yes I plan to be back and maybe make a conscious decision to do more of the "other things" and more later night stuff. Which is easier if you have no "must sees" and can dip out if need be.
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