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  1. It was T'Pau I was thinking of - for a variety of reasons. I'll say the positive first, they sounded good. But, here come the negatives: their style of music is just not right for the festival which does not on the whole include bland 80s pop but more ska/reggae/punk/folk with a bit of rock thrown in especially wrong for the time of day - sandwiched between SkaBurst and The Mighty Vipers just highlighted how boring they were Carol Decker is a cow - known for it in Shropshire, her remarks about people who were furloughed and how she couldn't wait to get out of Shropshire did not go down well but she didn't like the reaction to her comment Apparently she was a diva back stage too (but that's only heresay) They finished early (a blessing for me!) presumably because they weren't getting the love they felt they deserved. Unprofessional. I only stayed because I thought there was nothing on the Woodlands stage but discovered afterwards there was a DJ set - I definitely would have gone there had I known. I didn't speak to anyone who enjoyed them or who had been looking forward to seeing them. A strange booking. And I think most of the people in the field were just waiting for the Mighty Vipers - almost no one left after T'Pau finished. And the Mighty Vipers actually played for longer than scheduled because of the extra time. So I was doubly happy T'Pau finished early! I do agree with you that being able to park next to your tent is bloody wonderful. My highlights musically were SkaBurst - they have played at most of the Farmer Phil's I've been to and never disappoint The Endings - another local band who are always entertaining Hunted by Elephants - absolutely blew the crowd away on the Woodland Stage. Would expect them to be on the main stage next year Mighty Vipers - another band who have appeared before - two years ago on the Woodland Stage (I don't know how they all fitted on!) and wowed the crowd so much they were promoted to the main stage. Old Time Sailors - the type of act I love to find at these sort of festivals - such a feelgood act to dance along to.
  2. I went to our local festival this weekend - Farmer Phil's. What a wonderful little festival (as always). Loads of little known but talented bands, some larger but still talented bands, (but one crap band who I predict won't be invited back - they didn't go down well - if you want to know look at the line-up, guess and I don't think you will be wrong). Great company and cheapish real ale. Dancing in the fields with a beer in hand and seeing familiar faces was wonderful. And I am now completely knackered. Roll on next year - I absolutely love that festival - small but beautifully formed.
  3. Didn't Belgium get to the World Cup semi last time? (just checked, they did). But yeah, I was forgetting that England getting to the semis of the Euros in 96 was before the "Golden Generation" of course.
  4. Ha ha I spotted that at the time but in all the replays of the goal they didn't show him getting up.
  5. I thought the same - the Golden Generation who won nothing (and didn't even get to a final).
  6. And yet they still get votes. I genuinely can't believe it.
  7. I never thought I'd dislike another bunch more than her bunch, and then each lot was like "hold my beer".
  8. Yeah it's incredible isn't it? At least she seemed to genuinely believe in her policies rather than blatantly lying, cheating and saying whatever they think will benefit themselves and their cronies the most.
  9. But he wanted to hear Corbyn and felt it was worth the embarrassment.
  10. Just before Jeremy Corbyn was due to appear in the Leftfield tent, there was a guy in there wearing an "I love Thatcher" (or something like that) t-shirt. When I asked him about it, he said he was left wing but he had lost a bet and had to wear it all day without covering it up. He was quite nervous!
  11. Went to Beardy Folk for the weekend. Really nice to be sitting in a field drinking beer and listening to live music though most of it wasn't to my taste really. And it was bleeding freezing at times being on the top of a hill! Was amused when a friend of a friend when chatting about festivals said to me "oh someone I work with goes to Glastonbury as a performer" when I asked who it was he assured me I wouldn't have heard of him. On pressing him, it was Lekkido! I stepped back and said "heard of him? He's a legend!". I think he was quite bemused at my reaction (I may have gone on about him a little too much and gone through my phone to find photos from 2019!). Hoping Farmer Phil's goes ahead in August - he's said it will if at all possible. Fingers crossed.
  12. I must admit, the weather we've had recently would have made me be a bit wary about the weekend ahead! I would have been packing thermals, hats, scarves, wellies, walking boots thick hiking socks etc etc!
  13. Already on there I think. Coldplay certainly is
  14. And then Damon was a bit dreary and started talking about someone who had died. We all reacted "woah Damon, way to bring the mood down". We've been without live music for over a year (mainly) and we wanted to be on our feet jumping and singing. Instead we were all sitting down chatting over the music. Enjoyable in its own way but not what we had expected!
  15. Well I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I had invited some friends round, we did the whole festival thing inside - the first time we'd been able to meet inside for what felt like forever. We couldn't access it until 9 o'clock when they released the free code and couldn't rewind to see what we'd missed. Coldplay were fantastic and we were all on our feet having a great time. But everyone else so low key, slow and melancholy. We wanted to party! Maybe I'm shallow. I know that all the performers were very good but just didn't hit the mood we wanted. I'm going to invite them round again and instead play some banging tunes from people I've loved watching at festivals - everyone from Beans on Toast, Mik and Lekkido to The Cure, Foos, and yes, Coldplay again. That said, I won't be asking for a refund obviously.
  16. Nope I could only rewind to the beginning of Idles.
  17. I have been to, I think, three different pubs on two occasions each. And all were fabulous and very chilled and enjoyable. Two were outside traditional beer gardens. The third was a marquee type thing in the car park which was a lot warmer! Oh and also a restaurant which was a bit chilly sitting in the car park but the food was good. Just good to be out again. Sorry for not taking any notice of the "don't go to the pub" instruction in the thread heading.
  18. I was going to like that (to agree with you about no issues with that) but then I thought it would be agreeing that no-one would want to share with you which I thought was mean!
  19. Yes, me. Two pints of HPA. I didn't realise that was denied you . I knew Wales were still dry (as it's only a few miles from us) but hadn't realised you Scots were too. Sympathies. (But the beer was delicious as was the experience of nearly being in a pub).
  20. We found not many open and those that were were fully booked so maybe do a bit of research before? Though for me, even driving around the county was a bit of a treat. Ironically, the one we found that was open and had tables was in the next village (on our way home and more or less given up) and one that I said to my husband "nah, there's no way that will be open"!
  21. We went to our (almost) local. No sign in at all. Very good to be back at a pub - not our usual, but the one that was open and worth going to again. Who knew they even had a garden?
  22. Me too - I will be there regardless. I think I'm in the happy position of thinking all of the headliners are a possible but not unmissable should someone I like more be on the Woodland or Mau Wai at the same time.
  23. Gutted. Fuck travelling abroad, I want to go to a festival. A proper one. Farmer Phil's, my local, has said they are planning to go ahead in August and at the moment that is where all my hopes lie.
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