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  1. Nick Cave

    So bjork the sunday before, Field Day on the saturday and Nick Cave/Patti on the sunday?! epic stuff
  2. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Checking in here late but anyway, what a fucking Pyramid set eh?
  3. New security measures in place

    Yeah security taking non banned items is thieving, plain and simple
  4. New security measures in place

    Totally. someone with twitter can get hold of emily & glasto info accounts. sets a ridiculous precedent if stuff is just being taken on a whim. When have aerosols been banned and who the fuck wants to go through potentially having half their stuff nicked by security when we've had to shell out for it?
  5. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Like that they're opening with the new tracks, nice slow build up but get Decks Dark back on the setlist please chaps
  6. field day 2017

    Shame about the clashes but is looking to be a class day. The barn stage looks epic
  7. Electronica/Dance

    Totally agree that theres definitely room for more Techno, don't know why it gets overlooked
  8. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Totally. It just to have the i.d spiral tent/area which played chill out/ambient, a tent to sit down in and a big area outside with loads of tables. Shame it disappeared because its exactly what that area and the festival is missing
  9. Memories of T-Day in 2004

    ha finally got through at 6/7 am on the monday morning, totally insane caffeine fueled night and as you say that engaged tone has probably scarred many for life!
  10. Is it time to put up prices significantly?

    Yeah and whilst we're at it howabout banning camping inside the fence and have everyone in pre-erected tents two miles down the road or a vip ticket system so those with money don't have to mix with the great unwashed
  11. 2017 Ticket Sale

    75% success in our group, happy to have a ticket but can't celebrate til everyone's over the line. Those on here who missed out, keep the faith. I've got in on two resales before, it can be done!
  12. Other Stage 2017

    Hell yeah, preferably high up the JP or park in the dark. Would be class. Long long overdue as you say
  13. West Holts 2017

    Whilst we're talking about West Holts, have to say hats off to the bookers this year, saw some incredible bands there, always a great atmosphere in that field as well.
  14. Beck

    Shame as it didn't come across as bad crowd from further back on the hill where loads were dancing and singing along...Thought it was a great set though
  15. Your favourite Glasto images

    Has that shot of the kid without a body made an appearance on this topic yet?