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Alchemy Festival

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18th - 20th Sept 2009

Alchemy will be a small family friendly festival with camping at Sicknote

Far Too Loud

Liquid Ross

Tarantism sound system


Trancient dreams


Clay statues

Dr Sharp

Zetan Spore


Ed Tangent

Mindflux DJ


Zia zub DJ set!


DJ Photon


Lorraine (psilocybe tribe)

Coconut DF

Visuals by The Dubjubbleys

More to be announced shortly!

Smal World Solar Stage

Details to follow!

Open mic tent.

The Toadstool

Fire Shows



Many other oddities!

Bubble tent

Giant Bubbles

Bouncing bubbles

Fire bubbles

Smoke bubbles

The site will be beautiful with many works of art and sculptures for you to discover as you walk around. With many stalls, tarot readers and communal fire pits!

There will be a large children's area with masses for the kids to do!

Willow workshops

Dreamcatcher making

Creating mobiles and decorations from found and recycled materials

Clay figures


All days are dress fancy days!

We aim to be as green as possible and support fair trade.

We hope to have a local cider company on site selling homemade cider and mead!

Tickets £12 - £60 - more on gate.

Subject to change.

If your interested and would like your name to be added to the mailing list please email me, The Alchemist at: alchemy.festival@live.com with the subject Add me please!

You can visit our website here www.alchemyfestival.co.uk

Please note there is also a Alchemy group forum, click my festival groups at the top of page.

I am pleased to say that EARTHBOUND MISFITS will be at Alchemy providing circus skills workshops, walkabout and static shows plus lots more!


Short History Lesson

The Earth Bound Misfits have been providing quality performances and circus workshops since the turn of 1997. The team are all from different walks of life and backgrounds, they have over 30 years performing and teaching experience between them and are very passionate about their art forms and the benefits it has to offer young and old a like.

We also provide one of the North of England’s highest quality mobile circus skill workshops. Covering many skills and following the highest codes of practice set out by the National Association of Youth Circus.

You Can Try Your Hand At One of the Following Skills:

Juggling (scarves, balls, rings, clubs)

Plate spinning, Yo-yo, Diabolo

Devil & Rhythm Sticks

Unicycle, Globe walking, Poi, Astro jax

Stilt walking,

Rola Bola (teeter board)

Cigar boxes, Clowning

Performing, Balancing skills, Character acting

Street Theatre Techniques


Before going any further by law we are obliged to bring to you attention this warning from the:

Ministry of Circus:

All circus and street theatre arts are highly addictive and should not be tried or attempted by anyone with weak wills or addictive traits to their personality.

Earth Bound Misfits Ltd are not responsible for the addiction of the human race to circus and street theatre however we do provide a support service and drop in center so you can discuss your problems with like minded folk.


Performance skills:

Juggling, Diabolo, Devil stick, Fire juggling/eating/breathing, Unicycling, Giraffe Unicycling, Fire devil-stick, Fire staff, Fire poi, Fire club swinging, Knife/axe and other sharp object juggling, Stilt-walking, Escapology (straight jacket escape) Rolla bola (teeter board), Comedy, Walkabout, Bikes of all shapes and sizes.


+ Much more!

Psychedelic Breakfast

(Presented by Natural Born Spinners)

Psychedelic Breakfast has been part of the dance party scene for a number of years now and endeavors to provide a unique setting for all to have a good time, kick back and relax and have a damn good boogie.

Throughout the festival the Psychedelic Breakfast crew will be providing a colourful, comfy area to sit, chill, enjoy a cup of tea, play games and listen to some good music with plenty of space to dance. As well as poi workshops brought to you by our hosts, Natural Born Spinners.

Throughout the day guests are invited to bring their own music (CD's, Vinyl, MP3 Players, etc) to be played by our DJ's, as well as choice tracks selected by our DJ team. This will give a truly eclectic mix of tunes where anything is possible.

On an evening we're gonna let rip and provide you with a mix of tunes from some of Yorkshires prime dance-scene DJs, playing a mix of Techno, Psy-trance, Breakbeat and whatever else they pull out of the bag.

Bob Kickflip

Bringing Steel City breaks straight to your ears, Kickflip is now established as one of breakbeat's most respected producer/DJs. Now signed up to The Fat! DJ Agency and resident for Sheffield's premier BUG & Urban Gorilla nights, as well as playing gigs up and down the country, Bob's sets and music has inspired people all across the globe.

Chemical Kev

Chemical Kev is the founder Member of Psychedelic Breakfast and owner of Natural Born Spinners. With roots in the 90's dance party scene, Chemical Kev has the experience and energy to keep the music playing and you dancing with a mix of Acid Techno, Breaks and Trance goodness.

Fuzzy Logic

Ben has been professionally DJ-ing and promoting nights since the beginning of November 2006, starting with a night in southend-on-sea. Since then he has been playing at various venues and parties across the uk, Including the factory and club coliseum in London, jebez cleg in, Manchester, a few in Harrogate and a many outdoor parties.

Mixing hard psytrance is his main thing, but has been known to play funky house, hard dance, acid techno hard trance and hardstye.

Will Power

Will Power is a DJ, a producer, a musician, a vegan, an animator, an artist, a protester, a saboteur, a chaos engineer. Founder of the underground dance event HYPERDRIVE, currently based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Bass player in psy punk rock band - The Crawling Chaos. Lead Guitarist in acid rock band - The Alice Syndrome.

With interests in Psy Trance, Acid Techno, Hard Trance/House/NRG, Acid Rock, Vintage Psychedelia, Hard Rock, Reggae, Acoustic etc Will Power will certainly fit in with the vibe of our collective, playing an eclectic mix of tunes.

More DJ's to be added soon

The rest of the Psychedelic Crewe in attendance

Goblinz, Mandie, Gambie, Stewpot and friends will all be around the area and along with our DJs we will be doing what we can to make your stay as comfortable as possible. A range of teas will be available, as well visualisations and some short films. If you need help with something, or somewhere quiet to chill out and relax then give us a shout and we'll see what we can do.


Astral Circus through out the weekend will be providing an array of fun, excitement, the spectacular and more than a little madness for all ages. With circle shows including tightrope, a huge blue ball, comedy and lots of audience involvement, crazy stilt characters with hilarious interactions, fire dancing and the biggest balloon sculptures ever seen and we are not talking poodles!





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18th - 20th Sept 2009

Hi I am setting up a SMALL festival at a secret location in Lincolnshire!

There will be

Philosophers Stone Stage

Arcadian Kicks

When was the last time a band captivated its audience with a timeless look and inner beauty that is only bestowed on the very few? The Arcadian Kicks are two girls, three boys all eighteen years old. They combine soaring melodic beauty with hard-edged sax, soulful guitar soundscapes and pounding tribal rhythms contained by a wall of sub bass.


Angel of Sin

"Make sure you check out this band, they look good, sound good and by golly they do you good!"

Steve Lally, editor - Rock Of The North.

"Like Janis Joplin singing with AC~DC." Kev Rix, concert sec - Askern Spa Club.

"...Vikki really impressed me (so did her voice) and along with a band that can really play, they are on my must see/hear list for the future." Tony of Castleford. "Vocal viagra!" Andy of the Rosse Hotel


More bands to be announced shortly!

Liberty stage


Rock, folk, gypsy, punk,...

Bands to be announced as booked

The Mushroom

DJ set from Charlatans Jon Brookes

Funk, Northern Soul, Breaks, Rock etc

Funky electro house music with a few surprises thrown in for luck!

More DJs to be announced shortly!

The Toadstool

Fire Shows



Many other oddities!

Bubble tent

Giant Bubbles

Bouncing bubbles

Fire bubbles

Smoke bubbles

The site will be beautiful with many works of art and sculptures for you to discover as you walk around. With many stalls, tarot readers and communal fire pits!

All days are fancy dress days!

We aim to be as green as possible and support fair trade.

We hope to have a local cider company on site selling homemade cider and mead!

Subject to change.

If your interested and would like your name to be added to the mailing list please email me, The Alchemist at: alchemy.festival@live.com with the subject Add me please!

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Jon Gomm is a singer-songwriter and acoustic solo performer, with an incredible virtuoso guitar style, where uses one acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, basslines and sparkling melodies all at the same time. The emphasis is still on the songwriting and soulful vocals however, and his original material is influenced by everything from Robert Johnson to Radiohead, Roni Size to Prince.


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Aww - the first day of this fest is my birthday!

Could make for a great birthday weekend...

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Hey Have seen the Arcadian kicks a few times (From Stourbridge) infact I have got them the odd gig before they played surface band comp and Charlatans chappie took a shine to them...anyways be good to see my current fav' band MIDAS also play this festival too.

Still the only unsigned band to make Kerrng! radio Play list...is that a good thing?

More light reading B)



Red Shoes

Midas are a five-piece, Stourbridge based band who originallly formed back in 2003, since the band's formation they've played numerous gigs wowing audiences everywhere they've gone.

The band released their debut single, Don't Dance earlier this year to great acclaim, the song managed to climb to number 59 in the singles chart and number one in the Fopp independent charts, which saws the band perform at Fopp's flag ship store in Tottenham Court Road, London. The band also received airplay by the likes of Kerrang and Radio Two among others.

Red Shoes, the group's second single, should see the band further establish themselves as one of the best up and coming bands around. The single is a tremendous indie rock anthem complete with swirling synths, stabbing guitars and a brilliant holler along chorus in the style of Rhythm & Booze favourites Spider Simpson (formerly Casino) or perhaps a rockier Boy Kill Boy.

The single is backed by Sirens, which is another superb showcase of the infectious sound of the group, the track is driven along by hard modern indie rock riffs and poppy 80's ynths, whilst the vocals are an addictive melodic croon. Sirens is every bit as impressive as the lead track and could have easily been a single in it's own right, proving the high standards that the Midas adhere to.

On the evidence of these two tracks Midas are set to be huge, this is simply stunning.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 9

Play 90 second soundbite of 'Red Shoes' @ 'CD quality'

Midas are hoping to turn their new single, 'Red Shoes', into something resembling solid gold. Midas' massively rockin' indie way successfully balances pop sensibility and punkish attitude with furious, hard edged rock and 'Red Shoes' and its 'B' side, 'Sirens', is a release that carries with it hefty commercial aspirations whilst offering even the most critical rock'n'roll purist something that's difficult to fault and even harder to ingore.

Using chunky slices of synths and keyboards that sit neatly and impressively in and around the pounding bass and drum work, Midas quite clearly want to provide the discerning, music loving public with something a little bit 'different'. And, with that 'different', Midas also manage to sound distinctive, appealing and undeniably saleable. The two guitars weave their individual and combined riffs and licks alongside rather than atop the keys thereby leaving plenty of space for the awesome vocal work to spill out the gritty, observational lyrics. Totally ignoring genre boundaries and restrictions, Midas cut loose their hard-driven, anthemic sounding songs in pretty majestic fashion as they go romping headlong into the black hole of modern musical reality without getting their musical genes totally scrambled - with one foot planted squarely in the realms of frantic pop whilst managing to keep the other foot rooted in solid, indestructible rock.

Unapologetically commercial but ruthlessly rockin' and with both tracks being as catchy as hell, 'Red Shoes' by Midas should be a mega money earner for this gutsy Midlands outfit. Midas offer something that most of their contemporaries would dearly love to be able to offer - genre-blurring, danceable pop-rock that truly 'holds water' and sounds very much like the real deal.

No more hard sell xx

They are recording just now with the gang at Animal Farm

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SUBGIANT confirmed for 19th!!!

The Subgiant sound? Think deep as hell dub basslines topped with a crunchy canopy of live beats and breaks. Spice this with one of the UK finest scratch Djs and you have a unique live electronic sound. The show skips from dub breaks to psy trance and back again.

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Rumours of Dreadzone headlining. This is shaping up to be a fantastic little festival. :O
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Andy Grant plays an original, rootsy mixture of Blues, Rock and Jazz on guitar, vocal and stompbox. After fleeing a job in a South African gold mine, Andy made ends meet playing his music on street corners from Melbourne to Copenhagen. When playing live he incorporates growly vocals, infectious rhythms and guitar skills that turn the devil green. He self released Spirals, an album of tripped-out guitar instrumentals in 2003.


Liberty stage

18th Sept 2009

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Paul didge has been playing the didgeridoo for 15 years and is known as one of the UKS leading didgerioo players(quoted by BBC radio Wiltshire), blending the trance inducing sound of the didgeridoo with electronic music ranging from chill out to trance and drum'n' bass. During his life of playing the didgeridoo it has taken him on many adventures in his life. The didgeridoo is one of the oldest intruments in the world and it is one of the most trance inducing sounds he has ever heard. It all started 14 years ago in winchester,where someone he knew had a bamboo didgeridoo but would not let him have ago! So with his new found frustration for wanting to make a sound on a didge he pinched my mums vacuum cleaner pipe and gave it a blast..... it was abit dusty but surely it made the sound of the didgeridoo! He has always had a love for electronic music but found that a lot of techno, trance and electronic music had lost its soul , so this inspired him to mix the ancient sound of the didgeridoo with the modern electronic sounds of today. He has played internationally with various Djs and live acts starting with a residency at Trance Buddha psy-trance club Amsterdam(1997),Which led to a appearance at the Dance Valley festival to 15,000 people. He has appeared live and on recordings with Baladidge, Atmosfire and Astral Projection(Israel), Dragonsfly, I Fly, C.D.F, El-plazmo, Mother Gong, Altered native, Dreamachine, ZubZUB, Trancient Dreams, OOOD, Eat Static and Voice of Cod(U.K) and supported the Orb in Israel. Pauls latest musical endeavors include Folk Stomper (Rohan White) on flutes, melodica, percussion and various weird sounds and zubzubs mindfux drops in on time to time to bang his drums and play abit of synth! This extra live element to pauls live set adds another musical dimension to the already psychedellic world of pauls music. Pauls gigs have included Sunrise festival (mainstage twice), Waveform Project (5 gigs on the main stage with dream machine, oood, zubzub, Eat static, Earthdance ceromony and his own gig at chai wahhlas.), Tribe of frog(3 times),The synergy project(3 times), Offworld, Glade, Big green gathering, Glastonbury Festival to mention just a few.


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It’s all about dancing, always has been, from tribal drums, mediaeval pipes or a frenzy of voices…….. To sweaty pub back-rooms, banging nightclubs, free festivals & parties or anywhere there is a beat! Dance music embraces all of this history & Tarantism bring all of these influences into their songwriting & performance, weaving traditional instruments & styles with ska, punk, funk & dub. Along with contemporary lyrical content & imaginative arrangements this produces a unique mix of infectious dance rhythms & memorable tunes, real music that is fun & uplifting! In addition to the full Live band Tarantism also perform two other sets as: TARANTISM ACOUSTIC with traditional tunes & favourite songs for intimate venues or around the campfire. TARANTISM SOUND SYSTEM where digital beats & samples are mixed with live performance for dance events & clubs.






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