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    out in the fields, they're drinking CIDER!
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    Harrow, Middlesex / NW London
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    Music. Festivals.
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    Football. Tottenham Hotspur F.C. COME ON YOU SPURS!
    London. England. Ireland.
    Gaelic. Celtic.
    Food. Cooking.
    Drinking. Ooh and did I mention CIDER! ;-)
    Enjoying "The Craic"
    See u at Glasto peeps!

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  1. "..found myself in a strange town, though I've only been here for 3 weeks now.."

  2. Hey you 'Old Hippie' were you at Bearded Theory Festival this year?

    If so I think we had some banter with each other sevearl occasions. Let me know out of interest. Cheers

  3. Happy Birthday Black Hole ...Now who's gonna start a new thread for this?
  4. Ignore this album. Just an easy place for me to post pics etc for forum posting.
  5. Various Pics from our posse @ Wychwood Fest this year.
  6. Selection of photos including eFestivals Cider Bus meet & "Festival Friends"
  7. All that glitters isn't gold! Does Vodka glitter?! :-)

  8. All that glitters isn't gold! Does Vodka glitter?! :-)

  9. Miss Katster makes exceedingly nice cakes! This Lancashire lass serves the best 'Cherry Bakewells' I have ever had! Mmmm May 2008.

  10. AaaH, a map! I wish I had seen this map BEFORE the festival this year. I'd have probably camped nearer to the rails rather than where we did and we pitched WRONG SIDE of the river/stream. Worth knowing there is only ONE walkway from camping across the race-track to Festival area. I wish organisers would have another one say nearer the road in that crosses over to where the healing area & Big Top is located?? Someone have a word for next year please??
  11. Photos of Harrow Strongbow Ciderman! + Special Guests!
  12. Welcome to a parallel universe, young man.... :-)

  13. NON Festival Photos - Various
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