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    out in the fields, they're drinking CIDER!
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    Music. Festivals.
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    London. England. Ireland.
    Gaelic. Celtic.
    Food. Cooking.
    Drinking. Ooh and did I mention CIDER! ;-)
    Enjoying "The Craic"
    See u at Glasto peeps!

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  1. "..found myself in a strange town, though I've only been here for 3 weeks now.."

  2. Hey you 'Old Hippie' were you at Bearded Theory Festival this year?

    If so I think we had some banter with each other sevearl occasions. Let me know out of interest. Cheers

  3. Harrow Strongbow Ciderman!

    Things that ur happy about

    Happy Birthday Black Hole ...Now who's gonna start a new thread for this?
  4. Harrow Strongbow Ciderman!

    Photos & Pics for forum posting

    Ignore this album. Just an easy place for me to post pics etc for forum posting.
  5. Harrow Strongbow Ciderman!

    Wychwood Festival 2008

    Various Pics from our posse @ Wychwood Fest this year.
  6. Harrow Strongbow Ciderman!

    Glastonbury 2008

    Selection of photos including eFestivals Cider Bus meet & "Festival Friends"
  7. All that glitters isn't gold! Does Vodka glitter?! :-)

  8. All that glitters isn't gold! Does Vodka glitter?! :-)

  9. Harrow Strongbow Ciderman!

    Glastonbury 2007

    Get it right, we're propping up the bar!
  10. Miss Katster makes exceedingly nice cakes! This Lancashire lass serves the best 'Cherry Bakewells' I have ever had! Mmmm May 2008.

  11. Harrow Strongbow Ciderman!

    Wychwood 2008 official campsite map

    AaaH, a map! I wish I had seen this map BEFORE the festival this year. I'd have probably camped nearer to the rails rather than where we did and we pitched WRONG SIDE of the river/stream. Worth knowing there is only ONE walkway from camping across the race-track to Festival area. I wish organisers would have another one say nearer the road in that crosses over to where the healing area & Big Top is located?? Someone have a word for next year please??
  12. Harrow Strongbow Ciderman!

    Glastonbury 2007

    Photos of Harrow Strongbow Ciderman! + Special Guests!
  13. Welcome to a parallel universe, young man.... :-)

  14. Harrow Strongbow Ciderman!

    Harrow Strongbow Ciderman!

    NON Festival Photos - Various