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  1. Nice one, that must be a real buzz
  2. Is she having a party? She never mentioned it
  3. Having Glasto transport sorted that has me picked up from the flat, doesn't involve me driving, is significantly cheaper than it's cost me in petrol and parking last couple of years and is with a cracking bunch of chaps and chapesses
  4. Being in the warehouse on my own Being in the warehouse and my own and, therefore, being able to listen to R4 instead of R1 Being in the warehouse on my own and, therefore, being able to listen to R4 instead of R1 AND Count Arthur Strong being back on
  5. I'll change this to 2-0 because I cant imagine how they're going to bowl us out twice in any game that we can't.
  6. I'll go 2 - 1 England with this match a draw
  7. What was second prize? Four free tickets?
  8. To be fair, if it was and you think that a good salary...
  9. Good for you 'Would you like to go large?'?
  10. It's difficult to understand what he's moaning about - he has absolutely no form to warrant selection.
  11. Hall of fame? Famous for making watching paint dry a more appetising prospect than it should be.
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