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  1. Can't choose between these two. The fireworks at the Foos or the metamorphosis show at Arcadia.
  2. Bit of a casual fan and went to watch them on my own as none of my mates were interested. First half was ok and luckily the songs I went to hear were all in a row. Street Spirit, No Surprises and Nude. I left shortly afterwards.
  3. Weather is looking great. Will have to go and buy some decent trainers to walk about in. Not going to need my wellies!
  4. Agreed. I was caught out in the queue to get into the festival and got burnt. Serves me right for wearing a vest. Still not convinced with the suncream. I've worn it before and the dreaded dust just sticks to it. The wetwipe bath becomes a military operation. NFR - Non-frequent rain NFC - Nice fluffy clouds
  5. I'm on a -5 for the post I've done the hottest and the wettest Glasto's and I enjoyed the wetter one more. Somewhere in the middle would be great but all the wishing for hot weather means really warm cider, sunburn, trying to navigate through everyone lying down and the dreaded DUST! Look at my poor ginger red face.
  6. When can I start doing my rain dance? Say no to dust!
  7. iamstreety

    royal blood

    They were the act I most wanted to see and they didn't disappoint. The sound was so heavy, it was worth getting there early and into the mix. Love to go see them again.
  8. Could I have a name change please. Not sure why I put an underscore after it!?! Could I change it to "streety" please if that's available. If not, "iamstreety" Thanks in advance!
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