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  1. There was a guy doing tightrope walks over the river where Bellas Bridge was at 21:30 each night. He’d then juggle fire and also play the violin mid rope / it was pretty cool
  2. I remember stumbling across Kate Tempest a good few years ago in a tent (possibly the Leftfield) at Glastonbury - I don’t recall who I was watching after her but she absolutely captured me. Move forward to Friday morning after The Libertines and Kae Tempest blew my mind yet again with such a powerful set it was mesmerising, I’ve never seen a crowd so taken in - they absolutely smashed it Gutted it’s not on iPlayer ! Incredible scenes !
  3. I had this from a place called Bunny something or other I think it was - by Other/Silver Hayes - South African street dish apparently. Half a loaf filled with hot chilli, a dollop of sour cream and a garlic crouton. Long drops were hard work the next day but decent portion for £10
  4. I hear you on both of these ! Gutted they weren’t there
  5. I really missed the cafe/bar in The Wood. Used to spend a good bit of time in there and the cheese and chutney toasties were legend !
  6. I’ve just completed my 7th Glasto and 3rd solo and having the same thoughts / line up was average for me this year but no doubt I’ll be online again in October
  7. 1) PSB’s 2) Skunk Anansie 3) Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbot
  8. One bonfire from what I recall but 3 separate firework displays all across the top of the park. Starts approx 22:30
  9. PSB - It’s a Sin and Always on my Mind
  10. No it won’t be too busy on Tuesday afternoon - we tend to go to some of the craft beer/cider pubs, so The Apple Cider Boat, Wild Beer Co., Zero Degrees
  11. Head down to my mates in Bristol Tuesday afternoon - few cheeky beers and some food and then get dropped off at coach station in the morning
  12. The App is now live on iOS
  13. Didn’t realise Showhawk Duo were there - saw them years ago on the bandstand it was great !! Thursday - Baggy Mondays, Elvana, Camalphat Friday: Crowded House Wolf Alice Arlo Parks (or Fleetmac Wood) Sam Fender Paul Heaton Wilkinson Not planned Saturday / Sunday yet apart from Lorde and PSB
  14. Made my decision up to go and watch Fontaines DC instead I think
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