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  1. Morning all, I’m available to help up to 5 people to get coach tickets from the above destinations leaving in the Wednesday If anyone wants to increase our chances please PM to share details Thanks
  2. Anyone But the Cure. Christ I was bored after 20 mins and by that time I couldn’t get to The Streets or CATQ - ended up down SE corner
  3. I saw a stall in the market area that had done this with the cushions - great idea and will be doing the same with mine
  4. Looking at the footings of the pier I’m convinced it will be a permanent structure. I watched Punch and Judy and had a candy floss - just because It was so different Should have had telescopes at the end of the pier though !!!
  5. I only managed to get 3 out of the 6 - women on the park water kiosk said people were taking a lot more than one each probably to sell on eBay
  6. I preferred the spider also. It just felt more menacing and that you were entering into its lair as you approached it, and I’m sure the flames were bigger back then. As you say though, a work in progress, and who knows what next year will bring
  7. It used to be The Cave, it’s now rebranded as Samula
  8. BL1ND T1G3R


    I had a chick pea and potato coconut curry with chutney, rice and naan bread for £10 from Manic Organic - the portion was huge and it tasted divine, I’m not even a veggie !
  9. How brilliant were Haelos ? Smallish crowd really which surprised me. They were on the Other Stage a few years back early morning and they were great then. Thought their appeal would have spread a bit more
  10. It was in the Crows Nest - it was rammed and the sound quality was pretty poor from where I stood
  11. Still didn’t manage NYC Downlow - queues were horrific !
  12. BL1ND T1G3R

    Flops 2019

    Janet Jackson was horrific in my opinion. Although, she can still dance !
  13. I saw them, they were called BURD, stopped me in my tracks on the way to the Acoustic Stage - absolutely incredible, I stayed for their 30 min slot
  14. I just reflected on the Years & Years speech in the Emotional thread - completely agree
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