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  1. BL1ND T1G3R


    Apple Mojito from Cider Bus Visit the Stone Dragon Axe Throwing in Craft Village (wasn’t there in 2017, so fingers crossed it returns) Pint in the Avalon Bar, then the Helter Skelter Observation Deck in T&C fields - good views and no queues like Ribbon Tower Death slide in Greenpeace Field !!!
  2. That’s quality - I’d wear that !
  3. Sorry if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes who usually post this thread but I loved this topic over the years and with just over 5 weeks to go I thought I’d better post. Pulled out my trusty Editors 2010 World Tour T today and cannot wait to wear it at the festival again. What other funky t-shirts will be going down on the farm?
  4. In no order: London Grammar 2017 Editors 2016 Christine & the Queens 2016 Adele 2016 Chvrches 2014
  5. 10 cans of Old Mout kiwi and lime flavour, 10 cans of G&T and 2 cardboard 1 litre bottles of red wine - I buy all beer there so it’s cold
  6. 6th on the bounce for me and this is my 2nd year going solo after 2017. I wouldn’t have it any other way now ! Lucky to get tickets in October but then you have the 9 month wait instead of the short wait after resale I’ve been making lists, stacking piles of camping stuff all over the house - the Mrs thinks I’m mental Just started catching up on Barbster360’s vlogs as they always send me over the edge
  7. Portishead in the Acoustic tent I bet that was awesome !!! Rodney Branigan is a great watch - plays two guitars at once and always does a few covers, Creep, is bizarrely very good and gets the crowd going. Watched him on all the smaller stages over the years so this will be great - nothing else appeals however
  8. BL1ND T1G3R

    Cider bus

    Independent so will be there I’m sure Their Apple Mojito is beautiful
  9. .....Spork, tent pegs, travel pillow and water carrier. Its getting closer folks ! What small essentials are you all buying?
  10. I’ve taken a compact Canon SX700HS for the last 5 Glasto’s and love the results. It’s got 30 x optical zoom and 16m pixels - it’s also good in low light conditions Always take a spare battery and extra memory card and it’s never let me down yet. Fits easily into your pocket or bag One going for £40 on eBay at the minute
  11. ....the smell of a baking long-drop in the morning
  12. Boring, predictable and safe in my opinion - would love a change of style - the Glade and Shangri-La themes were quality
  13. I remember this day - sitting outside Manic Organic with the Glasto paper thinking how the hell will I wait that long - gone pretty quick in fairness
  14. This was one of the days from 2014 however for some reason my PC isn’t allowing me to access the photo file information so I can’t actually tell you what day it is.
  15. I love the build up, the anticipation of acts and announcements, making lists, revising lists, little piles of new Glasto stuff accumulating in the spare room (annoying the Mrs) - I love it all !!!!
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