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  1. A fair point. We've just made Davos and Cassetteboy a Sunday morning tradition for the last 4 years so I'll be there, may wander off and see Jeff though if it's the same again.
  2. Filthy

    s(NO)w patrol

    Like stepping over a dog turd and then falling in a cowpat
  3. Filthy


    A garlic guzzler burger has saved my life many times. Sometimes only a dirty burger will do. We thought grand bouffe had gone downhill the last couple of years, potatoes not cooked properly and portions reduced. Love Paella, Le rac shack, goan fish curry.
  4. Anyone know what Primary Entry is? Is it just like Airport Queue Jump?
  5. Another here who thought Chems weren't great soundwise but radiohead were OK. The wind hit Arcade Fire's set badly on Sat too. Had a blast overall despite the "gig in a car park" feel
  6. Just put cider under the tent and it will be colder still
  7. OK excellent, I'll keep using the link then!
  8. I had the same on Amazon, used the efests link to access the site but after logging in it wasn't obvious that efests was referenced. Just hope my Christmas present buying earnt efests a bit of cash!
  9. Filthy

    Kanye west confirmed

    The greatest trick Mike99 ever pulled was convincing the world his lineup claims didn't exist
  10. Filthy


    I think it's unarguable that Morrissey and Marr are taking Taylor Swifts lead over this. Good on them
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