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  1. Filthy

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Anyone know what Primary Entry is? Is it just like Airport Queue Jump?
  2. Filthy

    Iffy Turnouts

    Ride was very empty due to royal blood
  3. Filthy

    Distance walked

    My Fitbit says 87 miles Wednesday to Sunday. Would obviously include dancing though!
  4. Filthy

    Lost my Glastonbury ticket. How can I still get in

    Yeah I had to go there when my wristband was cut off in my sleep that was a horrible few hours not knowing if they'd let me back in. Luckily I still had my ticket and after a few questions about who I'd bought tickets with etc they let me back in
  5. Filthy

    Silly accessories

    We're having a Leia off at the top of the park on Thurs afternoon
  6. Filthy

    ClashFest 2017

    RTJ finish at 5.15, I reckon you could easily get to West Holts by 5.30 for Toots, weather depending. that's certainly my plan
  7. Filthy

    Breakfast recommendations

    Scone in 60 seconds?
  8. Filthy

    The state of the ground.

    You lot will have the Soil Council after you
  9. Filthy

    "Really big secret"

    Page and Plant playing with Grohl and the lads?
  10. Filthy

    confirmed food vendors 2017

    Le Rac shack are there again thankfully! https://www.leracshack.com/
  11. Filthy

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Another here who thought Chems weren't great soundwise but radiohead were OK. The wind hit Arcade Fire's set badly on Sat too. Had a blast overall despite the "gig in a car park" feel
  12. Filthy

    The stone roses

    Beautiful Thing Hear the words I sing, War's a horrid thing, So I sing sing sing... ...ding-a-ling-a-ling
  13. Filthy

    box of red wine

    I second this, despite it not being 3L it's worth it as it's delicious. It was my nighttime drink of choice last year. Used to come in a handy carry case too but may not anymore
  14. Filthy

    New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    Just put cider under the tent and it will be colder still
  15. Filthy

    please buy tickets via our links

    OK excellent, I'll keep using the link then!