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  1. I know someone who got in so ingeniously that I wonder if he will ever pay in again. No bribe, no runner....no more details!!!!
  2. Worrying that I’ve left too early for campervan West and annoying everyone on the M6 by only doing about 50mph.
  3. The weather guy on the BBC cricket coverage said that the tournament will be badly affected this week but will be ok next week. ‘The week after should be even better again.’ Michael Fish all over....
  4. It’s a small field so furthest walk to gate is about five mins. From there, five mins to Cineramageddon, another 10 to Park/Arcadia. So between 15-20 mins to Park, another five or ten to other, pyramid etc. Unless it’s muddy. In which case stay in your van and smoke.
  5. I’m a bit confused by the booking system. If a group of us want to go (Say 6) do we need to make 6 bookings? For £120? Or do you buy a car and that includes a number of people....?
  6. Totally agree. Yet I find myself in agreement with Billy Bragg in relation to accountability for what you say. It’s an interesting debate and we have to be careful with where it’s going.
  7. Ray Jones, erstwhile MC on the Joe Strummer “Rock Against the Rich” tour in the ‘80’s (with ‘your dads a horrible man’ Rees Mogg botherer Ian Bone watching on), delivering articulate and clever play with words. It’s offensive. It’s playful. It’s art. It’s punk. It’s not inciting anyone to actually kill anyone.
  8. No, still hasn’t come through. Try again mate.
  9. Blisterpack

    Resale Club 2019

    Yeah. Haven’t had a kitkat for ages.
  10. Blisterpack

    Resale Club 2019

    Yeah. Haven’t had a kitkat for ages.
  11. To the tune of ‘Andrei Kanchelskis!!!’
  12. I’m 55. I’m sensible 51 weeks a year.
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