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  1. Blisterpack

    ETC longlist

    Finished listening to them all and still really rooting for Lines. Accepting that taste is clearly subjective, I’m sticking sort of with my first instincts. Nearly a third from first few letters of the alphabet and a lot of dross in there. A few interesting acts but can’t help feel that those ‘bloggers’ are either half arsed in their approach or are simply touting mates or bands who push their twitter/Instagram. If that’s the future of music then Christ knows what I’ve been following on the live scene the past few years.
  2. Blisterpack

    ETC longlist

    28% of list is letters A-E..... might just be coincidence. And yes a ‘pre-listen to everything else’ vote for Lines from me.
  3. An unconditional apology in the time of Brexit/Trump. I might frame this. Well done that man.
  4. Blisterpack

    ETC longlist

    That long list: without judging too early - does it look like some of the judges couldn’t be arsed listening to anything outside of one letter of the alphabet? Looks like a few have picked bands based on the letter they begin with.... will have a listen tho
  5. And here’s me thinking Liam was the controversial brother.....
  6. Blisterpack

    In your phone

    Bizarrely: Joey Barton.
  7. Kraftwerk Unplugged. *taps nose......
  8. Cure liam sigrid fat whites kylie sheryl crow idles streets tame impala good bad and queen I never see more than a dozen or so over the whole weekend so given that I usually see a couple at acoustic, one or two at least at leftfield and more often than not the other stage opener then I reckon there is well more than enough for me this year.
  9. https://www.wegottickets.com/event/464195 back and active! This is such a welcome comeback.
  10. “Over 1000 acts on over 100 stages. All of whom entered the Emerging Talent Competition.”
  11. I reckon the Emerging Talent longlist will be next up, next few days.
  12. Saw The Pale White last week in Liverpool. They were good, but Oranj Son, the support, were fantastic. They have some absolute tunes.
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