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  1. Yes it could yet be a dry one, but with this Outlook I'd definitely be recommending wellies in the boot of the car
  2. From perfect weather to a potential shitshow in just a couple of days. Nothing new then.
  3. Depressing isn't it?
  4. Due to the financial hit from cancelling, they should offer existing ticketholders two options: 1. Refund of deposit and no priority for 2021 2. No refund of deposit and priority window for 2021
  5. The official numbers are becoming nonsense as it's now almost impossible to get tested, even if you have all the symptoms
  6. doogie

    The poster 2020

    We'll work from home, we'll work from home, we're working, we'll all work from home
  7. I guess we can start importing Chinese doctors who've already had the virus to help us when the shit hits the fan here in 2-3 weeks time
  8. This is the thing. It's not practical to postpone it, and for financial reasons I don't think they'd cancel it unless they're forced to by legislation. Of course many of the acts may choose not to turn up, so the line-up would take a massive hit, but luckily as we always say, Glastonbury's not about the line-up.
  9. He no longer wants any mysterious girls to get close to him
  10. The main competition for the opening act is bed, which is where half the site will still be
  11. Has anyone mentioned The Lightning Seeds yet? https://lightningseeds.co.uk/march-jollification-the-summer/ Looks like they're active this summer, and they often do Glastonbury when the football's on
  12. doogie

    Sleeping At Glasto

    I'm also a lousy sleeper at the best of times. At Glasto I use non-prescription sleeping pills, wax earplugs, aspirin, a blackout tent and an eye mask. That usually gets me 5 or 6 hours of sleep each night which is plenty 🙂
  13. doogie

    efests Exit Poll

    As an unreconstructed Blairite, here's what I think were the main problems with Labour's campaign: 1) Half the country wants Brexit, so a second referendum would have put this at serious risk. 2) Corbyn comes across as a terrible leader to anyone outside his rank and file. He also has way too much baggage and no charisma whatsoever. 3) The Left always has credibility issues when it comes to managing the economy, so the uncosted nationalisation programme that nobody asked for and the post-manifesto giveaways (e.g. to Waspi women) exasperated this. People worried that his spendi
  14. Time to get out the Roxette boxset
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