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  1. I voted yes because they're justifiable as a relatively cheap third headliner if they have to bust the budget to get one/both of the other nights' headliners (like Mumford & Sons were the year the Stones played). But if all three headliners were Foals calibre, it would look weak.
  2. I've been going since the mid-90s, but for several years mrs d and I used to stay off site at a B&B in Glastonbury town - mrs d hates camping so this was the only way we were both going to go. Anyway, in 2016 there were two retired nurses staying at our B&B who'd seen Glasto on the telly and who'd made the decision to go as a bucket list thing. At breakfast on the Friday they were excitedly telling us about all the acts they were looking forward to seeing, but when we saw them the following morning it turned out they hadn't brought wellies or any other suitable footwear, and they hadn't actually made it to any of the stages. Indeed by late Friday morning they'd given up and headed back to the B&B. They spent the rest of the weekend visiting Cheddar Gorge, Wells and other places in the area before heading home.
  3. doogie

    2020 headliners

    My educated guess is Elton's in the frame for Glasto, but he's also doing BST, and until that's announced and the tickets are all sold, Glasto are embargoed from mentioning him
  4. doogie

    50th Anniversary

    We'll probably get half of Haircut 100
  5. doogie

    Diana Ross

    Some interesting titbits on Diana Ross's fan page: https://dianarossofficialfanclub.com/2019/10/12/diana-ross-is-set-to-tour-the-uk-in-2020/ "As regards to the Glastonbury concert at the Pyramid Stage on June 28, 2020, what we can say is that she is planning a show based on her UK success that´s why "Chain Reaction", "I´m Still Waiting" and "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" are going to be included in the setlist. Also, two guest stars would perform with her on stage. One would be a established star and a current star would be the other."
  6. doogie

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Wow wish I'd known about that!
  7. doogie

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Were they even there?
  8. Remember a Bublé is for life, not just for Christmas
  9. If we're looking at all genres, I'd put any of these in this category: Take That Billy Joel Michael Bublé Cliff Richard
  10. It sells out quickly, but there's usually more availability after the resale, then again in May
  11. doogie

    Diana Ross

    Seems she's got a new album out in 2020 https://dianarossofficialfanclub.com/2019/06/15/diana-ross-new-album/ Just the news everyone wants to hear
  12. doogie

    Diana Ross

    Amazing news So what are the chances of a duet with Lionel?
  13. I don't think they'd go to the expense of renting a special field for something that probably won't happen. Also it's very unlikely they'd show the game if it clashed with the headliner (anyone who needs to see it may as well head home early). So all in all I reckon it's highly unlikely they'll show the football whatever happens.
  14. Yes, unless England come 3rd in their group in which case there's a chance they'd play on the Sunday
  15. It is but as we're co-hosting it (along with several other countries), England's group games would be at Wembley, so we'd be in Group D.
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