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  1. Can’t put my finger on it, but these really irritate me for some reason. I generally run a mile from them, but gave this a go. I will continue running a mile.
  2. these guys share stages and personnel with scouse electro masters Oranj son. Best double bill for your money anywhere. This new stuff is top class.
  3. Chester Pride tomorrow followed by scouse favourites Oranj Son in Wrexham in the evening. Liverpool, North Wales, Chester….. anyone of ‘a certain age’ might have memories of The Jam at Deeside Leisure Centre (“Battle of the Ice Rink” as the local press reported it) flooding back to them! I feel your pain, and recall my own!
  4. Festevol on Saturday in Liverpool looks ace. Those two bookends of Kelly Lee Owens and Oranj Son are absolute highlights for the summer for me. Really can’t wait to see them both.
  5. I get that, but is there a ‘system’ for it? You are talking about validation of about 150k people from all over the world. And as you say, it might need to be done in about 10 weeks.
  6. At some point in the near future (like the next few months) they need to make a decision on the tickets already sold and how they validate the vaccine status of ticket holders. Other festivals next year can factor that into their planning but Glastonbury has sold out and will need to retrospectively find a way of checking status other than ‘on the door’ which clearly can’t work. And there is the added issue of non-UK ticket holders. It feels so unlikely that it can be resolved in the few months between now and the end of 2021 that it will need to be sorted for it to go ahead. The ‘outdoors’ argument won’t stack up with scientific and medical experts who have the tiniest understanding of how packed together the 200k people are at Glastonbury.
  7. Festevol at Invisible Wind Factory in August looks really good, especially that first day. Love Kelly Lee Owens, and Working Men’s Club are really growing on me. Throw in Oranj Son, best band in Liverpool at the moment, and it’s not a bad do at all. Great venue as well.
  8. Blisterpack

    2021 chances

    Cheltenham can comfortably happen (of sorts) with a 10-20% capacity with meaningful crowd control and social distancing. It won’t be a true indicator of Glastonbury happening.
  9. My experience in the past few weeks, albeit limited, is that even among those who respect opinions and personal space, this goes out of the window after a few drinks. Just been reading on BBC about Chainsmokers gig in New York; people will eventually return to type.
  10. That is excellent. Not sure how transferable some of those arrangements are though. Nor how much people will take notice of them. I mentioned on another thread that I went to an outdoor gig locally on Saturday. Really good intentions from everyone there and a start time of 8pm. PA problems meant the band (Oranj Son) didn’t come on til 9:30 by which time everyone was pissed and paying no attention to rules. It was a normal gig in every respect, apart from the fact that I stood miles away! Behaviour has to match the guidance or the government will just pull the plug.
  11. Government advisors saying today that sport events - specifically football - will not take place without significantly reduced crowds (maximum 1/3 capacity) until there is a vaccine. Says it is a given that this will affect the whole of the 20/21 season. And no travelling supporters to ensure local control. Are we thinking that rules out festivals until there is a vaccine?
  12. Once this is all over then it is a potentially really good Outdoor venue you know. Problems with the PA meant that they didn’t play til about 9:30 though, by which time everyone was pissed and there was a proper mosh with no social distancing. I stood well back and not sure I’d chance that again. Really good band though- hopefully get to see them at a few outdoor events over the summer.
  13. Just noticed on Twitter that these are doing an outdoor gig in the car park/beer garden of a pub in Ellesmere Port, on the Mersey docks. Given we have had no live music at all round here for months I reckon it’s gonna be rammed (within social distancing rules obviously).
  14. https://www.getintothis.co.uk/2020/04/liverpools-parr-street-studios-attic-and-ropewalk-buildings-to-be-demolished-if-new-apartment-plans-approved/?fbclid=IwAR1YnZ_atQkg5V5HOBTUI91GnQCHDQm5r9rh5FlBg0HXs-dYTXogbWla6BY feel like I jinxed Parr Street. Absolutely awful news this if true.
  15. Could well be Parr Street- they record there regularly. Best band in Liverpool at the moment I reckon. That vocal is haunting in the right venue. Every song of theirs is a banger mate.
  16. This appeared on YouTube yesterday. Saw them playing with Toy just before lockdown and they said they were about to go into the studio to record a few things but suspect that this live rehearsal vid is a ‘ticking over teaser’. There is absolutely nobody with a better ear for a hook than these guys.
  17. This is 480,000 people dying as a result of catching this virus. Some might have died of something else I suppose, but it’s like saying don’t try to cure cancer cos they might get hit by a bus anyway.
  18. I’m linking in the hygiene issue. Seriously we all know the place and love it, but it’s not clean is it? We all come home every year with Festival flu.
  19. 200K people from all parts of the globe and every town and city in the UK. Nothing comes close to that sort of demographic profile. All congregated in a small space with little or no personal hygiene being an almost elemental aspect of the experience. Whenever journalists and politicians discuss ‘events’ that may be cancelled you can bet your bottom dollar that Glastonbury is what they are getting at. It will have its own place on any Public Health England/ Govt risk register, no question.
  20. It’s not a decision taken in isolation though. Volunteer groups have a duty of care to their people which will include carrying out risk assessments. Public Health England will very probably have advice out there in April which will make Oxfam, for example, to have to make some big decisions. The impact on the NHS though, particularly local to Somerset, will trump everything. If this hasn’t died down significantly in a month (and that’s not likely)!then the Euros, the Olympics and major festivals are all at significant risk.
  21. I know from a very well placed source within the FA that the ‘go/no go’ decision by UEFA on the European championships was the end of April last week, and has been brought forward two weeks in the past couple of days due primarily to the situation in Italy. I think there are many people underestimating this; there will be significant travel restrictions imposed globally and the idea of putting 200k people from around the world in a field may not be as acceptable as many of you think and that period around balance payment/resale is clearly when the decision will be taken.
  22. Just off to see Oranj Son in Manchester; first time Ive seen them for a few months. Never, ever disappoint. They have some amazing tunes, just seem to have new bangers every time I see them. Love this one.
  23. Ooh this is good, just noticed it on Tom Robinson’s Twitter.. Saw them in Liverpool a few weeks ago, big crowd - bit of a buzz around them in the city I think. They keep disappearing from the live scene for ages and then popping up with bangers and brilliant live shows.
  24. Blisterpack

    Coach resale

    Just remind me - is it maximum of 2?
  25. I know someone who got in so ingeniously that I wonder if he will ever pay in again. No bribe, no runner....no more details!!!!
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