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  1. I’ve tested positive today. Hope it’s more the Ben Elton strain than the Bernard Manning one.
  2. If Oranj Son aren’t knocking on the door then it will be a surprise. BBC Introducing Merseyside love them and rightly so. A bit enigmatic and below the radar locally but when they do appear live there is a real buzz about them. New album is wonderful.
  3. one for fans of Liverpool’s best (and best kept secret) band Oranj Son. Debut album finally released. I was talking to Dave Monks from Merseyside’s BBC Introducing recently and he loves these. Said he had heard the album and it was ‘mind-blowing’. Totally off the radar in terms of the local scene but they just appear every now and then and play absolutely blinding sets. I saw them at the Festevol gig last year with Kelly Lee Owens and Working Men’s Club and they were well set in that company. Mates in Bristol and Brighton have seen them as well, just turning up and playing some mad venue and getting a few heads in through word of mouth. Proper old school In a way.
  4. Just had an email saying my order has been sent out today. I assume that means my WV car park pass. It also has a number as my reference (WORTHY ****); is that likely to be my tent number?
  5. Stood near the back with the booze smugglers and smokers; totally chilled, great atmosphere. New stuff was really good and his voice was the best it has sounded for years.
  6. Seriously? That’s the counter to my position?
  7. Exhibit A: Pussy Riot it is possible - some Russians, ordinary people and high profile figures, are making explicit statements condemning Putin and his war. If she chooses not to then that’s fine, it’s a risk management choice possibly. But it’s still a choice and it should mean she is nowhere near Glastonbury.
  8. This is so far beyond not reading the room it is unbelievable. I was half expecting some sort of dramatic statement from the Festival that put this to bed with a wholly Ukraine-supportive position. Now if she does end up not playing it will look like a forced climb down. They could not have got this any more wrong.
  9. Perfectly put. This is now a full on embarrassment.
  10. Nina Kraviz being binned is the highlight of the lineup. Well, that and Chris Difford.
  11. Generally accepted to be £1 billion. 26 million households, so 30 odd quid a household. That’s gross (I know, in more ways than one…) so I suppose you should really net off economic benefits before deciding how much it has cost taxpayers. If anything.
  12. Accuracy doesn’t matter….? Did you say you were a teacher?
  13. I think that £30K figure has been doing the rounds, but it is clearly nonsense. The figure is something like £35 per household. Extra day off, seems ok to me.
  14. “It’s appalling what my country’s relations with Ukraine have become…” just fuckin jib her FFS!
  15. Mate, they’ll lose their shit when they see my Worthy View bridge….
  16. Fair enough. Still convinced that the info was good though. I was hoping for something going the other way tbh, towards strummerville, but we’ll see. Maybe it proved too much.
  17. There was a rumour a couple of months ago of some building control involvement from the local council in looking at this as a possibility…..
  18. I’m 100% calling that extra greenery going from Worthy View towards the fence just before the Crows Nest as some sort of treetop bridge.
  19. There is definitely some new tree/hedgerow activity represented from Worthy view down to the Crows Nest area above the park. I reckon this is the ‘bridge’ I was told about.
  20. The world doesn’t owe Nina Kraviz a chance of redemption you know. As has been said elsewhere, she is fairly despicable once she starts rabbitting on but until now people never thought of cancelling her. This is (rightly) different.
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