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  1. BlackHole2006

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    I’m not too bad over here. Trying desperately to channel what would be my excitement for Glastonbury into excitement for other things, such as Boomtown. Also avoiding watching any articles or videos or mentions of Glasto. We can do this guys & girls.
  2. BlackHole2006


    Kanye West confirmed for Glasto 2015
  3. BlackHole2006

    Worst Headliner?

    Springsteen was absolute codshite in 2009.
  4. BlackHole2006

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Back To The Planet will be great as well! Just before King Kong
  5. BlackHole2006

    Jah Wobble 1994

    Yes Bamber! Seeing Jah at The Glade last year was real quality. Loved the bit where he pretended they were mixing the band in a studio.
  6. BlackHole2006

    Bearded Theory 2018

    We should arrange an eFests meet or something like that
  7. BlackHole2006

    Arcadia - London

    So managed to bag a free ticket thanks to a friend who won tickets but couldn’t go. Arcadia is an area that has never really been on my radar but that fest was really decent & the metamorphosis show was spectacular.
  8. BlackHole2006

    Bearded Theory 2018

    I’ve joined the mailing list but for some reason haven’t had the email come through? Any chance of copying/pasting it on here? EDIT: Don’t worry. Found it on the website. I wonder what Alpaca & Magic Teapot are. All sounds really interesting
  9. BlackHole2006

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Lukas is fan bloody tastic and was my drink of choice last year. Very curious to try Tzara and Duara Damm this year!
  10. BlackHole2006

    Coachella Live Streamwatch

    Anyonr manage to catch Jean Michelle Jarre? Worthy contender for West Holts 2019?
  11. BlackHole2006

    Such a shame there's no Glastonbury this year

    Man. 2009 was such a great year.
  12. BlackHole2006

    Fun Memories

    Tried MDMA for the first time last year. It was a very enjoyable evening. The comedown on Sunday was not so enjoyable.
  13. BlackHole2006

    Mark E Smith

    “All the other groups, they are so happy to be here. Thanks for turning the volume down c**ts” - Mark E. Smith 2015
  14. BlackHole2006

    Elton John

  15. BlackHole2006

    2018 New Music

    This is the worst thing I've heard in 2018. Not even so far.