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  1. I’d love a Tranquility Base-heavy Mellow Monkeys set. Four Out of Five Star Treatment Cornerstone Piledriver Waltz American Sports TBH&C Love is a Laserquest Batphone One Point Perspective Riot Van Reckless Serenade Suck it and See That’s Where You’re Wrong
  2. I think this could be improved by the areas that have autonomy being more adventurous. Glastonbury only book the Pyramid, Other, JP and Park. Those stages have to book the biggest artists. The other areas could branch out more but they just do their own thing that they do every year. I’m not sure what Glasto could do aside from kicking out old favourite areas and creating new ones every year. I think they’d be going down a bad route if they started imposing bookings on areas of the festival that others are responsible for.
  3. Another argument kicked off by an account I long ago used the ignore function on. Anyway, ignoring the pricks, here’s a controversial opinion that isn’t based in misogyny. Radiohead 2017 was the best of their 3 headline sets, by a distance.
  4. Bradders

    Kendrick Lamar

    I’ve felt like this for a while and never understood why he didn’t get called out for it. A couple of the women I’m going with have never bothered with him for this reason too. Agree on the F word too, powerful and justified usage, that track really hit me.
  5. That’s what I mean yeah. Loads of time wasted for so little gain.
  6. Getting to sets early is almost completely pointless and I can’t believe how many people seem to waste their time doing it. To continue the Paul Heaton pile on, I’ve seen people saying they’ll get there a few hours early for him. What a ridiculous way to spend some peak hours* of the festival. *by which I mean 7-10ish, not seeing him at headline time, which is fine if you’re into him
  7. Agreed. I’ve only been there once for Jon Hopkins but felt all those issues in that visit, didn’t stay to the end even though he was great. The lineup rarely appeals too. Dance music’s equivalent of the Acoustic.
  8. Bradders

    Kendrick Lamar

    I’ve just watched his Reading set on YouTube and, well… it’s not great is it? The crowd are well up for it but I can’t see a Glasto crowd being that enthusiastic if there’s that little of a show going on. I’ll be there and I obviously want him to smash it, but I think I’ll be hanging around on the Holts/Other escape route side.
  9. Now the Sunday legend is a bit more of a crowd-pleasing cheesefest (no complaints), the Saturday songwriting legend would be a nice new slot. As founded by Burt Bacharach.
  10. Yep, Guardian Lounge. Saw a Bombay Bicycle Club acoustic set in there once when my mate got far too high and needed a lie down. Someone gave him a banana and a sprite and he sang a song about it for hours.
  11. No idea really. Ghost seems a decent bet based on the rumours they were playing beforehand. Everything else is just a guess.
  12. Fair enough, didn’t realise they were that big. If they’re exclusive elsewhere this seems much more likely than MCR.
  13. Is there any need for it to be under an alias in the first place though? Surely for a niche band like that the last thing you’d want to do is not tell the few people who might actually want to see you.
  14. I genuinely think KOL is better than AMSP. And EN is better than WE. Who wants to hear a band try and do the same thing they’ve already done but slightly worse?
  15. Bradders

    Kendrick Lamar

    Imagine not being able to make a choice between these two, while your impulses are telling you to go see the electronic artist of the past few years in Bicep instead. Can’t remember ever having a 3-way clash this bad. Head, Heart or Holts.
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