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  1. Bradders

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    She’d be an amazing WH headliner. She has a new (really good) song out too so could well be touring next summer?
  2. Bradders

    Glastonbury 2020

    Yeah they were scheduled to play a tiny stage in the SE corner at 6pm or something. We hung around for about an hour but they never showed up, didn’t seem like any crowd did either.
  3. Bradders

    Worst Album Covers

    I even hate this photo
  4. Bradders

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    For how fun it’s all meant to be, I really didn’t want to go for a pint with any of them after. It’s a fun that takes itself very seriously.
  5. Bradders

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    My problem was that it all felt like very forced fun. There was nothing infectious about it imo, and I was really looking forward to it.
  6. Bradders

    June 2018

    I’ve missed it a fair bit, but have a few holidays booked instead which I usually can’t afford. Weird not going to a camping festival at all for the first time in 16 years, when I was 12.
  7. Bradders

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    As the first band on in the tent at All Points East they packed the place out and went down great.
  8. Bradders

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    Ultimate-guitar.com did.
  9. Bradders

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    The second guy in that article bragging about how he knows Maynard James Keenan likes anal “as you would expect” is the most Tool Fan thing I’ve ever heard. Also why publish that creepy rape apologist who clearly has no real info as if it’s a legitimate rebuttal of all the other people who had actual experiences of similar things?
  10. Bradders

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    I imagine U.S artists just think of it as our Coachella? Like we know Coachella is a big deal over there but I doubt it’s many of our personal dreams to perform there.
  11. Bradders

    The Kinks

    I saw him on the Pyramid and it was very pretty indeed.
  12. Bradders

    West Holts 2019

    I think this is intentional isn’t it? The name was changed from Jazz/World to the non-genre-specific West Holts so they didn’t have to stick to the traditional sound all the time?
  13. Bradders

    Which Is The Best Day?

    Friday is the best because of how great Wednesday and Thursday just were, plus a full music bill and not yet feeling sad that it’ll be over soon.
  14. Bradders

    All Points East Festival 2018

    There was a sniffer dog and airport style security, no body searches though. £5.50 for a can of Red Stripe.
  15. Bradders

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Karyyn is good but dunno how she’ll fare in the afternoon sunshine on the main stage. Weird placement.