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  1. I was considering the gig but the fact it’s a full debut album show puts me off, they’re a band that got progressively better.
  2. A couple of mates have been in the queue for over 5 hours, apparently.
  3. I read this thread earlier and couldn’t relate, but it just popped back into my head now at 3:30am unable to sleep.
  4. Bradders

    Pop ups

    They were gone for a while but now seem to be back.
  5. Yeah I don’t even know who they are, can’t be a special guest. Snapped Ankles are also Saturday Crow’s Nest, not Sunday.
  6. Bradders

    2019 Crew Map

    I think there's a Greenpeace Kids area, you're probably thinking of that.
  7. Bradders

    Pop ups

    Not sure, just had this when trying to view this thread on WiFi
  8. Bradders

    Pop ups

    Just got one on Safari on iPhone. Only getting it on WiFi.
  9. Bradders

    TBAs 2019

    Pretty sure that was one of those occasions where the ITK person’s info had originally come from the rumours on here, or the same initial source at least.
  10. Craig Charles has now been added to the Funkingham Palace lineup earlier in the day, so he’s not the special guest.
  11. Craig Charles thing was about 35 minutes in to his last 6music show. @GrowlerPhil was the guy with the Snapped Ankles info, but I did see their schedule somewhere too. Included some backstage shows.
  12. Bradders

    Hot Chip

    Melody of Love clicked for me while listening to the album too. Don’t like this version of Hungry Child though, much prefer the punchier single.
  13. It was originally misheard as Saturday, but I listened back and he definitely said Sunday night. That was the original rumour but didn’t their schedule say Saturday? Not sure, can’t remember where I saw it.
  14. Two more for Crow’s Nest. Black Midi 11pm Friday, according to @adequate8 Snapped Ankles 1am Sat night/Sun morning, according to a schedule they posted Monday 3-4am Funkingham Palace Craig Charles
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