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  1. I’ve seen them a few times and they didn’t endear themselves to the crowd at all, despite having good tunes. Taking themselves far too seriously, being rude to staff etc. Made for a pretty awkward atmosphere. The first time I saw them they did have a guy who played drums on some tracks and guitar on others, it worked well I thought.
  2. Nice to see some Head of Steam love, I put their playlists together so you’ll get decent tunes in there too!
  3. Bradders

    Other Stage 2020

    It’s a common belief on here that everyone will continue with the trajectory they’ve been on as a hyped new artist and eventually headline it. There are more Emili Sande’s out there than Ed Sheerans.
  4. She was defo a bit pissed on the Park, we weren’t feeling it and went somewhere else.
  5. None taken, I’m just repeating what I was told which came from the team behind the Beat Hotel. I’d taken it at face value without giving it much scrutiny, but the Arcadia point is a good one as well.
  6. Good question. I don’t know, I guess because it’s just more organised now?
  7. Officially it isn’t. It became too much of a commercial venture outside of Glastonbury, which made Glasto nervous about what could be viewed as a spin-off that they had no control over. What if there was some kind of accident at a festival the media could paint as a sister event, for example. They still have a good relationship though so they’re coming back with a new, “separate” project.
  8. I don’t know if it’s bigger, but it’s definitely the same crew and same type of lineups.
  9. This does worry me too. I was nearby when that woman had her leg run over by a tractor on the railway line, causing a huge crush as Rag n Bone man was on at the Other stage. Felt really dangerous. The Land Rovers feel like they’re bombing about too when you’re in a slightly slower state of mind.
  10. Bradders

    2020 headliners

    They’re both completely different artists. Drake is generally focussed on commercial success while Kendrick is more about albums and artistic statements.
  11. Bradders

    2020 headliners

    That’s exactly what I was saying though, it isn’t because I only like music with proper instruments. That style of hip-hop was created with sampling or rapping with a turntablist, Lizzo’s music was written mostly on actual instruments.
  12. Bradders

    2020 headliners

    I was really looking forward to Lizzo but in the end I didn’t particularly enjoy it, mainly because of the lack of live band. Not that I was ideologically against singing to track, but that it just didn’t sound as good.
  13. If I was bullshitting I would definitely be this vague, cos everyone gets so caught up in the guessing they forget that it’s just some random guy on reddit. The regular poster on here who said McCartney was playing is probably more reliable.
  14. 2 of our group won tickets!!! Probably the two that lost out that were most bothered as well, chuffed for em.
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