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  1. As the festival has been cancelled, will anyone still be attending the site in June and camping there, as it will be a shame to not be on the farm
  2. 2019, rex orange county headline set on the park was one of the best performances I have seen at the festival in recent memory
  3. subjection and opinion is the reason music is so diverse, get off your high horse sonny jim
  4. Tame Headlined Coachella the same year, one of the biggest bands on planet Earth at the moment, headlined both Coachella and the Other off the back of the 2014 album currents. new album the slow rush releashed feb of this year which has risen their stock again. so I can see how these would be in a different league to the likes of Royal blood/ Biffy
  5. After the Mad Cool announcement, the Sziget line up is looking for grim reading at the moment, disappointing to say the least thus far when you step back and analyse it
  6. no I expect a line up worthy of the nature of the festival, as both a homage to years gone by plus some great talent.
  7. exactly my point. I was at the other stage last year for the majority of subs/ headliners. I believe the names being bounced around are sub par to what previous years have had
  8. Everyone naming these acts that could potentially play the Other stage, its the 50th year edition of the biggest festival on earth, surely everyone is very disappointed with the names being banded about. royal blood/ biffy clyro? surely this would leave a sour taste in the mouth
  9. 15 mins to line up reveal, see you guys back on the island !
  10. Bruno mars comfirmed watch this space
  11. post Malone would be amazing
  12. so could anyone confirm are there any other frontrunners for the last headline slot or is Kendrick looking a cert at this moment?
  13. Anderson. paak would be a lovely addition to the line up, I wonder how many are parklife exclusives
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