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  1. Best : by far the bayou surf and turf that others have mentioned, special shout out to the chicken and halloumi gyro from a Greek stall between pyramid and San remo that was fantastic. worst: sadly after all the hype, Annie maes. Just wasn’t up to much as we had had lots of great food throughout the week. We waited before bootleg Beatles for one and must say was dissapointed
  2. Saw the whole of blossoms at left field after Brooke Combes set , Charlie salt (bassist) also plays in a band with her. Walked up to khruangbin with Jamie webster after his set on left field he was as buzzing as I was we got a picture together. Saw Sam fender with a long black wig on we had a chat but he wouldn’t allow pictures as it would blow his cover this was on the walk between left field and the pyramid. All of them congratulated me and the mrs on getting engaged
  3. No one said you had to go ?
  4. Paolo is there. Can’t tell you how I know or what exact time but he there Saturday
  5. be doing exactly this, this year
  6. Been there , done that, got the tshirt / baby to prove it! no popping the arl question...
  7. Great news this, i read your thread a few months back as i am going to be doing the same this year. hopefully i will update with pictures next week!
  8. Any Artist on the up for starters. Harry styles being a massive one. Green day rumours even though not on the up having never played the festival and still doing stadium tours would of been a good slot, exact same with the arctic monkeys rumour. 1975 about to release new music, were touted to headline before COVID, could of been a good refamiliarization before they get the top slot. Jack white on the other hand wont be headlining any time soon. wont be popular with younger demographics. seems abit stagnant for me.
  9. and i believe Jack white is as good as done for the Park secret set. going with the last few years secret sets, and what they have went on to do. seems abit regressive for me. especially watching last nights documentary and how Glastonbury is ever evolving. this years secret set seems to be abit of a kop out. i understand its musical opinions and jack white is liked by a lot on the forums. in my opinion its abit of a missed opportunity to get a potential headliner a sighter for next year.
  10. What’s the jack white evidence? I think that is very underwhelming if true
  11. Sorted all my ale and picked up all my after hours entertainment. Picked up mrs engagement ring ready to pop the question at the ribbon tower. got a dads and lads golf tournament tomorrow so get my drinking practice in then packing and ready to depart Tuesday!
  12. if any performer tickets are knocking about this would be handy for a few i know coming down with no way of entry
  13. this, seems like your source is chatting absolute wham bars @FestiHead. The arcadia spider is barely big enough for a b2b set. i call Bull
  14. Been told eats everything presents Fonda pudding b2b pink panther is him and fatboy @ Stonebridge bar
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