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  1. Imogen Heap 2010. I’d discovered her about 6 months before but hadn’t fully clocked quite how good she was. This was a burner year. I was camped in Williams and at least one day slept under an SL articulated truck just to be out of the heat. That afternoon - I later find from the Beeb highlights - Imogen nailed it on the other stage. Had the audience in complete worshipping silence. They finally broke cover to cheer her hitting a crazy high note. There’s a flash of a girl on the rail crying. For me, oh oh oh.
  2. paulo999

    s(NO)w patrol

    Ah ok. consider my neck unwinding
  3. paulo999

    s(NO)w patrol

    Loads of bands who’ve swapped people out.
  4. Are you going with friends or solo?
  5. The beeb coverage is the secret sauce. People come attracted by the “big acts” on stages covered very glossily. On telly it looks like, with half an effort, you’ll be on the rail for a mega act. Then those newbies come. And for many - those that vow to come back - there’s that wonderful transformation we all had. Suddenly you stop caring about whatever the line up is. It’s dawn and you’re sharing random stories with mates, or sat at a random place you never knew and will never exist again. The next year you’re there at 2am in the queue. Or you’ve signed up to work. Or you find yourself driving to the farm on a weekend, to go for a walk in the countryside you’d normally yawn at. I love the beeb coverage. It’s not at all representative. Quite the opposite. But oh my, the new converts it must bring. 🙂
  6. paulo999

    Cold War Steve

    Yeah me too. Not sure this enlightens, but not a bad read for aficionados... https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/jun/15/cold-war-steve-satire-is-my-antidote-to-a-scary-world-interview
  7. paulo999

    Cold War Steve

    Has at least one slot... Sunday 14:30 Stonebridge Bar. anyone know what it will be? In a world I don’t understand anymore, he’s making reassuringly little sense :
  8. paulo999

    s(NO)w patrol

    From the Snow Patrol era bands... I once randomly stumbled across (then blagged into) an Athlete pub room gig for their fans. Long after their hay day. They were mint. Just one effects rack to carry the sound, and it was like listening the original studio polishes. (Snow Patrol... a few tunes of theirs I think are gems, but their only live performance I heard was shite. Live 8. Hopefully that was one off?)
  9. paulo999

    Lock ups question

    One job I did meant being embedded in their crew camping. At first glance it’s an assembled collection of complete randoms... but after a few nights round their (excellent) camp fire the collective vibe shine through. Total good eggs, no egos, no crazies. Just the sort of people who should be doing this amazing job. They work some godawful shifts at times, all for their charities. keep bunging those donations in!
  10. 2016 was my low. Relationship evaporated just a few weeks after. 2017 was a sense of trepidation. I was worried about bringing back bad memories. I was lucky... things turned out no just OK, but properly marvellous. Once of the best “post Glasto honeymoon” ones I’ve ever done. It seems - for me - when an annual event becomes such a big part of your life, it somehow becomes fused with everything else that year, in memories. But rarely do they actually connect in cause and effect. So push on. You can, sometimes, go into it feeling little joy - but come out the other side beaming. (And indeed the opposite). Push on, roll the dice. best wishes to all.
  11. Yeah. “Big Project” documentaries seem to have a broad appeal to, e.g. Crossrail. Prep for the 50th would be nice timing to pin it on.
  12. You can probably ignore my point about avoiding the pen at Paddington. Seems like the days of unadvertised festival specials are a thing of the past. From what I can see, all the extra trains are fully bookable, accept seat reservations, have 1st class. So no need for them to run a pen feed any more. (As a side note... returns on the Monday do indeed still include unadvertised specials... they’ll take anyone with a valid ticket... regardless of whether the ticket has a specified time)
  13. I’d suggest: 1st Class and booked seat from Paddington. If there is a holding pen at Padd for festival goers, DO NOT join the pen. Instead go to the Booked train, and if challenged show ticket and seat reservation. (the holding pen is for non published festival specials, I.e. not the train you’ve booked, and no seat reservations or 1st class choices are honoured. They just fill the train and send it off.)
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