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  1. That was my take. Not just here but in other forums. (IMHO it goes on all over the music industry... female 6 Music DJs taking a unfair slating. )
  2. Out of likes, that’s fab. That also nudges to Mendip being increasingly favourable on some permanent structures. We know that (the base) of Pangea is applied for. The steel framework of the pier would make sense too.
  3. Gotcha. Should have seen it coming. He ran a good cover for awhile, then went over the edge. Must have been a gazebo stockist. ?
  4. Why do you hate people volunteering and doing their work?
  5. What station is he on now? Yeah I know I can google it, but let’s name and shame the employer.
  6. paulo999

    Is It Too Hot?

    As I remember it, 2010 was brutal. From gates open to almost exactly 5pm Monday, not a cloud. One afternoon I slept under a massive truck in Williams. But this year felt waaaay worse. Was it humidity? Temp? Do any of the resident weather geeks have history data? Am I just getting old or was this the scorcher of a decade?
  7. It was inside, but quickly covered. Possible that the banner hangers never even intended it to stay, but main thing it was dealt with. ?
  8. That was it. The same year they had a stall in the SE corner... never seen since I think ?
  9. Wednesday morning? I was up there too, watching the fields fill.
  10. Not my photo, thanks to the Graun photographer/license...
  11. I think the major foul of that was Mr Sausage or whatever it was. Did that food stall ever get a space again?
  12. The face on ticket match is not a license issue, it’s an anti touting measure. Without that, the tickets would be costing many desperate people - those rich enough - thousands of pounds. The profit from that goes to the touts who plague anything that sells out. Who are the bell ends in all that?
  13. It is a civil matter. The days of being driven off for a remote dumping / kicking are (or at least should be) long gone. There’s an eviction tent. Anyone out of order inside the fence is meant to be taken there. Head of security hears the case and is the final arbiter. Those on the eject line fall into duty of care. The license process is that they are taken to nearest usable transport.
  14. paulo999


    Anyone see the removal of the swarm at Yoemans Bridge? I wasn’t there but a mate saw a bee keeper doing the gentle work. Full clothing, carefully done, apparently
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