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  1. This has helped the blues somewhat. Today has felt worse than the other two as I keep thinking of the cons of volunteering over a standard ticket (and of course there are cons but I also need to think of the pros!). Just wish I could have a crystal ball to see if the hope of the next six months will be all worth it!
  2. JW91

    Volunteering 2020

    This is really useful! Thanks for taking the time!
  3. JW91

    Volunteering 2020

    I’m gearing up to volunteer next year and anything else (e.g. resale) is a bonus. Does anyone have any information on the WaterAid shift patterns and how it differs to Oxfam?
  4. In the resale club for the first time since 2013. Waves of sadness combined with an awareness of how lucky we’ve been for the past 6 fests. We’ve managed to get 90% of our group there every year and I’m more grateful for the memories than wanting to curse the festival this time around. Currently planning to get in on volunteering and then try out for resale. Determined to be there for #50 though, and if that means I’m seeing the fest in a different way then so be it! The positive thing with volunteering also is that it frees up some money to experience one of the European fests our group
  5. Put in place my ticket sale plan of action, which involves trying for coach tickets when out of the country with work and arriving back in the UK at 6am on ticket Sunday. As the one who’s been successful the past few times in our group, I’m absolutely bricking it.
  6. Bit gutted - was trying to get WV tickets for my parents (my dad has always wanted to go to Glastonbury and my mum has been convinced after he had a health scare last year). I’m assuming these go back on and off sale over the year depending on cancellations etc and it’s worth keeping an eye on them?
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