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  1. Hawkwind remain one of the most enduring one of a kind acts out there. Dave Brock is the only member that has been there in every incarnation from day one. This does not, of course, include the many bands formed from former members such has Hawklords, Nik Turner's numerous bands, etc. Clearly there has been some kind of making up between the festival organisers and the band as Hawkwind hadn't played Glastonbury since 1999 (I believe) and a they hit a late career peak about two years ago with a hit album (The Machine Stops) and a line up which was every bit as powerful as the early 70's. The live shows were about as good as anything else you might see. Any other band would have been snapped up by GFL but they weren't so the bad blood must have been still there. All I can say is, go and see them. Nothing is off limits as far as the set is concerned. You are likely to see a career spanning greatest hits and some newer stuff and there WILL be a very trippy hi-definition visual display which will spin you into an alternate universe on a couple of pints.
  2. Its also the reason why I don't volunteer with Oxfam at Glastonbury even though I could and save a shedload of money . There is always the chance of something unmissable on at the same time as your shift.
  3. THIS is the best news I've heard all week!!! I bloody love Hawkwind. I've seen them more times than any other band or artist. I lost count years ago. See you there, whoever else is playing.
  4. Martin Ashford


    My brother in law has been raving about Idles. I tried watching some of their 6 Music Festival slot on I Player. I have to say I have never been so bitterly disappointed since Vote Leave won in 2016. I was very tired last night after running a 10k race in the morning so maybe it was a blip. I usually love loads of angst and feedback. I will try again later but I've tried and tried with Arctic Monkeys and I still hate them.
  5. My personal opinion is that Oasis were the biggest British band since Status Quo. Yes, I do not jest, back in their mid - 70's peak the Quo were unbelievably popular across a huge spectrum of the British public. Everyone in my school LOVED them - seriously. A new Quo album was something to get very excited about. Everyone knows how they had massive hit singles for a number of years, completely dominating Top Of The Pops but live they were the band every long haired wannabe rocker wanted to see. I would certainly say they were the biggest band (at least in the UK) since The Beatles.
  6. I think the ideal band for this slot, this year in particular, is Lynyrd Skynyrd. The line up so far is clearly very light on blues rock artists. Its very heavy on female/pop/dance acts and one relatively new grime artist. Every year Glastonbury throws in a few acts aimed at my generation of aging rock types. Skynyrd would be an ideal counterweight - LOTS of blues and country laced guitar, a bunch of genuine rock classics that nearly everyone knows and a whole lot of attitude. Bon Jovi would also be a good shout.
  7. Well I'm gutted. Steve Hillage has just personally confirmed to me via a reply to a comment I made on a System 7 post that he is not playing Glastonbury this year, either with System 7 or as the newly revitalised Steve Hillage Band. I would have thought he was a cert to perform on The Glade given that he's played so many times in the past and is hugely significant to the festival's development in the past. Now I'm starting to wonder if The Glade itself is no longer part of the festival.
  8. To my ears they sound even more like Todd Rundgren than they did before so its a thumbs up from me. I'll be seeing them no matter what (unless Steve Hillage Band are on at the same time).
  9. Well, he should. If his name is not on the next poster I will proper kick off.
  10. Martin Ashford

    Eddie Vedder

    Eddie Vedder will perform on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday 29th June. You heard it hear first or my middle name isn't Douglas. No source. His solo tour takes him to Barcelona on Friday28th and Dusseldorf on Sunday 30th. Edder is just what the line up needs.
  11. Snow Patrol The Chemical Brothers Kylie This is the kit (really good at Shambala last year) Janet Jackson Fat White Family Two Door Cinema Club George Ezra Tame Impala The Cure
  12. I'm really happy with it. Really chuffed about Snow Patrol - long overdue. Lots of women this year which is nice but I'm craving some serious rock and there's not much there at the moment. I was also hoping for some massive dance acts like Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia - maybe on the next poster?
  13. Pearl Jam Taylor Swift The Steve Hillage Band Kraftwerk Judas Priest
  14. It's most likely to be a Greatest Hits. I remember seeing something a few years ago saying she still owed Big Machine a Greatest Hits. I just can't see an album of brand new material coming out this fast. Logically, its time for a career retrospective anyway, Yes, I'm aware she's signed a new contract but who knows.
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