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  1. Is anybody else watching Swiftogeddon Live stream????
  2. Hate to bring negative waves but just seen a Sun report on Facebook saying ALL mass gatherings to be banned from Monday - emergency legislation - Glastonbury mentioned, Wimbledon even. Source not mentioned. Fucking hell.
  3. The absence of Lewis Capaldi is a huge plus for me but I still think he's booked. This is a VERY female heavy line up but at least it has THE female headlining.
  4. Excellent documentary - brilliant editing and very honest. I thought the bit where Scott Taylor starts to lose his cool over her political forays was quite extraordinary. I found myself shouting out loud a few times.
  5. Martin Ashford

    Volunteering 2020

    Today is quite a special day. My youngest daughter is about to have baby boy and when I get home from work I have Priority with Oxfam. Looking at Download, Glastonbury (I've not volunteered there since 2005) , Boomtown and Shambala. I will have to pay £285 deposit now which covers ALL those festivals and gurantees my camper van gets on site. In about October I get my deposit back because I'm very dependable. I could, of course add more but that would lead to divorce which is stressful and expensive. It's a great option folks and always worth consideration.
  6. Martin Ashford

    Billie Eilish

    Just the sight of her brings me out in a kind of scabies.
  7. 61 Taylor Swift, Macca, Aerosmith, Orbital, Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden
  8. Errr, I've played performed at Glastonbury twice before - improvised cosmic poetry in 1978 and jamming on guitar with The Cosmic Charlies in 1992 (Grateful Dead tribute band) who I went on to join as second guitarist/vocalist. We played all over England. I've been playing in bands since I was 13 and still play in a three piece rock covers band - The Sonic Kicks. We do Motorhead, Quo, Stereophonics, T Rex, The Fall, etc. Can also play bass and drums. I play a Strat through a small Marshall stack. Yeah, I'm up for it if she is!!!
  9. I'm here dude. How fantastic is this - it really hasn't sunk in yet. Certainly made up for the Tory rout,
  10. I just don't know if I can be arsed - then again - HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!
  11. Got a ticket to Pearl Jam and ...gulp.....a Gold Circle ticket for Taylor Effing Swift!!!!!
  12. This was the video that made me realise how special she is
  13. Martin Ashford


    Love them or loathe them they are a hugely entertaining live band. I would imagine they have zero interest in Glastonbury and its prominent green, alternative, socialist ethos and history. They are known for supporting Veterans charities and sod all else.
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