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  1. Assuming I am not on shift with Oxfam, I will be there in my capacity as Labour Councillor for Pontyclun Central ready to take your enquiries. As this is my 30th year attending the festival we call Glasto I will be able to give you a range of opinions and political information on artists such as Adele, King Sunny Ade and Motorhead. Please do not ply me with drink as I have signed the Code Of Conduct and must be of good humour at all times.
  2. Hi all. This year I'm with Oxfam. I willl be a Team Leader at Gully's Gate in the South West corner behind Cineramageddon. Keep an eye out and if you see me and don't scream something like "I'm a f****** Swiftie!" at the top of your lungs I will be offended. I won't know my actual shifts until I get to site on Tuesday so, potentially, I might be on duty during the Efestival Meet. This would be DIFFICULT as you can imagine. Basically, if I'm not there assume I am indeed working at Gully's Gate.
  3. In fairness Biffy played a fantastic set at Download on Sunday. It was the same show they did at Cardiff Bay last summer. Presumably they could just turn up festival ready.
  4. only for one year though 2011 I think (the one with Beyonce)
  5. Easily blows away every other stage for me but Hillage against Macca - oh dear - could be quite painful.
  6. Thank you guys. I really hope I'm not on shift with Oxfam while the traditional meet is on.
  7. So I got in. I beat the Tory candidate by 15 votes. I'm all signed up as a County Councillor and I have the power to grant festivals licenses. Also bars etc. This is a brilliant thing.
  8. This seems like a good place to let everyone know that I'm running for Election as the Welsh Labour candidate for Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council (Pontyclun Central Ward)on May 5th. This is not a joke! Here is my Facebook personal Election Page. It would be great if people could like it and even share it. Obviously, if I get in I will be in a very positive frame of mind and as it's my 30th year attending Glastonbury this June it could be a double whammy of ecstatic potential in the fields of Avalon.https://www.facebook.com/ClunLabour
  9. My brother in law and his wife got through ok. I'm going with Oxfam this year as I had Priority. 2019 was the first time that Pete EVER failed to get our tickets so he's going to be well pleased. Hopefully, I will still be able to get to the usual Efests meet especially as this year is my 30th Glastonbury and if I get elected to Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council on My 5th I will be on a massive high. Lets's have a PAARRRTAAY!!!
  10. Paul and Wolf Alice are literally my only "got to, got to, got to" acts at the moment. Every other act that I really like I've seen several times before. I refuse to believe that they haven't booked Kraftwerk when they are headlining Green Man and All Points East. What the hell is that about?
  11. My initial reaction was abject disappointment then I remembered that I'm volunteering with Oxfam for the first time since 2005 so I'm not going to be too upset if I miss out on loads of favourite acts. The absence of Aerosmith really stands out for me even more than Taylor Swift because they have booked most of the big name female acts in the business.
  12. For my money, the Bearded Theory line up is absolutely staggeringly good. Completely free of piffle like Capaldi and it's still relatively cheap compared to big "family" festivals like Womad, Isle Of Wight and Latitude which are really expensive in comparison. People are naturally going to make comparisons based on value for money and when you are shelling out over a grand to take a family of four to Latitude for the weekend in the campervan, you are going to desire top notch headline acts.
  13. I'm off to see Idles this Friday in Cardiff Arena - my first time. I'm hoping they are really loud, really sweaty and really political. If anybody has got a spare ticket for either of Wolf Alice's Bristol shows, hit me up. I've also going to a meeting on Saturday morning which the First Minister of Wales is attending. Watch out for the photo op!
  14. I went to Boardies for the first time last year (with Oxfam). I had a great time but caught Covid while I was there but anyway, I also went to Latitude for the first time (also with Oxfam) and I saw Bombay Bicycle Club who were absolutely brilliant. I was expecting Boardies to be about 15,000 not 50,000 plus. The youngest crowd I have ever seen for , like , anything.
  15. Thanks for this! Most interesting. I concur that Reputation as a follow up to 1989 seemed quite jarring and it did indeed seem like a mega jump in music/presentation/fashion - not entirely a natural development. On the subject of Swift's socialism the fact that I have been selected by Welsh Labour as a Candidate to stand for Election to Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council in May should come as no surprise. I admit that i was radicalised by watching a Youtube video of the opening songs from the Red tour where , on a vast red stage, Swift appears in the traditional pose of a worker from the Soviet era (see images below) Though she's not entirely dressed as a typical worker, the message is loud and clear " This a state of grace- this is a worthwhile fight" (in which the reference to the class struggle is underlined ). It was the pounding drums, the irresistable Edge like guitar motif , and the signification of a call to arms exemplified by Swift's commanding - yes, upbeat stage presence and general mannerisms that made me realise that Taylor Swift is telling us that we can be masters of our own destiny, we can and should shake off the oppression of our servitude to the vile all consuming military industrial complex, don our high waisted leather pants and stick it to The Man.
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