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  1. Martin Ashford


    Love them or loathe them they are a hugely entertaining live band. I would imagine they have zero interest in Glastonbury and its prominent green, alternative, socialist ethos and history. They are known for supporting Veterans charities and sod all else.
  2. https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/31/emily-eavis-gives-first-hint-glastonbury-2020-headliners-says-first-timers-11020142/?ito=social&fbclid=IwAR0ebJUncZGWivtue1mzPt_VWAFZasLoZQ6anJc-R17Y7UYxjaia3iBu3IU
  3. If he's in the country she will include him for sure. Anyway, I love that song.
  4. Here's my little effort. Having never performed at Glastonbury I think it will take on a "greatest hits" feel but still leaning towards Lover I forgot that you existed Me! The Man Red Getaway Car You Belong With Me Paper Rings Style Cruel Summer Delicate All Too Well You Need To Calm Down Tied Together With A Smile/Fifteen/Lover (Acoustic) 22 Blank Space/Wildest Dreams Love Story Look what you made me do We Are Never Getting Back Together Long Live The Archer Encores Ready for it? Everything Has Changed (with Ed Sheeran) Shake It Off
  5. Well I've taught my band a number of her songs and it would be the third time I've performed at Glastonbury.
  6. If Macca does somehow get to play and is on site I can guarantee she will have him on as she has played with the likes of him and Jagger in the past. I'd play with her too if she asked nicely (!!)
  7. If any journalist from a respectable left of centre newspaper or magazine wants to interview the only person EVER to start an online Petition to get Taylor Swift to headline Glastonbury, then I am available at short notice. Nick Ferrari and Iain Dale can get stuffed!!
  8. If you listen to Abraxas you hear them at their peak - I also recommend Caravanserai (well jazzy) and Moonflower which is a truly exceptional live album. West Holts headliners - Santana were essentially World Music before the term was ever used or late afternoon on the Pyramid. Personally I think the Legend slot was made for them.
  9. Martin Ashford


    I've been waiting 40 years for them to appear at Glastonbury. One of the ultimate festival bands still going strong. Have the organisers finally pulled it off?
  10. Martin Ashford


    Tool played the best set Ive seen all year at Download. It was literally like watching Pink Floyd on bad acid. Amazing visuals, incredible sound - a genuine progtastic experience. My thoughts half way through Descending "the Pyramid - this needs to be on the Pyramid"
  11. Martin Ashford

    2020 headliners

    Some of them have been radicalised and have come to realise that Red is the modern Astral Weeks. They have formed loose knit sleeper cells where they share Taylor's favourite cupcake recipes and hold intense Taylor karaoke sleepovers.
  12. I wasn't even trying as I was in Cardiff for the Half Marathon but my brother in law who gets my ticket every year actually FAILED. I could not believe it. I will be there though as I have a Priority application to volunteer with Oxfam.
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