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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply! Awesome, sounds like we’ve picked a good first festival for her then! Hopefully it might be our new yearly tradition as well! Falling asleep in a pile of fleeces sounds lovely, I might try that myself! I’ve fully prepared myself for not actually seeing anything I want to 🙂 To be honest, I’ve not heard of a lot of the acts anyway so looking forward to finding some new music! We have ear defenders already, we were at a day festival a few weeks ago and she was pretty happy wearing them!
  2. We’ll def be taking our carrier, she’s quite mobile now so not sure how long she’ll be happy to be carried in these days, but might like it when tired. I’ve heard about the sensory overload and extra naps from a couple of friends. It seemed to have the opposite effect on her when we did a day at Love Supreme a few weeks ago. Was super hard to get her down for a nap as she wanted to see everything and make friends with everyone within about 10m of her, was really funny and one of the highlights of the day, not sure it’s sustainable for 4 days though haha Thanks again for your replies!!
  3. Actually, one thing we are currently debating, pram or ‘festival trolly’? Do you have a personal preference?
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Good to know there is usually space in the family camping. Not sure I’d want to inflict a potentially crying baby on non-family camping people lol I don’t think we’ve got any specific worries, as such, just very aware that the whole festival experience is going to be very different to usual so wondered if people had any good tips, must take items etc? How we deal with bedtimes is our main unknown, I think, they could be a steep learning curve! Good to hear that WOMAD is a good festival for kids though! Lots say they are. Fingers crossed the weather holds, or at least isn’t too muddy. Mud and a pram won’t mix too well! Thanks again!
  5. HA. We were saying this yesterday. Has happened to me so many times before!
  6. Hi Everyone, We’re coming to WOMAD for the first time this year and also bringing our 11 month old daughter. Have been to loads of other festivals over the years, but camping with a baby is new to us. Just wondered if anyone has any WOMAD specific, or general festivaling with a baby tips? We’re looking to camp in the Family Camping area, does it fill up quickly? We’ll probably arrive around Thursday lunchtime. Cheers All!!
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